Wishing You Were Here

A Detective Conan fanfic by Wchan 2001

Chapter 4


At 9:30 PM, the dance floor was opened to some slow-rhythmic song. Shinichi got Ran up to dance.

"Shinichi?" Ran stared at the young man's collar in front of her, "What will you do while traveling around the world?"

"I told you already, didn't I?"

"Well, I just wanted to reassure myself, so I will remember." She leaned onto his shoulder.

"I will be going around, looking for knowledge. Use and enhance my skills in a broader sense, solve cases," he lifted her face to his, "and think about you."

They heard someone clear his throat beside them, "You young people may have funny customs these days, but you, Kudou, don't touch my daughter, understand?" "Oh, come now, Mouri-san! As if you were never young! Let the kids have fun!" Megure winked at Shinichi and patted Kogoro's shoulder, "Come now, my friend. Let's go to the bar, my treat!"

As the two men walked away, a fast pace song was put up and all of Ran's and Shinichi's peers formed a dance circle. After a song, other guys chipped in to dance with Ran. She didn't see Shinichi walk away.

The young detective ordered some scotch. He was about to take his wallet out of his pocket, but a hand slapped a bill on the counter, "His drink's on me, miss." Kogoro then looked at Shinichi straight in the eyes, and none of them neither blinked or looked away.

"Kudou, I know that you have been friends with Ran since you were in day-care, and that you know her more than I do. You are also a far better detective than I am. Now," Kogoro gulped down his shot, "I know that you're leaving and all… how am I going to say this? Ran was really sad when she didn't see you and occupied herself by taking care of Conan, like a mother would. You still probably know how a parent feels, to see their child grown up and still crying. What I'm getting at is, don't even attempt to do anything to my daughter that would pain her. Now, should she ever loose that smile because of you, I swear by my own name that no matter where you are, I'll hunt you down and put a term to your detective career; understand?"

"Hai, Mouri-san." Kudou took a sip from his own glass and sighed, letting the alcohol slightly strengthen his insides after such a difficult deal to see through. He noticed Kogoro down another glass and almost fell out of the bar stool. Ran's going to have a hard time tonight.

Inspector Megure place a bill on the counter and pulled Mouri off his seat, "Come now, let's get you some coffee. Ran's not gonna like this. You come too, Kudou, let's go back to the party."

As they walked back to their places, Shinichi spotted Ran slightly push herself from a guy and walked back to her seat, slightly annoyed, fanning herself with Megure's name card. Shinichi sat down beside her, "Having fun?"

"It could be better. My feet are killing me! I never had a rest since you got me up from it!" Shinichi just smiled. He's not hoping for a tough competition when he gets back… IF he gets back.

He will come back.

He looked at his watch: 10:30 PM or 2230. He plans to dance with Ran one last time, pass her to some other guy, so that he can leave as Dr. Agasa passes by. He put his hand to his chin, pretending to think. Ran had her eyes closed, the music was loud enough and the lights were lowered. He concealed his special communication gadget, and after speaking through it, he put it down, nodding.

As a new song played, Shinichi tapped Ran's shoulder, "May I have this dance?" Ran's fatigue flew away as she eagerly took his hand, and they walked to the dance floor.

Their arms possessively around each other, they slowly swayed to the music. Ran leaned on Shinichi's shoulder while he breathed in the floral scent of Ran's hair.

Another piece played as they parted. Another guy took Shinichi's place and the young detective invited another girl to dance. He waited for the perfect timing, "Um, miss, I really need to go now, thanks!" Shinichi ran out of the maze-like hotel where a car waited for him and he rode away.

December 25

- Knock knock knock -

"Ran-neechan? Kogoro-ojiisan?"

Ran managed to lift her heavy eyelids. She looked at the clock and abruptly got up. When that squeaky voice called out again, she pulled the comforter over her shoulders and rushed to the door.

"Conan! You're back!"

"Ohayou Ran-neechan! Merry Christmas!" Conan stepped in, kicked off his super shoes, tossed off his scarf, coat and hat and ran to the tree where he placed two packages more. Ran lazily followed him.

"It's Christmas morning, 10 AM and you're still sleepy?"

He got his answer. Ran fell asleep on the couch. Conan sighed. He took a card out of his pocket, tore it up and threw it away.


Notes and explanations:

Ok, so it was a little confusing. I was inspired by an old movie with Tom Hanks in it called, "Big" (Disclaimer: I think the movie belonged to Fox Cinema Club or something like that. But one thing's for sure: IT'S NOT MINE!) and it had a little boy wish on a genie, "I wish I were big." And it came true for an indefinite period of time, until it had him wishing that he went back to normal. You're getting the flow?

So, I changed it, having Conan change for only 24 hours the numbers 00-2324 means that he will transform midnight on the 23rd of December and back on the 24th. When he did change, he took a few minutes to formulate a plan and immediately called on Dr. Agasa. He scribbled his note, hid for a while since Kogoro just came back with a huge hang-over, put Ran back to bed (awww…) and sneaked out from the window.

Of course, which parent in their right minds would let their kids go skiing on Christmas Eve, but Shinichi thought it would possible, since it was Dr. Agasa, and Kogoro would be more than glad to have Conan out of his way.

I really do think that I have captured Shinichi's style of getting away, don't you think?… Oh well…

Please don't be too hard on me! It's my first DC (disclaimers apply) fic!