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The Final Chapter

It started out like any other day. The deadly couple woke up in each others arms and went through their standard morning routine, eventually making it to Division, where they now both worked. Nikita had resorted to wearing flowier shirts after a couple months of pregnancy. Michael thought she looked even more beautiful with her loose shirts, maternal glow and protruding belly. She was wearing natural looking makeup and let her hair fall into bouncy curls. Her eyes shone with laughter, love and the fire inside her, that was so distinctly Nikita. Michael was once again clean-shaven, with his shaggy hair tame once again (Amanda had used some manipulative, yet creative strategies in order to give him a hair-cut). Nikita was very pleased when he started wearing suits again. In her opinion, they make Michael look ten times sexier.

Division had changed greatly in a very short period of time. The building still looked like something out of a Joss Whedon show, but had more of a homely vibe to it. Percy was long dead, and in true dramatic fashion, the last word he breathed was Nikita. Only a trained eye would notice the brief look of sadness that shadowed Amanda's face. Oversight had been more then happy to gain an allies in Michael and Nikita and knew better than to continue in their corrupt ways.

With black boxes gone and Oversight in control, Division became a powerful force of good in the world, transforming druggie teenagers into powerful members of society with the gift of a second chance. Amanda wasn't a perfect leader, but she was a lot better then Percy. She genuinely wanted to do good, but understood when sacrifices must be made. Michael easily resumed his job as second-in-command, keeping Amanda in line and overseeing missions. Birkhoff enjoyed having top of the line equipement at his disposal once again and a whole crew of geeks, ready to do his bidding. Owen and Alex were a steady couple and Division's top agents. They had become the new Michael and Nikita, an unstoppable team with amazing sexual chemistry. Nikita transitioned surprisingly well into Amanda's job. She could talk, listen and connect with recruits on a level that Amanda never could. Her pregnancy turned her into a mother figure in many of the recruits' lives and everyone knew that she was the most trustworthy, yet dangerous person in Division. Division's staff was gathered for a morning debriefing that they would never forget.

"First of all, I would like to commend Alex and Owen for their excellent work in Germany. Operation Cobra was successfully completed with no complications." Amanda addressed the group in front of her. They would never be her friends, but somehow they had begun to accept her as one of them. They didn't trust her, but there was a respect that she had earned.

"It was nothing. Just a simple extraction." Alex replied modestly.

"But you were fantastic." Owen interjected and pulled his girlfriend in for a lingering kiss.

"God, could we stop with the Olex PDA? You guys are like Mikita on hormone steroids, but with less baby belly." Birkhoff quipped.

"Birkhoff, what did we say about using couple names for your friends?" Amanda asked condescendingly.

"That it's both demeaning and annoying to both individuals, no matter how clever I think the name is." Birkhoff answered.

"Good answer. Nikita, how are your sessions with Erin going?"

"Well, she resents change and doesn't appreciate being brought into a new environnement. She feels that we stole her old life away and are forcing her to take this one." Nikita replied thoughtfully. "She does have promise though, so I'll continue to reach out to her."

"Souds like a plan." Amanda approved. Nikita had always been her best student, and apparently had become the best teacher. After her brief moment of pride, Amanda began relaying plans for upcoming missions, recruit training excercises and international relations for half an hour.

"Um, Amanda?" Nikita tentatively interupted Amanda in mid-sentence.

"Yes Nikita?" Amanda gave a signature disaproving look, until she saw Nikita's unusual expression. "What's wrong?"

"I think my water just broke."


20 hours of painful labour later (and not just for the mother), Michael looked with a face of pure joy upon his wife, smiling and holding their daughter for the first time. He snapped a quick photo on his camera, then joined the domestic picture of happiness. Wordlessly, Nikita tore her gaze away from her baby and grinned at Michael.

"We did it." Nikita breathed. This child was hope. This child was the future. This child was their pain. This child was their love. This child was everything.

"She's perfect." Michael couldn't keep the joy off his face. Somehow, it seemed almost wrong for them to have something so full of joy in a world so cruel. "You're perfect."

"Do you want to hold her?" Nikita asked and Michael nodded. As she slipped their daughter into his arms, Michael had to make sure it wasn't a dream. This beautiful, healthy baby girl was the perfect combination of Michael and Nikita. She was theirs. Everything about this moment was magical, almost surreal. Michael saw the brief flash of a camera and knew that Nikita had captured the moment.

"I love you so much." Michael whispered to his wife and wrapped her in a tender embrace, their child lovingly held between them.


"She's a healthy baby girl!" Alex announced to the anxious group outside of Division's medical centre. Her, the doctor and Michael were the only ones Nikita had allowed to be with her during the birth. Everyone had figured it was for the best after she almost broke Owen's nose.

"I knew it!" Birkhoff yelled and lept from his chair, gaining stares of disbelief from his friends. Michael and Nikita hadn't told anyone what the gender of their baby was, and their friends had been betting. "Sorry, I just got excited."

