Long Boards

by MM

I am not making any financial gain from this story. Of course, the pleasure of crafting the story and the reviews tendered make it fun!

Chapter 1: Guns, Back-up, and Reports

"I'm just sayin' there might have been a better way to handle this, McGarrett," Danny was in full-blown rant. A bullet tore a chuck out of the edge of the large crate they'd scrambled behind.

"Save it," Steve popped up and pulled three shots before dropping down again. A small cry attested to his effectiveness.

"Back up, back up would have been nice," the Haole continued as he rolled out and took several shots himself scoring a scream of his own.

"I brought extra clips for you," the dark haired man pointed out.

"I'd like extra hands and guns, thank you very much," he growled.

"You're so damned needy!" Steve shot back. "Three."

"Whatever," but Danny nodded. At the third beat they were up and firing, emptying full clips in a fan across the width of the storage yard.

"STOP STOP!" a voice called.

"Think that's a surrender?" William cocked his head and looked at McGarrett. He was rewarded by a shrug as the Navy Seal shucked off his black t-shirt.

"Seriously, this situation requires removal of shirt?" he scoffed. Steve gave a wicked smile and using piece of wood, pushed it up quickly. Three shots shredded it.

"Ok, so maybe they just wanted us to stop," Danny reasoned. Suddenly there was a volley of bullets coming from a different direction, but not at them. Two thumps and a cry.

"Back-up," McGarrett grunted as he surveyed his now ruined shirt. "You still have a couple spare shirts in the camaro?"

"Yeah, yeah, in Navy Seal size and color," Williams fluttered his hand.

"100% cotton?" the dark haired man asked, stone-faced.

"100% cotton? And I'm the prima donna?" Danny snarked. "What, does polyester give you a rash?" His blue eyes glaring into darker blue. There was a mischievous twinkle and the Haole gave his shoulder a shove.

"Jerk," he griped.

"Hey, Steve? Danny?" Chin's voice sounded from beyond the crate.

"Secure?" Steve inquired.

"Secure," came the reply. The two men stood cautiously, surveying the storage yard. There were at least six perps down; Kono was busy zip-tying as her cousin held his gun at the ready.

Danny and Steve did a quick but thorough reconnaissance of the yard shaking loose one more perp who gave up with no resistance. HPD had arrived as well as several paramedics and emts to handle the wounded. The Haole walked over to his car. Popping the trunk he held up two shirts.

"Hey, fashion plate! Navy or black?" he called over. Chin and Kono exchanged amused grins.

"I'd go with the black, Boss," Kono said sweetly. It does wonders with your eyes!"

"I'm not so sure, Cuz," Chin weighed in, "navy is dark but it also gives a nice contrast to his black cargoes."

"Hey, I also got this," Williams pulled out a heathered grey shirt.

"OOOOH," the cousins gushed in unison. "That one, Boss! That one!"

Growling menacingly, McGarrett stomped over to his 2IC and snatched the grey out of his hand. He checked the label then pulled it over his torso. A smatter of applause from his team.

"And it's 100% cotton, princess!" Danny tapped his cheek lightly.

Rolling his eyes he settled his body into the clean shirt.

"Just for that, you buy first round," he muttered belligerently.

"Oh, you're implying that there'll be more than one?" the blonde asked. "And maybe you'll even buy one of those not-first rounds?" He received a low growl and a round of laughter from the cousins. Steve whipped out his wallet, flipped it open and extracted several twenties. Quicker than lightening Danny's hand snapped up the money.

"HEY!" he lunged towards his partner who backpedaled effectively and handed the money off to Kono. "I said I'd take a round!"

"And this way we all know you will!" Kono said as she folded the bills and tucked them away. The team went back to securing the scene, being sure all the illegal weapons were being processed.

Then a lovely four-hour dance with various and sundry police forms. Chin and Danny were the best at this; they were also getting better at refusing to do Steve and Kono's work for them. As they finished first they went into the 'war room' and checked up on a few stray bits the team was keeping tabs on.

"We go to trial next week on Washburn," Chin commented as he punched up the calendar then tapped on the court date.

"That's all in line," Danny said. "Even the DA is pleased with the evidence."

"Looks like Mr. Washburn will finally have some actual jail time," the older man considered as he quickly glanced over current information on what the accused had been up to that week. He'd kept himself squeaky clean probably hoping the judge would be lenient.

"Anyone that preys on tourists deserves some serious time," Danny rejoined. He 'flipped' the calendar page. It was blank for several weeks; it took time to get things to trial. Today's bust wouldn't go up for three weeks at least.

That taken care of Williams pushed a few buttons and basketball standings popped up. March Madness had started and the rabid Haole was checking up on the brackets.

"I never figured out how they place some of these teams," he remarked.

"Guess the NCAA didn't use a map," Chin shrugged as he looked over the standings. They were musing over the top picks when Kono came bouncing in.

"I beat the Boss!" she did a little victory dance.

"Who knew report writing was sooo competitive," Chin grinned at her.

"Hey, I'll never beat either of you, so let me savor the win I can," she pointed out. "Who finished first?"

"I'm not sure," Danny shrugged. "I finished then called Grace. When I got off the phone Chin was in here."

"I don't know, either," the older man also shrugged. "Does it matter?" Kono glared at the two of them.

"Yes it does! Someone won!" she proclaimed. Danny and Chin looked at each other, the non-verbal communication flying. Slightly raised eyebrow, slight tilt of the head, barely pursed lips, side glance at the woman then a vaguely discernable nod from the Haole.

"I did," Chin stated, face deadpan. She looked from one to the other before huffing and stomping out to bother Steve. The two men looked at each other.

"Your cousin has a huge competitive streak, bro, just sayin'" Danny stated. Chin rolled his eyes.

"You have no idea," he agreed. "Then throw McGarrett in the mix and there's more testosterone than a super bowl match up."

"We have no competitive issues, right?" Williams smirked as he bumped fists with his friend.

"None at all," Kelly agreed.

A half-hour later Kono dragged both men into Steve's office.

"Save him," she said pointed at the paper stack.

"I don't know, he's doing such a good job!" Chin said.

"And he's earning extra-credit by using mostly the right forms," Danny added as he looked through the pile, plucking out the ones that needed to be done.

"Here, let me," Chin said solicitously, taking the stack.

"Up," Danny rumbled at a balking Super seal who finally relinquished his desk and plunked himself on the couch.

One thing Williams could do with a computer was pull up, fill out, and file reports. He made quick work of deleting all the incorrect forms McGarrett had started. Then did a good once over on the necessary forms that had been filled out.

"Hey, you did a good job," he said, "I think you just got confused with the requisition forms versus the acquisition forms."

"I don't want to know the difference," grumbled a sulky seal.

"In fact, you did complete all the documents you needed to," Danny continued. "You must have hit the print button a couple times and you generated that stack." Chin took said stack and started feeding it into the shredder.

"Ok, printing the file set, sent copies to the right people," Williams finished up, "and we're all done!"

"You probably beat the rookie," Chin said slyly, "just didn't realize it." The Boss raised an eyebrow at the aforementioned rookie.

"I know I did!" he firmly stated. "I had this all done an hour ago, I was just confused on where to file some of it."

"No, you did not!" Kono shot back. "I did! I had mine done and filed and sent to the right places!" Chin and Danny exchanged glances.

"Me and the Haole are going to The Varsity," he said, heading out the door.

"I did so get it done first!" Steve continued the discussion.

"Remember, I got first round," Danny said. "If you're not there you miss out!"

"Do you think we could get through two rounds before they catch up?" Chin asked.

"Yups," Danny grinned as the two headed for the camaro.