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"So," Eddy asked, as BrenRome sat next to him and Eddy in the old abounded movie theater, eating popcorn, and watching old movies, "Why are we here?"

"This is the one place I KNOW they wouldn't look at," BrenRome replied, taking a sip of his diet coke, "I'm positive this time."

"Hey," Eddy said, "I've been meaning to ask; why do you hate toons so much?"

BrenRome was silent. Ordinarily, he would have told this toon to screw off, but there was something about Eddy that BrenRome couldn't refuse. He had bonded with these boys over this short time, and now, he felt he couldn't refuse.

"Well..." He said, trying to hold it back, "It's kinda a family thing..."

"Try me."

"Well," BrenRome sighed, "It started with my brother. He was the one who got me into detective business. We were busting crimes at such a young age together. When we were about ten, though...he was killed by a toon."

Eddy froze, and he and Ed began swelling up tears. How could a toon do such a horrible thing to another human being?

BrenRome looked down, solemnly, but then noticed something. There was film canisters that he had not noticed before. And it had a familiar company owner's logo on there.

"Mr. Bad?" BrenRome asked, surprised.

"What?" Eddy asked, as BrenRome showed them the canister.

"He was here a few months ago for the closing ceremony," BrenRome said, putting the film into the projector, "Maybe we can learn something from here."

He started up the film, and instantly, Mr. Bad appeared on the screen. Everyone saw he was in a lab suit, and behind him, was a random toon citizen, struggling on a slab that he was attached to.

"This is Bad, recording this test of Ad-X." Bad said, to the camera, "Before we begin, what is Ad-X? Put simply, Ad-X is death. Death of everything. It is a highly-concentrated acid used for dissolving all molecules in the body. Stage one has been complete, and now we are moving onto stage two: dissolving of a toon. Stage three will be tested on a human scale. But for now, let us begin stage two, trial number 7."

Bad took a syringe and went over to the toon, he injected the Ad-X into the toon as it screamed in pain. Bad took a step back, and BrenRome, Ed, and Eddy watched in horror as the toon suddenly began to swell up, as its skin turned red and began breaking out with large oversized pimples that looked worse than Eddy's when he had one. The toon continued to swell up, until finally, it exploded. Bad just laughed as he approached the camera.

"Success!" He laughed, "Now we will move onto stage three, and after that, my plan will come to fruition!"

The film ended as the three boys just stood there shocked.

"Oh dear god." BrenRome whispered.

"We gotta stop him!" Eddy exclaimed.

"I do not see a remote button Eddy!" Ed called, oblivious to what they had just witnessed.

"Ed actually has a point," BrenRome sighed, rubbing his chin, "This is the only thing we have to go on. We have no idea where Bad is. We're just in the..."

He stopped, and his eyes suddenly widened.

"My god..." He said softly, before turning to Ed and Eddy, "THAT'S IT!"

"What's it?" Eddy asked, as BrenRome began walking towards the exit.

"We have to go to the police station! NOW!" BrenRome declared.


Once they had arrived at the local prison, BrenRome had wasted no time in getting in there. They broke the door open, and grabbed all the weapons they could. As Ed and Eddy finished packing the weapons they were carrying into the car's trunk, BrenRome exited the building and they could see how awesome he looked.

He had taken his jacket off, leaving him in a dark blue buttoned-down shirt, and black pants. He now carried a 22-barrel shotgun on his back, and had bullets fastened across his shirt. He had pistols holstered on his belt, and he was ready for action.

"Groovy." He said, before turning to the Eds, "Okay, now let's find Bad and kick some fucking ass."


About 30 Minutes later, the boys had arrived outside of the entrance to the Fanfictionia sewers.

"The sewers?" Eddy asked, confused, "Why the hell are we here."

"Think about it;" BrenRome explained, unbuckling his seatbelt, "Bad said that stages one and two in that AD-X were already completed. The third one sounded like it was going to be big. The Fanfictionia sewers are the biggest places in town that could hold such a thing."

He got out and looked at them seriously.

"Okay," He said, "I'm going in there, and I'll try to stop whatever it is they're planning and hopefully save Double Dee and Meg while I'm at it. You two stay here. If someone comes back and it's not me, shoot em in the leg once, and then ten more times."

"What?" Eddy announced, "No way, we're going with you!"

"Not up for discussion!" BrenRome said, locking the car, "That's an order and that's final!"

With that, he left and went towards the sewers.


"Fuck, this place is a mess," BrenRome said, as he made his way through the murky water.

