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Chapter 6

The next couple of days went mostly in silence. The two saiyans would wake up, get some food, train, get more food, train some more and... get food. Occasionally Goku tried to start an conversation, which the little Saiyan prince shrugged off by calling the older man by some rude names or answering with as few words as possible.

Vegeta had not tried to escape or attack Goku in days, which the young Z-warrior was very glad of, but the boy's inability to cooperate in anything was also quite exhausting to handle.

Goku still slept out on the grass as Vegeta had conquered the little house all for himself. Goku had become very sensitive of the Saiyan's prince's ki-signature and it's changes. The older Saiyan would wake up from the tiniest change on the boy's energy. It was really quite tiring, as the little prince often woke up at night, his energy all startled and alarmed. Goku guessed he had nightmares, but didn't ask.

As one week of living in the mountains came to pass, after yet another day in the heavy silence, Goku could feel from the air that a storm was heading on their way. Quite heavy one too.

That meant it was going rain. Alot. And the wind was already blowing fast. Never mentioning the thunder itself. The martial arts champion glanced darkly at his little selfmade staw and hay-bed. Then he turned his head at the comfy looking hittle hut. Oh boy, Vegeta's not going to like this...

"Hey... Vegeta?" Goku started uncertainly.

The Saiyan prince was sitting in front of a camp fire, his back facing Goku. The boy tilted his head as if he was considering whether to answer or not. After a moment, he responded with a bored tone: "What?"

"I noticed that it's going to be a stormy night tonight..." The older Saiyan waited if the prince had anything to say to that, and when he didn't, he continued: "So, I gathered, it would be really uncomfortable for me to sleep outside as I've done until to this day..." Goku took a deep breath: "...Mind if I sleep inside the house with you tonight?"

The boy glanced sideways at the older Saiyan. "I do mind."

"I know you do." Goku sighed and smiled a littlebit. He really didn't want to arque about this but it was inevitable, if he wanted to sleep in a dry and warm bed. "But this is my house, Vegeta. And as a quest you don't really have a say in this matter." He wanted to add 'Im sorry', but decided not to, he had to set boundaries to this young man, not grovell on his feets like a servant.

"Tch, if you'll move into that rotten hole, I'll move out." Vegeta stated matter of factly. "I'm not scared of a little scatter."

"It's not going to be just a little rainfall but a serious storm, with thunder and everything." And as if the nature itself wanted to prove the statement true, a thunderous rumble could be heard from the distance.

Vegeta was silent for a moment. "Are the thunderstorms here strong enough to take down Saiyans?"

"No, of course not. Being outside would only be uncomfortable." Goku gave a small laugh. "Nature's not really mach for our strenght."

"I've seen it."

"Huh? Seen what?"

"Thunderstorm that could be deadly even for Frieza."


"In planet Myrsky. Storm was always present there, and the lightning was so powerfull it could have fried anyone into ashes, expect for the planet's inhabitants. They were immune to it."

"What were you doing on that planet?"

"My job." When the older Saiyan kept looking at him with a questioning expression, he continued: "Exterminating all the life from the planet."

Goku's insides went cold.

The Prince continued his story as if he had just told the other man that he had just been picking flowers on the planet "But the lightning strikes were nothing to worry about for me, because I was so much faster than them. I just had to pay attention to the sky and jump off the way when a strike was coming."

Goku still couldn't get a word out of his mouth. After a moment, Vegeta rolled his eyes. "You're such a wimp." He told him and went inside the little hut, as the first raindrops started to drop from the sky.

Goku stared at the dying fire before him. Once again he was thinking what to do with the boy. Was he really trying to do something impossible? Were ALL the Saiyans really born evil, including him, if he hadn't hit his head as a baby? How could a little boy like that just speak about such things like they were nothing. He killed people because it was his JOB? What kind of job is that? Why?

Suddenly the young warrior remembered something that Vegeta had said on the day they were still at the Son house. 'I'm one of Frieza's right hand men!' The prince had shoutet. Was he in some kind of army? And who exactly is this Frieza guy?

