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"Garcia, you never told me that Anderson was your coach! You've been keeping lots of secrets, haven't you?"

"Oh, hush up, Spencer Reid. You're like the Lost Ark of secrets, sir." Penelope shook her chopsticks at Spencer in a scolding matter. He hung his head and swallowed his yakisoba noodles quietly, not wanting to give Penelope any fodder for a revealing argument.

"He's not at every game," she started, "He's an alternate coach but he's certainly our toughest. He really loves the sport and he loves us gals and wants to see us do well. I'm also pretty sure that he is the king of dirty jokes."

"Ugh! I never do anything FUN!", Emily pouted as she passed her empty condiment bowl to Spencer so he could refill it for her. "Anderson is more fun than I am? What kind of world do we live in?"

"Baby, tell 'em about what happened." Derek chuckled as he placed an arm around Penelope.

She was glowing again. It was something he noticed after her first game. She was such a snarky, aggressive player but when the game was over, she left it all on the track and afterwards, she seemed to radiate with so much positivity and love.

Aaron noticed the blush starting to form around Penelope's temples and pulled Jack closer to his side, "Sure. Just…keep it clean, please?"

"I would never say anything in front of my little Jack Snack that would tarnish his child-like innocence, Hotchsauce!"

Derek nudged her impatiently, "Baby!"

"Stop it, "Penelope nudged back and ignored the whispered swear Derek let loose. He deserved it.

She tried to control the warmth in her cheeks but it was to no avail, "Anderson caught Derek and I in quite the…compromising…position in the locker room before practice."

Snorts and guffaws went up around the table, adding to Penelope's embarrassment.

"Shut up, Dave." Derek said. "At least we kept it out of the FBI office closets. Can you say the same?"

Rossi laughed again as he took another bite, "Son, if walls could talk…"

Emily gave Penelope a small smile to comfort her friend and whispered, "I am going to need some major details later, P. You know me- I can wait forever. "

"I'll tell you later, you bombshell busybody. Eat your egg roll."

"Derek, I cannot believe you!" Penelope slammed her purse down on the couch, her sore muscles straining with the exertion.

"P, it's a funny story. If you didn't want to tell it, you could have said so." He chuckled lightly to himself, "I think it's a funny story."

"You are such an ass." Penelope stormed into the kitchen to clear the dishes from the sink before bed. Knowing the kitchen was clean somehow helped her sleep better. There was nothing like waking up in the morning to a clean sink.

Derek felt like an ass. He wasn't trying to be an ass- he genuinely thought it was a funny story. And Penelope had never been a prude about what happened between them before. In fact, he had it on good authority that JJ and Emily knew more about his interactions with Penelope than he was aware of himself.

"Babygirl, you know I love you." He approached her where she stood at the sink and wrapped his arms around her waist to keep her from walking away from him. His fingers flirted with the bottom edge of the top she was wearing.

She faltered momentarily, a slight tremor in her hands was visible as she wiped suds from each dish and placed it on the rack to dry.

"You know that I would never, ever hurt you. I never want to see you hurting for any reason," he whispered.

"I want you to feel safe with me."

She turned in his arms to face him, "I always feel safe with you. But, you should have known that wasn't something I wanted to share with everyone at family dinner."

"I apologize, sweetness. Never again. You have my word."

"Good." She reached up on her toes to place a kiss at the corner of his mouth and then whispered, "D, I'm getting wet."

"Well, that's not where I was expecting this apology to go but if you insist!" He bent down to grasp her legs between his arms, preparing to lift her up and carry her off in order to apologize the proper way but she stopped him.

Laughing loudly she said, "No, D. You're pressing me against the wet counter. I don't want to get water on this top." She lowered to kiss him on the cheek, "Let go of me you crazy, gorgeous man."

"It's bed time, skate goddess. If you're still mad and don't want to stay, I understand."

"There you go being crazy again. Go fluff my pillows. Momma needs to make a phone call to a certain raven-haired goddess who is in much need of gossip. Give me ten."

"I think I owe you an apology, D." Penelope entered the room slowly, sullenly. She released the multicolored buttons on her blouse one after another. After her conversation with Emily, she was feeling remorseful about the way she had treated Derek. She knew that he would never try to embarrass her on purpose, especially in front of her family. The team shared things with each other and, unbeknownst to Derek, the women of the team shared even more.

"For what, baby?" He turned down the overstuffed comforter and lightly patted the spot next to him on the bed, signaling Penelope to climb in.

"For completely overreacting…" She bounced on her toes as she pulled the zipper of her skirt down and let it drop to her feet before hopping into the bed next to him.

He shook his head as he tugged her closer to his chest. "No, baby. You were ri-.."

She clasped her hand over his mouth, "And for suffering from derby brain so badly that I forgot to show you how much I love you. I've missed you, ya know?"

She placed a hand firmly on to his shoulder, pushing him back. He completely surrendered to her, placing both of his hands behind his head on either side.

Penelope straddled him, her legs splayed widely, as she tugged his boxers away from him and positioned him toward her entrance. She tried to force the smug look on her face into a sex kitten stare but her facial features just wouldn't cooperate. From the relaxed position he was in, Derek already knew who was in control and he didn't seem to mind.

"You are impossibly hard for me. I fucking love that. I've missed your hands on me."

She leaned forward, placing her hands on either side of his head to steady herself as he grabbed her waist and pulled her closer to him. She could feel him twitching inside of her as her new angle forced him to sink a little deeper. He brought one arm from behind his head to pinch and pull and tease her puckered pink nipples and it was all she could do to keep herself from screaming at the top of her lungs.

"Let me hear you, girl. It's your show."

She brought her hips down against his harder, faster. Her palms found better placement on his chest and she giggled as he grabbed her lower, tickling her thighs. She kissed down his neck, his jaw, his chest, trying to cover as much of his skin as possible with her lips.

Finally, Penelope could feel the intense tightening in her stomach and released a hitched sigh as she came, her body folding in with the force. Weakly, she fell forward and let her head rest on Derek's chest until she caught her breath again.