It was already up to his waist, and it stunk like shit coming out of a hippo's asshole.

"Hello?" He asked, "Anyone there?"

To answer his question, he was wacked in the back of the head by an unkown person.

Thus, BrenRome fell face-first, his body landing completely in piss & shit.


Meanwhile, in the car, Ed and Eddy were still waiting. Ed was making his weird noises and Eddy finally had it up to here with waiting.

"THAT'S IT!" He declared, causing Ed to stop and look at him, "I'm gettin outta here and I'm gonna help him!"

Eddy then proceeded to pulling hard on the De-Lorean door, but it would not budge. He kept trying relentlessly, though, and still nothing happened. Finally Ed saw the solution.

"Hey, Eddy! Look!" Ed exclaimed.

Eddy turned to where Ed was pointing and saw dumbfoundly that the keys were in the car the whole time.

Eddy quickly unlocked the car, and the two got out.

"There's gotta be a way we can get in there safely..." Eddy thought.

Then he remembered something. Something he hadn't done since the very first season of his own show.


"Hey boss!" A voice called, "I think he's comming to!"

BrenRome awoke and saw that he was being faced-down by none other than...

"Tom Cruise?"

Indeed it was. The wingman himself was holding a gun to BrenRome's chest, and looking just as crazy as ever. BrenRome looked around them and noticed they seemed to be in a giant warehouse with all sorts of old cartoon props similar to the one at the Fanfictionia jail.

"Good. Good." Mr. Bad said, being escorted by Michael Bay and the Simpsons Springfield police, "Welcome, Mr. BrenRome. We've been waiting for your arrival."

"Darling!" A new voice cried out.

BrenRome turned and saw Meg Lilly, beat with a black eye, run towards him, and embraced him in her arms.

"It was him the whole time!" She cried, "Mr. Bad set it up! He killed my father!"

"That's right, my dear!" Mr. Bad laughed, "It was the only way I could gain full authority over Fanfictionia and prepare THIS;"

He removed a curtain to reveal a nozel. He turned it on and a green liquid poured out from there.

"Can you guess what this is?" He laughed.

There was no need to answer, but Meg did it anyway.

"OH. MY. GOD!" She screamed, "IT'S ACID-X!"

"That's right, my dear!" Mr. Bad smiled, "Enough now to wipe Fanfictionia and all its citizens and buildings off the map! In a matter of minutes...it will be ERASED from existence."

"Oh really?" BrenRome scoffed, "You think no one's going to notice that Fanfictionia's gone from the world."

"I think it's not really the time to worry about what's happened to a few schmuck-action-type American Hero soldiers, my boy," Mr. Bad explained, "Not when there's going to be a NEW TV studio set up."

"What are you talking about?" BrenRome demanded.

"Six weeks ago," Mr. Bad explained, walking up to him and Meg, while the police worked up the giant nozel, "I went with Greoning and Bay to City Hall to present our new plans for TV. They're calling it...Reality TV."

"Reality TV?" BrenRome asked, confused, "What the hell's reality TV?"

"It's shows about people living normal everyday lives. Taken out of their normal scenario and placed into another," Bad explained, "I see NEW TV hits. Such as; Megan Fox's Big Life. Megan Fox will be placed in Kristy Alley's position; overweight and trying to get healthy again. The Underworld! Donald Trump will have to face mafia gang leaders, trying to get them better."

Mr. Bad paused, looking to the horizon.

"My god," He whispered, "It'll be beautiful."


"Dig a hole, dig a hole..." Ed laughed, as Eddy kept shoveling using Ed's body.

"Faster!" He declared, to no one in particular, "Go faster!"

With that, Eddy quickly kept shoveling away until something happened.

Out of nowhere, the ground beneath them broke and the two fell down, screaming. Then they landed on a pipe, bending it, and sending them back up into the air. The two fell back into the hole again and into one of the pipes that had been broken in half.


"So that's why you killed Meg's father?" BrenRome asked, simply amazed, "Just for this 'Reality TV Show'?"

"Of Course!" Mr. Bad laughed, doing his best impersonation of M. Gibson from Street Fighter: The Movie.

Just then, the ground began to shake underneath them.

"What the hell?" Michael Bay declared, before Ed and Eddy burst out from underneath the manhole he and Tom Cruise were under. The four went flying up, with Bay and Cruise hitting the anvil above them, and being crushed by the weight of the manhole pushed by two of the three modern-day stooges. Ed and Eddy then screamed as they fell and hit the ground hard.

