(a/n- I have made a grave mistake. On the last chapter, I wrote that Goku was going to go onto his childhood home on the mountains with Vegeta, but, as some of you readers pointed out for me, Goku's new home is the very same place! Damn me!

But I can explain. On the movie, Hero's Legacy, Goku junior arrives on our Goku's old house, and there's no evidence that anyone else has lived there since Goku left the place yeaaaars ago. So that is why I didn't know that the Son family lived on the very same mountain, on the very same place as Goku did as a boy.

Now. The milk has already been spilled so It's no use to cry about it now. We'll continue the story pretending Goku's Family lives somewhere else, okay? Good, go.)

It felt great to be home again.

Nothing had changed in the mountains, it was so far away from everything so people very rarely set foot there. Some trees had grown bigger and some had toppled over, but the most important had remained just the same.

Son Gohan's little hut stood proudly on the rocky ground. Goku's adoptive grandpa had built the tiny house to be strong and stable.

Goku walked in, moved by the nostalgia. The house was quite dusty inside, but otherwise, everything was in the exact same order as he had left it many years ago. The third class Saiyan lowered the tiny prince from his arms to the his old bed. Goku took a deep breath and set his hand on the boy's forehead, waking him up with a small spark of energy.

Vegeta's eyes flew open and, like a reflex, he slapped Goku's hand off and rose to a sitting position, backing into the corner as he did so. The prince looked like a deer in the headlight, but he came quickly back to his senses. Vegeta scanned the room with his eyes and then locked them to Goku's ones.

"Where are we now?" the boy asked.

"We're actually in my childhood home." Goku answered. "I thought, here we could get to know each other better in peace, just you and me."

"You still gabble about that nonsense? Didn't you see what I tried to do to your lovely little family? I tried to kill them! And I would have, if you're pussy little brat hadn't stopped me!"

Goku didn't say anything to that. He didn't want to think about the incident.

Vegeta wasn't done.

"Remember when I told you I would destroy this whole mudball? I meant it! You can't watch me forever and the second you turn your back to me, I'll blow up everything!" He watched Goku for a moment, waiting for his reply. When it didn't come, he continued. "That's what I do. I have done it many times, I've wiped out many planet's from existence! I've killed entire race's, shot women and children dead single handedly! I-"

"You use a lot of energy on trying to make me hate you." Goku interrupted. "It wont work."

Vegeta scowled him darkly. "You don't believe me?"

"I do... but I want us to start from a totally clean table."

The prince huffed dramatically. Then he went silent for a while, until he suddenly turned to face Goku again. With a determined voice, he ordered: "Get me some food."

Goku's eyebrows shot up.

'Huh, that went smoothly.' He thought. 'And boy he has a volatile personality.'

The tall Saiyan noticed that the prince was waiting for his response.

"Yes, food sounds good! But you see, now that were here in the mountain's, we have to find the food ourselves."

"Whatever. Go get it." The boy rudely answered.

"I was thinking we would go hunting together."

"You're too weak to do it on your own?"

"No. I just don't want to turn my back to you for even a second."


"So let's go. Which one do you prefer, fish or wild boar? Or maybe some dinosaur?" Goku could feel the saliva formulating on to his tongue.

"I have no idea what ' a wild boar' or 'dinosaur' is. So I'm going to hunt fish. Where is the closest water source?"

"Follow me, I'll show you." Goku grinned. Vegeta seemed reluctant to have to follow the older Saiyan, but did so anyway, his stomach was grumbling like it hadn't had seen food in weeks, so Goku mused the boy was desperate to fill it.

Outside, to Goku's surprise, the small Prince kept a close distance to him, watching the trees and bushes warily, like he expected something dangerous a jump from them. Or, like the bushes itself were going to attack him any second. Goku wondered what kinds of things had the boy seen on his travels to other planets. What had happened to the kid to make him what he is. What he would become.

Vegeta was literally from entirely another planet. This was his first time ever on Earth.

What was it like in space? What kind of creatures lived there and on other planets?

The small boy was a royalty, a prince. Of a dead planet.

