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I was reading Torey Hayden's "Somebody else's kids" on work, when the inspiration of this story hit me so hard to the head, I almost fell from my chair. One of the book's character's was just… so…Vegeta!- As a kid. And here we are now, I have began on writing my very first fanfiction.

Summary-On the very first battle of Vegeta versus the Z-gang, the Saiyan prince get's turned into his eight year old self, with no memories of his future! The boy is like a ticking time-bomb, yet... Goku wants to take him home! A/U
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*Some important things you must know:

-Goku didn't die on the fight against Raditz.

-He didn't train on King Kai's planet, did not learn Genki-dama nor Kai-O-Ken.

-He is not as strong as he was in the show by this point.

-Goku trained Gohan, and he is about as strong as he was on the real story, when Piccolo trained him, but he is more naive now.-Piccolo is more distant than in the show because he did not learn friendship from Gohan, but he won't bother anyone anymore (I think... I haven't planned that far...)-The Dragon Ball's haven't been used yet...

And now, the story!

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'We can't win!'

After the hopeless struggle had been going for hours, Goku finally had to admit to himself that the monstrous Saiyan, Vegeta, was too strong for them. It felt as if the villain from far away could read minds, because it seemed like he always knew what his opponents were planning, and while he countered the attacks, he seemed to come up with five own strategy's which were all pure genius. Besides he was also too fast, strong, ruthless and of course… raging mad!

If you BY LUCK, managed to land a blow on him he, instead of getting slower, seemed to just come back with twice the power he had before, like a hydra, without any evidence that he just got hit a moment ago.

He seemed to have no feel for pain.

Vegeta was a killing machine. A deadly killing machine.

Goku shuddered. he had never met anyone as evil as this man, who seemed to operate on rage and madness only. He enjoyed destruction and the pain he could inflict on others and, despite his situation, Goku mused that that was the only reason he was still with the living.

Vegeta wanted to play with his victims.

Goku was coming to the edge of his own powers. During the last hour of the fight, he had only managed to counter Vegeta's attacks and try to protect his friends who were still alive. He was too tired to make attacks of his own.

Gohan, Piccolo and Krillin were all on their limits, everyone of them had wounds and injuries of different degrees, and Goku knew they wouldn't be able to keep up for a long anymore.

Tien, Chiatzu and Yamcha were already gone. Goku felt a pressure in his heart at the thought of them and nearly flinched thinking about it.

'If only I had been faster… stronger… more… attentive…'

They had beaten the other Saiyan, big and bulbous Nappa quite easily, and the direction of the fight had seemed promising, but Vegeta's power was something entirely else.

And now it was too late.

Goku and Piccolo had planned a trump card, in case their enemy was too strong, which is unfortunately revealed to be. They had gathered all the seven dragon balls, and hidden them close to the place, where the battle had would take a place. Would the Saiyan's prove be too strong for them to beat, they planned to ask Shenron to banish the foe.

Goku didn't like the trump card, it was wrong, and unfair. He really wished the dragon balls would prove to be unnecessary.

Goku had been thrilled to fight against these strangers with astonishing power, it wouldn't be the first time that his opponent would be overly strong, and seemed unbeatable. Call it luck or whatever, but the young Saiyan had discovered that things seemed to always have a way to get fixed in the end.

The life and death battles were actually Goku's favorite ones, thought he couldn't explain it to his friends, they just don't seem to understand why he enjoys fights, where the whole earth is on risk.

Fighting was like a drug for him, and after Raditz had told him about his true heritage a year ago, he finally felt that some sort of calmness had fallen on him, now that he knew why his heart seemed to yearn for great battles, even thought he loved peace.

But this fight had came to a point where he didn't enjoy it anymore.

No, because this wasn't a fight anymore, this was like a mouse's struggle to live against a cat who was already filled, and wanted a bit of entertainment.

The problem was: their trump card had failed them. As the battle had raged, they had drifted far away from the hidden dragon balls, and Vegeta did not allow anyone to exit the battle field.

That, Goku had to found out very bitterly.

They had tried to sent Yamcha quietly to the dragon balls to perform the wish but Vegeta, like a hawk that saw his prey try make the wrong move, attacked him with a powerful Ki-blast that killed Yamcha immediately.

They didn't dare to try that again. They knew they were trapped.

Cold laugher stirred Goku from his thoughts.

"Have you rested enough, maggots? Don't you think it's time to continue the game? I was starting to have fun, as weak as you all are" The Saiyan prince shouted from the highest peak of rock almost conversationally. The amusement in his voice was clear but Goku found no humor in the situation..

Without further ado, Vegeta dived with a speed of lightning towards Piccolo, who managed to reject the first blow [with great difficulty] but wasn't nearly fast enough for the following kick, nor the next hit, or the third one let alone the fourth.

Goku, Gohan and Krillin rushed to help. Vegeta didn't seem to have difficulty against the exhausted earthlings. Finally Goku managed to land one powerful blow right to the shorter Saiyan's face, breaking it.

Vegeta seemed to boil over, he created a powerful energy bubble around him that sent all the remaining Z-fighters flying to different directions.

"You are all pathetic! I'm getting tired of your foolishness! Vegeta roared, furiously. "You have no chance to win! I am the prince of all Saiyan's, Vegeta! I am unbeatable! I AM THE LEGENDARY SUPER SAIYAN, IT IS MY DESTINY! NO ONE CAN CONTROL ME!" He bellowed on the top of his lungs, but his voice started to sound a bit hysteric, to Goku's surprise, like he thought that someone was doubting him. The sudden mood change worried the young warrior in orange outfit.

