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Chapter One

The fact that he couldn't have her just made him want her more. She was beautiful, stubborn and dangerous, she was Nikita. He finally had her, he was in her apartment sitting casually in her chair, with the biggest gun he had back in Division in his hands. All he had to do know was wait for her to come home. Michael laughed at the apartment, because it was just so Nikita. It was huge, with the elegant flair to it. Her clothes and computer area were disorganized, but her weapons looked as if she polished them and categorized them by size every day. Nikita had her priorities straight. Finally, the moment Michael had been waiting for came. He heard footsteps and the sound of a key turning in the lock. She was talking on the phone. Nikita looked worried, and when she saw Michael her face instantly turned hard. Slowly, she ended her conversation, hung up the phone and nervously looked at Michael.

"Ask me how I got here." He taunted with a controlling calm voice. Nikita was instantly filled with defiance.

"No thanks, I don't really care. The real question is, are you planning on killing me, letting me go or taking me to Division." Michael smirked, she didn't beat around the bush. "Personally I'd prefer the letting me go option."

"The gun is just here for reassurance." Michael explained, he had never planned on killing her or taking her back to hell. "I'm just here to talk.

"Likely story, what does Percy want?" Nikita's question made him realize how little she trusted him.

"Nikita," Michael's voice quivered a little. "What can I do to make you trust me?"

"Drop the gun." She challenged, fire in her eyes.

"Fine." Nikita hadn't expected Michael to listen to her, so the instant he did, Nikita bolted for the door. She was fast, but Michael was faster. Her grabbed her wrist and pinned her against the wall. "Why don't you ever trust me?"

"Because I know for a fact that Percy put you in charge of killing me, in case you've forgotten." Nikita punches him in the stomach and breaks free of his hold. Michael recovers quickly, but Nikita already has the gun. He knows he is losing control of the situation.

"So what exactly did you want to talk about Michael?" Nikita smirked her trademark smirk, the one that made Michael want to kiss her and kill her at the same time. He decided that the only thing he could do, was what he came here to do, even though Nikita might shoot him for it.

"Did you really say what you wanted to say on top of the rooftop? That you saved me because you didn't want to see me get hurt?" Michael asked with passion. He saw Nikita's eyes widen slightly.

"What game is this Michael? Are you really stooping this low?" Nikita was naturally suspicious. Michael had trained her well.

"You almost said a word that started with L, and if I'm correct, that word was love. Since you didn't finish saying it, I will. I love you Nikita." Michael swallowed nervously. How would she react?

"Michael," Nikita sighed and lowered the gun. Michael immediatley started taking steps forward. "I don't know. This could change everything."

"Are you seriously telling me that the famous Nikita is afraid of change? Don't you want me on your side?" Michael put his hand on her face, and she lingered for a second, but pulled away. He could tell that Nikita wanted to melt into him, but something was wrong.

"You aren't the only man in my life right now." Nikita looked sad and ashamed.

"Who is it? Owen, Fletcher?" Michael demanded.

"Ryan." Nikita admitted. "I kissed him. Twice."

"Fine, do you love him?" Michael asked.

"What? Why does that matter?"

"Because I need to know. Do you love him? Just say it, and I will leave and we can pretend this never happened." Michael was scared for her answer but he needed to hear it.

"You know I can't do that." Nikita was ready to tell Michael how she felt, no matter what the consequences were.

"Why? Say it out loud." Michael needed to hear her say it.

"Because I'm in love with you!" Nikita confessed. "I always have been. Daniel was just a replacement because I couldn't have you."

Hearing her say those words drove Michael wild. Nothing else was said, and Michael pressed his lips against Nikita's passionatley, with all the lust, love and happiness he felt for her. Their toungues battled for dominance, and they were in a competition for who could grind their hips fastest and hardest. Clothes went flying everywhere and kisses were placed everywhere, they needed to be together.

"I love you too Nikita, and now, I'm going to prove it to you." Michael whispered in Nikita's ear. "I'm going to make you forget all about Fletcher."

"No more talking. I want you inside of me." Nikita breathed seductively and Michael obeyed. The years of waiting were definitley worth it. The flexibility, speed, strength and stamina of an assasin makes for amazing sex.