Simple mission: Get the info they needed, then get out, a typical assignment that the team of Young Justice had become almost wary of. Everything had been going smoothly and Aqualad was about to order the remaining members of the team back to the Bio Ship.

Moving quickly, Robin spotted a shadow moving in the corner of his eye. Narrowing his eyes, he stared at the spot but nothing moved. He shrugged and kept moving. Artemis, Superboy, and Miss Martian had already gotten to the ship so Aqualad, Kid Flash, and Robin hurried along. They had almost gotten to the Bio ship when Robin spotted, once again, a figure move in the shadows.

"I saw something," Robin said quietly

"What is it?" Kid Flash whispered

"I dunno. I'm going to check it out," Robin began inching his way towards where he saw the shadow.

Aqualad placed a hand on his shoulder, "Do you think it is wise for you to go alone?"

Robin looked back at where Aqualad and Kid Flash stood, "It'll only take a couple minutes."

"I'll come with you," Kid Flash suggested, he was curious as well

"Uh, no offence KF but it'd be quicker and quieter if I went alone," Robin stressed the word quieter as he slowly backed away from the two.

Aqualad weighed his options then said, "Kid, go with Robin," Aqualad noted the look on Robin's face, "Just stay quiet, observe, then report your findings over the comm. link."

Robin suppressed a sigh and uttered to Kid Flash, "Let's go."

Aqualad nodded his head then continued towards the Bio ship.

Kid Flash walked behind Robin, "So what do you think you saw?"

"I dunno, but we'll see soon enough," smirked Robin as he crept along

The building they were in was recently built and housed weapons for the military but some weapons had gone missing, which was why the team was there. The hallways were empty and there was the occasional guard, but other than that they were alone. They continued to search and eventually came across a small door. Robin cautiously pried open the door and slipped inside. Kid Flash followed suit and they huddled behind a box carelessly placed on the ground.

The room they were in had poor lighting and the two couldn't see much beyond a few crates and a massive computer. Robin scanned the area, but saw nothing. Kid Flash put his goggles on and turned them to Infrared mode. He nudged Robin, and whispered "Over there." He looked at where Kid Flash was pointing. They saw a figure dressed in a dark costume fiddling with something on a device in the corner. Kid Flash gasped as the figure pressed a button and opened a portal. Robin slapped his head because the figure looked right at them.

Kid Flash apologized with an, "Oops."

Robin stood up; there was no use in trying to hide anymore. They had been caught. The darkly clad figure turned around and faced them, Robin saw the figure move like ink and it hurried and ran into the portal. Robin ran forward and pursued the figure. Kid Flash sighed and ran after Robin.

"No! Robin!"

Noise. That's all Robin could comprehend upon first waking up. After he gained slightly more consciousness, he felt the cool pavement beneath him, his eyes slowly fluttered open, and he took in his surroundings.

He was in a parking lot and there were two people looking down at him. They both had concerned expressions on their faces and they both began talking at once. He shut his eyes again and sat up.

Slowly, everything began to come back to him. He looked around for Wally.

A man dressed in an ostentatious outfit spoke, "Hey you all right?"

Robin assessed the man's clothing. He wore a jumpsuit with a belt that was fashioned across the man's hips. The jumpsuit itself was abnormal because the jumpsuit wasn't just one color. Every time the man shifted, no matter how insignificant the move, the color would change.

Robin looked down then back up, waved his hand, and said, "Yeah, I'm fine."

This time a woman, dressed similarly to the man standing next to her, said, "Jim, look at his outfit." She pointed at Robin and the man followed the direction she had been pointing. A confused expression worked its way to the mans face.

After staring at him for a few moments he said, "You're not around from here, are you?"

Robin stood up and said, "No, at least, I don't think so. If you'll excuse me, I have to go."

They looked at each other and when they looked back to Robin, he was gone.

Robin planted himself on a rooftop hoping to find answers. He opened up his holographic computer and found that he was in Gotham City, but when he checked to see the date, nothing showed up. Frustrated, he looked around him and found a clock tower, it read 7:18 pm. He sighed. A first thing first, where is KF?

He felt incredibly frustrated because of his lack of knowledge. The city had changed so obviously he had been thrust into a different universe or into the future. The city was still dirty with pollution and trash lay on all the sidewalks. However, the city somehow looked very well kept. The people milling about in the streets looked content and to an extent, they looked like honest people.

After people watching for a couple of minutes, Robin decided he should find a better way to figure out what had happened to him and Kid Flash.

He jumped off the building. At the last moment possible, he shot off his grappling hook and landed swiftly on the ground. He noticed the people staring; they all were similarly dressed as the couple he encountered before.

After assessing everything around him, he broke out into a run before anyone overreacted. "Wouldn't want to be on the news, now would we?" he murmured to himself. People's chatter began to overwhelm him and he urged himself to calm down.

He found the first alleyway he could find and slipped into the shadows. His ragged breaths echoed throughout the alleyway. Silence was golden as he evaluated his dingy surroundings…a chilling realization hit him. He was in crime alley…except it didn't look like the crime alley he was used to. Everything was bright and someone obviously took great care in it. The more he stared at the alley, the more anxiety he felt. This wasn't right and this wasn't familiar.

"What's going on," he thought.

He again opened up his holographic wrist computer and typed something into it. God, he hoped this worked.

Batman, also known as Bruce Wayne, sat in front of the Batcomputer overlooking past criminal records. Nothing caught his eye and he was satisfied at the fact that the crime rate was down a significant amount. A message popped up in front of his work, he held his breath as he moved the mouse and clicked 'open'.

Don't know if this'll work…This is Robin. Kid Flash and I are stuck here. S.O.S

His heart leapt and Batman's fingers hovered above the keyboard. His mind went blank as he tried to compose a reply. Something in his mind clicked and he began to type back a simple response.

Explanations would be shared later, and then, when they were face-to-face, he would allow himself to feel the joy of his return.

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