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Before I start this is a kid friendly story okay here we go! Most of this is from the Episode the Perfect Dog.

Discrepancies of Dogs

Golden Gate Bridge

Partial Song I Will Always Be With You

Charlie- I will always be with you, I'll be by your side whatever you do, other memories may fade, but the ones that we made are eternal as the stars now I'm part of who you are.

Charlie and Sasha-And I'll be with you there in the sound of your laughter I'll be in the tears you cry, cuz the way you and I have touched one another doesn't end with goodbye. I will always be with you, like a guardian angel constant and true, when you're lost in the night, can't see the light, my love will see you through! I will always be there, you'll have me there, I will always be with youuuuuuuuuu!

Outside David's House

Charlie-I kind of like the idea of being Mr. Sasha!

They walk inside a few days later at the Flea Bite

Itchy-Yo Charlie short legs, short legs.

Charlie-Aack I thought you stayed in Heaven!

Itchy- Do the words it's to Heavenly there bear any meaning?

Charlie- Heh yeah, hey come with me I'm going to the Flea Bite to ask Sasha to marry me.


They approach Sasha.

Charlie-Sasha will you marry me?

Sasha- No absolutely not, no, niet, nine, none, flat out no!

Itchy-watch it she's gonna blow!

Charlie-Come on tell me how you really feel.

Sasha-Not if you were the last dog on earth!

Song-The Perfect Dog

Sasha-If you had what it takes you'd quite a different hound, a more sentimental hound, less of a flake! You'd be my hero instead of a zero if you had what it takes.

Itchy-Come on Sasha what do you really want anyway!

Sasha- I want the perfect dog, he'd never make me wait

Charlie-The perfect dog it's more fun to irritate

Sasha- The perfect dog would shower me with flowers

Charlie-You'd be sniffling for hours

Sasha-So sophisticated

Charlie-That's overrated

Sasha-Someone who'd risk his heart

Charlie-Who'd take you for a ride

Sasha-He'd make me feel so proud

Charlie-Stop walking on a cloud

Sasha-the perfect dog I long to see the perfect dog the dog for me the perfect dog, you'll never be the perfect DOG!

(My edit)Itchy-Do the words I Will Always be with you mean anything?

Charlie-Life would be boring you'd spend all day snoring is that what you want!

Itchy-Ya know Sasha if you ask me I think Charlie has a point don't you think so I think so,

(Finish song as normal fast forward to end of the episode)

Itchy-I pronounce you husband and wife!

Charlie and Sasha-Now that you're loving me it's so Heavenly Here, You'll Always Be the Perfect Dog, I will always be with you!

Yeah I know sad and cheesy and 9/10 of it isn't mine just thought id point out the discrepancies adieu!