Did he remember it? Did he miss it? Where was he when the planet had... exploded. Even the thought of it made Goku's heart ache with sorrow. The kid had no home to go to. At all.

Soon they were on the lake. Vegeta jumped straight into the water without saying a word. He hadn't bothered to take his jumpsuit, boots or even gloves off. Just as Goku managed to take everything, except his underwear off, the prince came back to the surface, with a giant fish on his back. As he returned to the dry land, Goku noted that the boy's clothes seemed to be completely dry. The fabric was probably some kind of water resistant young prince kept ignoring Goku and carried his catch further away from the older Saiyan, shaking his hair like a dog to get as much water off his hair and began eating the fish, raw.

"Aren't you going to cook it?" Goku asked cautiously.

Vegeta pretended not to hear and kept eating his meal.

"It tastes better if you warm it under a little fire." The third class warrior explained, maybe the boy didn't know what cooking was.

"I don't have my scouter." The small Saiyan stated, as if it explained everything. When he saw Goku's puzzled expression he huffed strongly, and continued with an irritated voice. "Fire might draw some unwanted attention, I have no idea what kind of creatures live here, or how powerful they are."

"Oh. Nothing here is strong enough to even scratch us, I promise. You could have just asked me." Goku told the boy, who spat to the ground, and turned his back to the older man. Vegeta kept eating the fish raw, not wanting to follow the other Saiyan's suggestion.

Goku shrugged to himself and dived into the water. The cold water felt good after the frying sun. Soon, he found a fat tuna family, that contained almost twenty fish.

Goku grabbed the biggest one of them from the tail and headed back to the surface. He thought to himself, sadly, that hunting wasn't as exciting as it used to be when he was little. He had gotten too strong and fast, and the animal's were no challenge at all for him anymore. The Saiyan imagined what kinds of creatures lived on other planet's, whether they were tasty and strong enough to fight back.

As Goku's head broke the surface, the first thing he noted in alarm as he took a deep breath was that Vegeta wasn't on his spot anymore.

He was gone.

Only the half eaten fish remained on the shore. The third class quickly came to his senses and tracked the boy's ki-signature down, and was surprised to sense the boy to be very close, hiding behind a large rock. Goku flew next to it. Vegeta was sitting back against the rock, he raised his head as Goku stepped in front of him, looking annoyed.

"Why are you hiding?" Goku asked.

"You said you could read power levels. I was checking if you were bluffing." The Prince answered matter-of-factly.

"Okay. As you can see, I wasn't. Don't do that again." The boy was clearly testing his boundaries.

Vegeta rose on his feet.

"How do you do that?" He asked. "Read power levels."

"I could teach you one day. When you've become a bit more trustworthy."

The small Prince was silent for a while, clearly not pleased. "Then I guess I'll have to find out myself."

"But I could teach you to other things. You like to fight, right? I could train you." Goku eagerly offered.

"Hmph, and ruin my well polished skills? No thank you."

"Well... we could just spar then?"

"Not interested."

"How about-"

"Knock it off already! I want nothing to do with you!"

They walked back to the mountain hut in silence with the half eaten fishes on their back. Without saying anything, Vegeta began on training on his own at the front yard. Goku tried to join in once, but the Prince immediately retreated from the match, furiously calling the third class Saiyan by some very rude names. Goku backed off, and let the boy to continue in peace. The older Saiyan sat down on to a tree stump and watched the boy's doings. Goku had to admit that the boy had some serious skills. Every kick and punch in to the air were sharp, powerful, and carefully aimed. His movements were aerobic, beautiful even, yet they seemed to be designed to drain as little energy as possible. Vegeta had clearly been training for his whole life. Even too much. A little boy shouldn't have moves as perfect as that.

Vegeta continued for hours, he seemed to be in some kind of trance, doing incredibly complicated series of movements. Meanwhile Goku put the fishes on the little cellar, dusted off the house a bit and collected some herbs from area near of the hut, keeping constantly a close mental watch on the boy. Then Goku decided to do some training himself, too, but keeping a good distance to the Saiyan prince. Goku hoped that Vegeta would see that the older Saiyan wasn't really that bad fighter himself, and maybe accepted Goku's sparring offer, but the boy seemed to purposely trying to avoid even looking at the third class, so the two of them trained on their own.