"Ed! Eddy!" Double Dee exclaimed, rushing over to his friends to see if they were badly injured, "Are you all right? Speak to me!"

"Yes." Eddy smiled, clearly delusional, "I stink. Therefore I am."

"Enough!" Mr. Bad yelled, "Tie them up. Now."

The Springfield police did so as Chief Wiggium held a gun to BrenRome's chest. Soon, Meg, Ed, Double Dee, and Eddy were all tied up and lifted so that the nozel with the Ad-X pointed right at them.

"It's over, BrenRome." Mr. Bad smiled, "I won."

"Should we pop him full of lead?" Chief Wiggium asked.

"NO!" Mr. Bad yelled, "You'll laugh yourselves to death!"

Suddenly, a lightbulb flashed in BrenRome's mind, and he knew what he had to do.

"First," Mr. Bad ordered, walking off, "Let him watch his friends and ex get a nice round of Ad-X."

With that, he left, and BrenRome began to chuckle.

"What's so funny?" Wiggium demanded, poking BrenRome with the gun.

"Nothing," BrenRome smiled, "I just wanna let you know something about the people you're going to kill!"

With that, he hit the switch behind him, and the giant stero turned on, playing a merry-go-round version of the Loony Tunes Theme Song.

"They're names are E',D',E'," BrenRome sang, "They've got a lot of glee! They like to sing and dance and yuk, so brighten up and smile, you schmucks!"

With that, he jumped on a rake which hit BrenRome square in the nose. He gave a funny look before turning around and jumping which caused the rake to hit him in the back and sending him rolling. At this, the Springfield police found themselves giggling as BrenRome started doing the Chuck Berry walk.

"Now MY name's BrenRome-e!" He continued, "I'm looney too, you'll see!"

He then flipped over and started walking on his hands.

"He's lost his mind," Meg declared.

"Nope." Eddy smiled.

"Singing ain't my line." BrenRome continued, grabbing some TNT balls, "It's tough to make a mine. If I get stuck, I'm...I'm..."

He forgot what the next part was.

"I'M RUNNING OUT OF TIME!" Double Dee answered.

"Thanks." BrenRome complimented as he began juggling. Then one by one, he threw the balls up into the air, allowing each one to land on his head. He then slipped on a banana peel and fell backwards into a pile of boxes. The Springfield police started laughing even more as BrenRome suddenly jumped out of the boxes on a pogo stick, as he jumped higher and higher with each bounce. However, on one jump, he went too high, and his head hit the lightbulb causing his head to get shocked. He screamed in pain again.

Then one of the Springfield police officer started coughing with laughter as he fell dead.


With that, another Springfield police officer fell, but his body sent a bunch of bowling balls flying and one hit a lever starting a conveyer belt over BrenRome's head.

"I'm through with takin' falls," BrenRome sang, "And bouncing off the walls! Without that gun, I'd have some fun, I'd kick you in the..."

He was cut off when a vase fell on his head, knocking him out.

"NOSE!" Ed called.

"Hey!" Wiggum noticed, "That doesn't rhyme with walls!"

"Nope!" BrenRome said, popping up, "But THESE do."

With that, he kicked Wiggum in the privates, sending him flying into the vat of Ad-X, thus killing him.

Meanwhile, the other Springfield cops were dropping also, but one accidentally fell on a lever while another slumped down on the gas pedal to the tank, causing the Ad-X to spray out of it's nozzle and move towards BrenRome's friends and girlfriend.

"BRENROME!" Meg screamed, "HELP!"

BrenRome raced towards the car and got in. He pushed the officer off the gas and the tank to stop. BrenRome sighed in relief as he was about to get to work on the nozzle, but when he got up, Mr. Bad suddenly appeared in the driver's seat window.

Mr. Bad then smashed his arm through the glass and grabbed BrenRome by the throat. He threw BrenRome to the side like a rag doll and started up the tank again, causing the Ad-X to come out once more.

BrenRome got back on his feet and approached Mr. Bad quickly, only to stop when he saw the sword that Mr. Bad was pointing at him. BrenRome looked around for any helpful items, and found a giant magnet next to him. He quickly took it and pointed it at Mr. Bad's sword.

All of a sudden, the sword started to move towards the magnet, but then it zoomed straight onto there, trapping BrenRome in it. Then, before he could move, a metal oil drum sprung to the back, now definitively trapping BrenRome in it and earning a grin from Mr. Bad.

He then went over to a nearby steamroller and started the machine up, heading straight for the young detective. BrenRome looked and saw that there was a box of 'Magic Wormhole Manholes' right next to him. He quickly used his foot and knocked the boxes over, and dragged one over to him.