The sky snapped him out oh his thoughts by reminding him of the upcoming strom with a roaring rumble. Goku glanced towards of his small house. He noticed that Vegeta had left the door a little ajar. Huh. Does that mean he accepts me to come inside too? The Saiyan mused and walked on the door, opening it. Vegeta was laying on the bed, face facing the wall. As the older Saiyan aproached the bed, the prince quicky rised into a sitting position, hissing angrily: "You're sleeping on the floor you idiot!"

Goku remembered how he used to sleep with his uncle on that bed. It was so narrow, that Goku had to sleep on Son Gohan's legs, and how he used to use his uncle as a pillow... the older Saiyan imagined small Vegeta and him sleeping like that and it made him chuckle.

"What are you laughing at?" Came the immediate snarl from the little Prince.

"Oh nothing, nothing, I just remembered something from my childhood." the older man assured and sat down on the floor. "Uh... could I get a pillow here? You've got two and the floor's a hard surface to sleep on."

Without saying anything, Vegeta threw a pillow towards Goku with a force, which the older man snatched on the last second before it would have hit his face.

"Thank you." Goku said sarcastically as they both lied down and began to sleep as the storm got stronger outside.

Goku woke up as he felt Vegeta's ki-signature changing. It was still night, and verything was pitch black. Outside, the rain was spattering loudly against the hut's roof. The Z-warrior observed the boy's ki for a moment, and gathered that the prince was having a nightmare again.

Goku sighed sadly and tried to get sleep again, he was just about to doze off, when he heard a small whimper coming from the boy. The older Saiyan focused his hearing. After a moment, he heard it again. And again. It sounded like the boy was crying in his sleep, thought Goku wasn't sure, because he couldn't see anything in the darkness. The noise was heartbreaking, Goku's instincts told him to go and comfort the poor boy, but he knew he would not be welcomed.

The sobs got louder, and the older Saiyan heard the little prince whisper something. Then he repeated it, this time louder.

"...No..." Vegeta spoke in his sleep. Then came couple of heavy breaths and again: "No... don't..."

Goku rised to a sitting position and stared at the dark silhuette of the boy. The storm was bellowing loudly outside, but Son Goku's complete attention was on the little boy before him.

Vegeta's breathing was getting faster and louder, like he was having some kind of panic attack. "No...! I don't wan't to..."

Goku couldn't take it anymore. He rose from the floor and walked quietly to the bed. Now that he was closer, he could see how the little prince's chest was rising and falling in quick motion, his whole body covered in sweat and face twisted, as if he was in pain.

The young Z-fighter hesitated for a moment, took a calming breath and placed his hand on to the boy's shoulder.

The prince's reaction was immediate. His eyes shot open, the boy jumped on his feet's and fired a ki-blast right on the older Saiyan's chest, who fell to the ground, surprised. Neither of them moved for a moment and just stared at each in stunned silence. Vegeta sobered up first. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" the demanded angrily.

Goku sat up slowly, rubbing his chest. "You were having a nightmare."

The prince opened his mouth to reply, but didn't seem to know what to say. He huffed loudly, muttered some sort of insult to Goku, and lied back to the bed. He began rubbing his eyes, seemingly trying to make it look like he was tired, and not because they were completely tearstained.

"It's okay to cry, I don't mind." Goku said sympathetically

"What? I'm not crying you moron!" Vegeta replied viciously.

The older Saiyan didn't say anything to that.

"I'm not!" the prince insisted angrily.

"Okay." Goku answered, and laid back to his hard floor-bed.

They both lied on their beds, listening the storm outside, deep in their own thoughts. Goku sighed deeply and glanced towards at the boy again. After a moment, he spoke with a quiet voice. "The space seems like a tough place to live in, huh?"

He didn't expect to get an answer to that, and turned his gaze towards the ceiling. To his great surprise, after a minute or so, he heard the boy whisper:

"You have no idea."