"I don't know how we're going to handle a mini Michael and Nikita. That kid is going to be a huge bad-ass!" Owen rubbed his nose.

"I know! It's going to be so fantastic! I can take her shopping and buy her dresses and hair ribbons!" Alex squealed.

"Can we go see it? I want to see mini Mikita!" Birkhoff was getting impatient. Amanda looked in the door's small window and saw the couple in a perfect moment of bliss with their new child. Amanda smiled at the happy scene.

"Maybe we should give them a minute." Amanda suggested.


Danielle Haley West was born on February 16, 2012.

The next year, Elizabeth Cassandra West was born on June 24, 2013.

The next week, Katya Emily Smith and Thom Nikolai Smith were born to the newly married Owen and Alex Smith.

Birkhoff became the unofficial babysitter for the group, until him and his wife Alicia gave birth to James Matthew Birkhoff on November 22, 2014.

The final member of the group was Cameron Jacob West who was born on April 4, 2015.

Amanda stood by and watched the families growing around her. She had become used to, and rather fond of the young ones running around Division. No one was more surprised then Amanda when little Danielle became attached to the cold-hearted woman. She would never admit it out loud, but Amanda would do anything to protect the children around her and spoiled them incessently.


"Mommy, mommy! Can we come to Division today? Please! Please! Please!" Elizabeth, Nikita's eight year old daughter begged her mother.

"Yeah mom! We don't have school today cause it's a PD Day and Aunt Amanda told me she had a surprise for me!" Danielle chimed in. Amanda had been sneaking her makeup and dresses ever since she could walk. Today, Danielle was hoping for jewellry or dance lessons. She loved spending time with the leader of Division and adored the precious days when Amanda wasn't busy and would teach Danielle how to dance. Amanda wasn't used to having something so innocent look up to her and was determined not to ruin Danielle

"And Uncle Birkhoff was gonna let me use the big computer!" Elizabeth was surprisingly skilled with technology. Michael and Nikita knew that she had spent hours learning how to use computers when she learned how skilled James Birkhoff was with them. Elizabeth had a not so subtle crush on the tech-wiz and spent every moment she could with James and his father. Seymour loved Elizabeth like his own daughter; she reminded him of a young Nikita.

"What do you think Michael?" Nikita turned to her husband with a smile. Michael looked at the two puppy-dog faces looking up at him and knew he couldn't refuse.

"How can I say no them?" Michael pulled his daughters into his arms and twirled them in a circle.

"What do you think, buddy?" Nikita asked her quieter child. "Do you want to go to Division today?"

"I want to shoot some guns!" Cameron exclaimed with joy. Nikita turned to Michael.

"Have you been teaching our six year old son how to use guns?" Nikita asked with a glare.

"Maybe." Michael answered vaguely, but his smile gave away his lie.

"Oooooh! Daddy's in trouble!" Elizabeth giggled.

The West family was always the perfect picture of a family. Michael and Nikita were loving and fun, but not afraid to discipline. They were both still in shape and working, but always left time for their children and each other. Nikita still couldn't believe the domestic life they had found. All of their children had straight As in school and were all athletic, but still unique in many ways.

Danielle West was intelligent and kind, but very bossy, slightly manipulative and a very good liar. She was the leader among their children and by far the most responsible. Her hair was curly chocolate brown and her eyes were the same shade of brown as her mothers. Danielle was agile and talented in dance. She had won gold with her school's dance team many times. She was the leader among the children.

Elizabeth West was technologically gifted and definitley the trouble of the group. She was very sarcastic and witty at a very young age. Elizabeth was talented with words and guns (Michael had taught her how to use them at a young age). Her hair was black and straight as night. Her green eyes were always shining with laughter and a mischevious smile. Elizabeth loved playing soccer and video games. She spent most of her time playing with James Birkhoff, but was really close with her sister.

Cameron West was the quietest of the West children. His sisters were outgoing and impulsive, so Cameron had become calculated and prepared. He was the subject of much torture from Elizabeth and Danielle. Cameron had short dark brown hair and irresistably adorable blue eyes. His father had taught him how to fight and box, behind Nikita's back, so he could have some way of defending himself against his sisters. After they dyed Cameron's hair pink, Michael knew he had to do something. Alex had taught Cameron how to play chess and discovered that he was a master of strategy. He could plan ahead and foresee his opponant's moves with an eerie skill.


Michael and Nikita finally had everything they ever wanted. They had their home with the white picket fence, three beautiful children and a rowdy golden retriever named Rover. Their circle of friends and co-workers was close and would always be there for them. Division was a powerful force of good in the world, and Michael and Nikita were more then happy to be a part of it. Whatever life threw at them, Michael and Nikita knew they could handle it. They were together and life was full of joy.