Waiting for Truth

A Detective Conan fanfic by Willow-chan 2001

Chapter 2:

"I don't know why, Conan-kun," Sonoko sighed as she set her cup of tea down, "I usually faint or start screaming at this kind of situation, but as of now…" Conan sipped from his cup, trying to look as calm as possible. He barely listened to Sonoko's words, his mind being too preoccupied with the thought of Ran in the hands of Kaitou Kid. Why did he want the truth, since he already knows?

"… I feel as if Shinichi's here."

Conan's cup slipped from his hands, clattering on the saucer, it's contents spilling on his clothes, "Oh, uh…" he was caught off-guard upon hearing his own name. Sonoko rushed to him with a napkin, helping him out of his vest, "Poor darling… you even dress like him! You also have a striking resemblance with that heartbreaker!" She brushed some strands off his forehead. It really bothered Conan how out-of-character Sonoko was being *Maybe she's different when she's at home.*

"I guess we should get a bath running and put you in some fresh clothes. You can borrow some from my little cousin. Come now."

Conan sighed. Things were flowing so slowly. It was freaking him out! How he wised that it was already midnight and get things over with…

In no time, Conan found himself in the condensed version of the clothes he wore (along with a baseball cap) during the night Ran broke her shoelaces. "Conan-kun, are you going to sleep?" The little boy shook his head, "Even if I tried, I wouldn't be able to. It's not far from midnight anyway." Sonoko leaned on a nearby chaise-lounge, "I think I'll just get a shut-eye… wake me up," she yawned, "when you're leaving… I'll show him," she slumped further into the chair, hugging a teddy bear, "not to take Ran away from Shinichi…"

Conan smirked and read the scroll all over again *Since when Kaitou became so poetic?*

Time seemed to pass like mere seconds, as the clock was getting close to midnight, "Gomen, Sonoko." He aimed his dart-watch and shot Sonoko with the device as he noticed her stir. Sneaking out into the hallway, he grabbed his super-shoes, ran out the garden, and climbed up and out the short gate of the large Suzuki household.

He strode around several blocks to arrive at his home. He sighed. It had been quite some time since he last came in that house. He pushed the gate and it opened with a tine squeak, indicating it had been oiled. The garden looked well-kept *Kid really bothers himself sometimes…* The front door towered over him as he reached for the knob and it gave way noiselessly. The house seemed well kept, as if he never left it.

He turned towards his right and opened another door, leading to the living room. He stopped abruptly as he saw himself, as in, Shinichi Kudou, sitting with Ran by an unlit fireplace having tea!

"Conan! You're here!" Ran got up, still looking as beautiful as she did when Sonoko fixed her up. She picked him up, just like she would to a baby, sat back onto her place, putting him on her lap, "Conan, I bet you already know your Shinichi-niisan," despite the joyous tone, there was a hint of uncertainty in her voice.

Conan knew that Kid was acting, yet again.

Kaitou laughed, "Conan-kun, you really don't know how lucky you are; Ran is such a fine woman who deserves nothing but the best!"

Ran giggled. She took Conan's hat off, kissed his hair and ruffled his fringes, "The resemblance! I just can't believe it!"

"Like you told me, Ran," Kid's eyes looked defiantly at Conan's, "You were quite certain that I shrank back to my childhood, and yet Conan would prove otherwise. Smart lad! But you see, Ran-san," Kid got up from his seat, pulled a white cloth out of nowhere and covered himself with it. As it came off, Kid revealed his true identity, "uncertain as you are, your guess is worth a good million dollar answer."

"Sh-Shinichi," Ran's grip tightened around Conan's little shoulders. She didn't sound grieved, that she was deceived, but she was rather angry, frustrated, unable to grasp the truth.

"Why don't you have some tea, Conan-kun?" Kid whipped out a tea-cup from nowhere, "Why don't you show us the 'one truth'?"

Conan hopped off Ran's lap and stood by the table, getting the tea-cup. Using his magic tricks, Kid revealed Shinichi's usual attire of coat and tie, "Clothes are ready when you are!" The young boy felt Ran's questioning, yet hopeful gaze on him. He tossed off his glasses, the gadget landing with a soft thump on the carpet.

He felt his heart pound in his ears, eyeing the warm shade of swirling liquid in the cup. He bravely took several sips of the surprisingly cold tea.

In a few seconds, the tea-cup and saucer fell muted clatter on the floor. He fell onto his knees, a he felt a familiar pain surge in him. As the climax of the nerve-wracking torture climbed to his head, he blocked out.

"Conan? Conan!"


"Ran! He's coming around!"

*Sonoko? What is she doing here? And why are they still calling me Conan?*

He opened his eyes. He no longer recognized the proverbial roof of his own living room. He heard the soft chink of plates, telling him that a meal was being served. He brought his hands to his face, easing the slowly dying ache, looking for his glasses. His hands: they were still small. He figured out that he was in Sonoko's room as he sat up and looked around.

He looked to his right as Ran put a hand to his forehead, "You ok?"

He just blinked, the whole ordeal about Kaitou Kid… "What happened?"

"You tripped over the shoes on the floor and you hit your head on the floor. You were out cold for about 45 minutes." Ran handed him his glasses. She was still done up, white dress and all, but the shawl was gone.

"Ran-chan! I think you'd better change now, so we can have dinner here in my room! By the way, Conan-kun," Sonoko was as giddy as always, "Kaitou Kid left another riddle! It was dreamy as he tossed this through my window and he blew me a kiss! I wonder how he knows my address!" She handed the scroll to Conan. Ran immediately grabbed it, "You're not going to give him a headache now, are you? Otousan can do this."

Sonoko let out a love-sick sigh, getting the scroll and rubbing it against her cheek, "It even smells of him! Ran, he's the right man for me!" Pirouetting and skipping, she almost knocked the plates out of the maid's cart, "Gomen-ne, neesan!"

Conan and Ran sweat-dropped. The little boy put his glasses back on and scrambled out of bed, "Ran-neechan! I'm hungry! I'll solve that riddle after eating! Kid can wait."

Ran shrugged her shoulders, "I'll just call Dad. 'Join you guys in a minute!"

Conan sighed. Looks like the truth will also have to wait… just a tad longer.



- There goes my 2nd DC fic! Disclaimers applied.

- I like Kaitou Kid. I was about to make it a little more violent but it didn't suit him. It think it's just fine!