It was already getting late as they finally stopped. They had trained four hours and Vegeta finished by powering up as much as he could, which was very impressive for a boy his age. Astonishing, even. Then he just suddenly stopped and sat down on the same tree stump Goku himself had sat on hours ago.

The older Saiyan stopped in front of the Prince.

"That really got my muscles to relax! What do you say we eat the rest of our fishes with some delicious herbs I collected?"

"I don't want your ugly weeds. Just give me my fish." Vegeta answered, wrinkling his nose.

"You know, you don't have to be so rude all the time, 'no thank you' would have been enough."


Goku retrieved the food from the cellar under the tiny hut and the two Saiyans began eating in silence. The third class decided to try create a conversation with the boy.

"So... you're from space."

Vegeta raised his head, looking at the older man with an expression that made Goku feel very stupid on saying that.

"Ah... of course you are. Sorry. Heh..." The Earth's Saiyan grinned sheepishly. "I meant... do you remember your home planet?"

The prince narrowed his eyes suspiciously. After a while, he answered: "Maybe."

"Oh... so you remember only a little of it?"

That seemed to aggravate the boy. "Oh course I remember it, idiot!" He barked.

"Alright. Eh... would you… like to tell me something… about it for, err, me?" Goku asked warily.


"I mean, I'm a Saiyan too, I guess-"

"You guess?"

"Sorry, I am a Saiyan... but I don't know anything about them. I'd really like to learn something about my... race." The older man felt really nervous on saying that. All the other earthlings seemed to want to know as little as possible about the alien race that Goku himself was part of. Hearing what he really was had troubled him a lot, but he hadn't dared to speak to anyone about it. It was difficult to have troubles in mind when everyone around you expected you to be the happy and carefree one.

"Hmph, you don't deserve the honor to be a Saiyan, you're a disgrace to our race." Vegeta sneered.

Goku felt the heavy cloud of disappointment surrounding him. He was so curious about his origins. But he knew he couldn't force the boy to speak. After a heavy and sad sigh, he changed the subject.

"I was wondering... how old are you exactly?"

"None of your business."

This was getting frustrating. "Well, how about I'll make a guess? I think you're... six?"

"What!" The prince looked abashed, then he frowned, deeply in thought. "...I think we have different chronology systems." Then he smirked. "I'm nineteen Nihal's old."

"What? No way, you look way too young!" Goku uttered, stunned, not understanding the trick.

Vegeta slapped a hand on his face. "This is ridiculous." Then he crossed his arms. "How do you people count one's age here?"

"Oh, now I get it!" Goku said happily. "Well, it counts one year when the Earth circles around the sun one full cycle... That's 365 days."

Vegeta fell silent, deep in thought. Then his face suddenly fell. "You think I'm six? That's ridiculous!"

Again, Goku was lost.

The Prince grimaced angrily. "I'm eight!"

The older Saiyan's eyebrows shot up. "Really? But you're so small!"

That was definitely not the right thing to say.

Vegeta looked furious, mad. Goku was sure that the boy was going to attack him, when the little Prince turned around and stomped inside the hut, slamming the door shut behind him.

Goku was left standing in silence. He wondered, if he should go in, too, but decided to let the boy to have his space. It was late, and he decided to let the kid have the little hut all for himself tonight. The third class warrior created himself a bed from the vegetation around the house and lowered his body on top of the primitive bed. He didn't mind sleeping outside. He actually kinda enjoyed it.

After a while, Goku could feel Vegeta's ki getting relaxed too, the Saiyan prince had also headed to bed.

With a deep yawn, the Earth's very own Saiya-jin fell asleep under the stars.

About the food hunting, In the Namek-saga, Vegeta did know what a toad and lizard is, so I figured he would know what a fish is but something like a wild boar is a specific animal from earth, so he wouldn't know what that is. And as for the dinosaur... lets concider that as only earth's species, too.