The DWMA'S Danceoff Dinner theater Event! Old Feelings Return? Part 1

"School International Dance-off Dinner theater?" Lord Death asked.

"Does it seem like a bad idea?" The other asked.

"Hmmmmmm…." He trailed off. Turing his back to the girl and facing his mirror for a moment, he started to think how this might be all planned out.

Every year, the DWMA holds a few fun major events for the students and staff to partake in and enjoy. One of which, he would allow the students to come up with a few ideas and suggestions. One year it was a Talent Show, another a Comedy Show, and some other year a, Cooking completion. This year however, only one student had sent in a suggestion for this year's competitive event.

"Lord Death?"

"Well I guess so…"

"Oh, sorry.." the other trailed off

"Sorry? Sorry for what?" he questioned.

"For suggesting a bad idea." she apologized as she made her way towards the line of guillotines.

"Wait! Where are you going?" He called.

She turned around. "Huh?"

"I think that you may have misunderstood me, I meant that your idea could be this year's event!"

Her lips shifted into a small smile, "Really?"

"Yes, really."

"Thank you SO much!" she cheered.

"Oh, and one more thing."


"Could you make the sign-up sheets for the Dancing performance part of the show?"

"Sure, no problem!"

"Thank you Maka!"

In the Halls (One week later)…


She looked at him an sighed, "Yes Black*Star, you were amazing…"

Tusbaki thought back to the other night,

They were assigned a mission in this small town in New Mexico to take care of a killing-spree that was cause by a group of thugs.


All of the criminals stopped and looked up at the figure on a roof "Hey, who do YOU THINK YOU ARE PUNK?" one of them yelled out.


For a moment, there was a pause, and then laughter roaring from the crowd of thugs below. "You? YOU'RE NOTHING BUT A SNOT-NOSE BRA-!"

He ceased his mocking when he opened his eyes to see that all of his fellow gang member's red souls surrounded him.

The blue-haired one was approaching him. "Tusbaki."

"Right" I responded as I switched from my kasarigama mode to my ninja knife form.

"Always remember, I AM THE STAR!"


She rolled her eyes. The mission was a success but, Black*Star was so caught up in his victory, that he left her in weapon mode and forgot the 30 keishin eggs in the town.

"Huh? What's all of the commotion about?"

She looked up at the crowd around the School Bulletin Board. This one had events an news posted, not missions.

There was an unusually larger amount of students surrounding the area. About the same amount three classes of students where trying to make there way to the front. 'What could possibly be causing so much excitement here?' Tusbaki wondered.

As the two made there way through the crowd, they spotted Kid and the Thompson sisters closest to what looked like some sort a sigh-up sheet.

"Okay everyone, settle down, I'll read it!" He announced.

"What's up with everyone? Why are they so excited over a stupid newsletter?" Black*Star questioned.

"Shhh, if you listen, maybe we'll find out!" Tusbaki advised.

Kid scanned the paper quickly and then his eyes widened.

No surprise, Black*Star grew impatient. "WELL, WHAT IS IT?"

The young reaper's expression changed back to his normal tone. He took a deep breath and read,

"This year's competitive event will be a International Dance-off Dinner Theater. It is on the twenty-ninth of February in Shibusen Hall-" *note to readers- the room that the DWMA's anniversary party was at.*

The all of the surrounding students started talking about the news until, "HOWEVER,"

Everyone was silent.

"This year, there will be a slight change in who may compete, this year, the STAFF WILL PUT ON THE SHOW!"


Everyone was shocked. There teachers NEVER took part in the actual competing role in the yearly event.

To break the silence, Patty snatched the flyer out of Kid's hands and shoved it in front of her big sister. Liz gave a puzzled look but then caught on. She took the paper and added. "There's a list here, let's see…" she trailed off.

Patty stepped to her sister's side. "It's a list of Dances!"

"Swing, Disco, Irish Dance, YMCA (lol),…aaaanddd….." look down the long list of options she finally said, "Latin Tango."

After Liz had finished, the gave the sheet back to Kid, who put it back on the board.

"Heh," a male voice said from behind the duo. "This should be fun."

"Yo, Soul!" Black*Star said as he high-fived him.

"Can't wait til' the big event, it'll be cool to watch the teachers get a little competitive for once." He replied in his usual tone.

"Yeah, it will also be interesting to see if anyone had signed up as we pass by." Tusbaki added. "Where's Maka?"

"Maka? Oh, she's busy with an extra class for history with Professor Eibon." Soul said.

Black*Star made a face. "I don't like that guy, he's WAY too boring. He takes too long to explain things, especially when we ALL get the point of what he is teaching."

"I kind of like him." Tusbaki said. "He will always make sure that every student grasps the concept of the lesson and also in a patient manor."

"You've got a point there." Soul stated.

"Whatever, I don't care. See ya!" Black*Star said as he turned and waved with his other hand in-back of his head.

"Bye Soul!" Tusbaki said and then she followed after her meister.

Two Hours later…..

FWAP!(sound effect of a book closing fail) "And that concludes the lesson."

He looked up to the almost empty rows at the girl. "Thanks for coming, Maka."

"Thank you for offering the extra-help lessons." she replied.

"I'm just doing my job."

Maka was heading down the steps and to the door. "See you later at period 8!"


After she left, he walked back to the desk where his briefcase was and placed the book in it. On his way to his next classroom (that he didn't have to get to until a whole nother period) he passed by the Bulletin board. "Hm?" He turned to a Red and Black outlined flyer. 'International Dance-off Dinner Theater.' "Sounds interesting."

At the bottom half of the paper it said, 'If you would like to Sign up, write your name in the left column and choose a style of Dance from the list and write it in the right column. Only two people per Dance type. You will find out who your partner is at on February 29.'

Eibon hesitated to make a decision due to his shyness. "Well…FINE! I need to get involved in the school's events after Shinigami let me work here!" And with that, he took out a pen from his briefcase and signed his name down on the sheet and was off on his way. Unknown to him, Maka was right around the bend of the hallway opposite from the direction in which he was heading and had heard all of what he said. She had noticed that Eibon was a little bit shy and was hoping that he would sign up.

DING don DING don

'Uh-oh the warning bell, I have to get to class!' Maka reminded herself. She turned and started to walk quickly. 'This year's show is going to be so fun!'