Then he attacked again, this time furious, and with more power than before, right towards Goku himself, who saw starts from the violence of the blow. A Rib shattering kick followed that, then shot that took all the air from the younger Saiyan's lungs. After that, Vegeta plunged towards Krillin and twisted his arm so hard, that Goku could hear how his best friend's arm bones cracked underneath the skin.

Still not moved from when Vegeta had attacked, Goku lay, silently loathing the older Saiyan and clenching his teeth, trying desperately to block out his friends cry's of pains since he knew there was nothing he could do. He couldn't even move!

Then the furious prince bounced off, using Krillin's chest and striked right towards Gohan, who was too frightened to even try to defend himself. Then Goku acted, he lunged behind the older Saiyan, who was too deep in his rage to notice the secret invasion, and had a hefty blow right in the middle of his back. The Saiyan armor cracked, broken and Vegeta flew to the ground, but rose back up immediately.

Goku feared, that the Saiyan would sink deeper into his rage and kill them all straight off, but quite opposite happened, Vegeta seemed to calm down from his outburst, he stretched his back like there was just a mere little muscle soreness, then he looked up, straight into Goku's eyes and cocked his head with a evil smirk, waiting the younger Saiyan to make the next move.

'I have to figure out something, think Goku, concentrate!' Goku ordered himself mentally, as cold sweat ran along his back. He closed his eyes and hoped that the answer would fly from the heavens into his mind.

And it did! Well… sort of.

Suddenly Goku sensed an extra Ki-signal not very far from the battle field, maybe six or seven miles from them.

After short thinking, Goku recognized it to be Yajirobe's. He could have danced of the joy of sensing the fat samurai, but managed to keep himself in control.

Vegeta could not read Ki-signals and his power reading device… What had the evil Saiyan called it? A scouter, was broken, so he didn't know anything about his fifth enemy.

Goku opened a telepathic connection between himself and Yajirobe.


"W-what? Who? Where?"

"I'm talking to you telepathically, It's me, Goku!"

"Oh! Ah… The Saiyan's, they dead yet? Darn, I was just coming there to fight, was going to give the freakin aliens a lesson they would remember in hell! They would have cried fo-"

"One of them is still alive, we're fighting."

"I- I'm not coming there, are you crazy? I'm not as strong as you guys you can't expect me to!"

Goku sweat dropped at his friends sudden attitude change, but shook his head getting back to the conversation. After all he couldn't be too surprised…

"Yeah that's good, you must not show yourself to Vegeta, listen-"

"It's not that I'm scared, ya hear me! I just haven't been on my best shape, I had a flu recently and it really took all my pow-"

"Yarirobe! Listen, this is important! I don't have much time and this is the only way!"


Goku told Yarirobe quickly about the hidden Drangon ball's and where to locate them.

Ask the Dragon to destroy the Sai-~ Vegeta, who had grown tired of waiting for the younger Saiyan to do something, suddenly attacked again, and Goku's telepathic connection broke. The glimmer of hope gave Goku some new strength and he fought back again with stamina. Now he just had to keep up and try to buy some time...

"Bloody mother of Kami! Where hell are those freakin dragon ball's?" Yajirobe huffed in annoyance and frustration as he zigzagged around the place where Goku had pointed him to go. "Could have put some sign on the place, like red flag or something… I don't know, but this is ridicul- Oh." He suddenly cut himself off as he saw them. There they were. Seven magical Dragon ball's that could grant any wish the founder desired.

The fat samurai quickly piled the ball's onto a clear place and stepped back. "Uh.. come out mighty dragon, I have a- a wish… It's really important!" He uttered, unsure.

For a moment, nothing happened, and Yajirobe felt a panic rising in him, "Come on! Why don't they work, did I do somethin wrong? Stupid dragon ball's! Stupid Dragon! Stupid Goku! Stupid alien Saiyan's that had to come just here of all the stupid planet's that-"

The sky went completely black in a blink of an eye. A small screech could be heard from the orange magic ball's and then, like a powerful thunder, a shining ball of light rose from the ball's with a loud cracking noise, it launched itself to the heaven and exploded with a blinding light and Yajirobe found himself panting in front of a gigantic Dragon, Shenron.

"You have summoned the eternal Dragon, I shall now grant you with one wish, name your desire." The snake like dragon boomed with deep voice.

"Uh.. ah... I- I want... You know the bad Saiyan guy that's close to here? I want you to... uhh... to..." Yarirobe stammered. His head was blank. This was all too much for him! He was not the guy you sent to a super important mission to save the whole fucking earth, what the hell was he supposed to wish for exactly?

"I do not understand you're stuttering, human. What is your wish?" The Dragon rumbled. It sounded annoyed and that only made Yajirobe even more nervous.

"Ahh… just- just gimme me sec, okay?"

'Don't panic, don't panic...!'

Goku's alarmed yell suddenly filled his head "Yarirobe! You have to make the wish now! NOW! PLE-"

"MAKE THE SAIYAN BECOME A LITTLE BRAT!" Yajirobe shouted on the top of his lungs, with a very high pitched voice.

The dragon was quiet for a moment. "Very well." It said evenly and his eyes flashed in red. "Your wish has been granted."

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