He was working fast as Mr. Bad was just about ready to crush him. Then, BrenRome finally got the manhole flicked out, and placed it under himself, causing him to disappear.

Mr. Bad looked confused, wondering where BrenRome went, but suddenly was kicked from behind as he fell forward, and was thus crushed by the steamroller. BrenRome then went back to the vat and turned the nozzle off again.

He sighed a big relief, but stopped when he heard the next few words.

"LOOK!" Double Dee yelled.

BrenRome looked to where the toon had pointed, and saw Mr. Bad's body.

Except...it was now flat like paper...and it was...moving itself back up, wobbling as it did so.

"HOLY FUCK!" BrenRome exclaimed, finally putting two and two together, "HE'S A TOON!"

"Surprised?" Mr. Bad laughed.

"Not really," BrenRome admitted, "That lame-brain reality TV show idea could only be cooked up by a toon."

"Not just any toon!" Mr. Bad laughed, walking over to an air tank.

He placed the hose in his mouth, and slowly but surely, he began re-inflating. However, the re-inflation caused his eyeballs to fall off and face to widen a bit more.

And when Mr. Bad turned around, BrenRome was so surprised, he almost let out a shriek of fear. Mr. Bad was the same toon that had killed Alan!


With that, his eyes popped out, and BrenRome ran.

However, Mr. Bad jumped in front of the detective and punched him far across the warehouse. Mr. Bad then turned the nozzle on again, and the vat again started spraying upwards slowly.

BrenRome got up groggily and then saw that Mr. Bad had just turned his right arm into a buzz saw. BrenRome could also see that Mr. Bad had a look crazier than Ash in Evil Dead 2. Mr. Bad approached the detective, but BrenRome saw there was a boxing glove mallet right next to him. So he waited for Bad to get close enough, and then before the toon struck, BrenRome dodged and grabbed the mallet. He fired, but missed Bad. However, he hit something else.

It was a rocket launcher. And Mr. Bad knew just what it was for.

His scream came too late, as an Ad-X-filled missel flew out, impaling Mr. Bad and sending him into the far end wall, while at the same time, filling him with his own formula.

"OH GOD!" He screamed, as he began to shrink, leaving only the clothes and mask behind, "I'M MELTING! MELTING! OH WHATAWORLD!"

And with that, Mr. Bad completly vanished, killed by his own formula.

BrenRome stood there for a minute, surveying the remains of his brother's killer, before his friends screams brought him out of his thoughts.

He quickly turned the nozzel off and the Ad-X turned off for good.

"OH, BRENROME!" Double Dee exclaimed, "I'M SO PROUD OF YOU! YOU DID IT!"

BrenRome smiled, as he lowered his friends and he approached, Meg, hugging her tightly.

"Meg," He said, as they looked at each other, "I just want to say...I'm sorry for leaving you. Sorry for making..."

"Shhh." Meg hushed, putting a finger on his lips, "I know. And I'm happy to say, that I'll now take you as Mrs. BrenRome!"

BrenRome smiled, as they kissed, and suddenly, police cars started driving in.

Commissioner Denzel stepped out first, followed by armed Police and SWAT.

"Detective BrenRome!" She exclaimed, "Are you okay?"

"We're fine." BrenRome stated, leading them towards Mr. Bad's remains, "But you might want to check who gets highest positions around here next time."

The police were dumbfounded.

"So Mr. Bad was a toon all along." Denzel announced.

"Yup," BrenRome said, with no emotion in his voice, "And he killed my brother. And Meg's Dad."

"Well," Denzel said, staring at BrenRome, "I think now that you've proven the Eds not guilty, I think it's time for a promotion."

"Promotion?" BrenRome asked, shocked.

"Yes," Denzel smiled, "We want you to be our official Private Eye Investigator."

Meg smiled and started to walk away as BrenRome turned back to Denzel.

"Commissioner Denzel..." BrenRome smiled, "I'd love that offer...but...I have to turn it down."

As soon as she heard that, Meg stopped, and walked back to BrenRome.

"You see," BrenRome stated, "This experience has really changed me, and the only promotion I want is to husband of Meg Lilly."

"BrenRome..." Meg said, with tears swelling up in happiness.

"Meg," BrenRome said, "Will you marry me?"

"YES!" Meg exclaimed, "Yes, of course I'll marry you!"

With that, the two kissed. And so Fanfictionia was put back in the hands of those who deserved it; the toons.

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