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It's very important to me


When your alone in the dark, you never know who might be coming for you or why. Darkness fills the streets; you walked your whole life . The people, you thought you knew you realize you don't, at least not anymore. The streets I have walked were no longer safe. I wasn't allowed back to my home. And, the people, the only people who I had ever let in, are the people who LEFT me . They were what I used to call family. The people now hired to kill me.

HE controlled them. HE ruined the world. HE'S the reason that sense of security people feel in their homes, no longer exists. HE'S the reason Families hardly existed, the reason so many are dead. HE is why people hide in fear. It's all about power; it's as simple at that, the person with the most power wins. That's how HE thinks, the King, or at least that what HE thinks of HIMSELF as. HE had lost it. It was kill or be killed. I had watched them kill their siblings in Cold Blood. They say evil can't feel, after the things I've seen and the things I've done, I believe it. No one was safe. Nowhere was safe.

It wasn't always like this, if you can believe it. There weren't any probes. The San Francisco Bridge wasn't broken. There were mausoleums, where evil had a harder time sensing you, you could feel safe. The World wasn't shattered. And San Francisco and its people weren't broken. But after the deaths started, it brought on this cold , dark place. After the accident, he went insane. Now,you may think that's not enough to break a person. Constant attempts on HIS life, watching my younger sister die, trying to stop it, losing Paige, losing Piper; she was HIS world, then the accident.

Everything you experience in life has a snow ball effect. Something happens that sets off a train of events.

What ever evil it was that turned him, trauma induced it.

Maybe I'm a different person now then I was back then, when everything was alright. I used to be normal. Well obviously not normal, but I loved my life. I was as normal as any girl under the influence of magic could ever be. I used to be different, caring, willing to trust, understanding, my better half. I used to be blonde. So Much is different. Everything has changed. Before this happened, I loved HIM. HIM. Out of all the people, I could have loved, I loved HIM. I was engaged once. HE was my Fiancé.

YES, I was engaged to Wyatt Matthew Halliwell.