I've always wanted to post this but never really had the guts because I thought I might screw it up.

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I do not own MCR and this did not really happen this story is just made up from my imagination.

April 26, 2011

Gerard's POV

I slammed the car door a little too hard and walked up the drive way. I was dead tired. We'd all been running around ragged and it was good to finally be home. All I wanted to do was to hold my love in my arms and kiss her sweet lips. I was the luckiest man in the world.

Just as I was about to put my key in the door I saw a yellow Porsche in the driveway. That's weird Mikey and Alicia must be resting since Mikey probably just got to his house by now. Same for frank , ray and their wives too.

I unlocked the door and stepped into the cool hallway of the house.

I immediately heard moans and screams of pleasure.

I stopped dead in mid step. My heart felt like it was about to break from hearing lynz make the sounds I had so often heard.

I made my way through the house and up and down the hallway to OUR bedroom where the noise was coming from.

What the hell! How could she do this to me? Where did we go wrong? Why the hell would she look elsewhere? I thought she loved me!

I heard a loud, "SHIT" echo through the house and I was filled with bitterness and rage. No this 'activity' would end now!

I slammed open the door to see the most heartbreaking image.