Kurt's song: His Journey This is my first Glee story! I doesn't own the story not the characters but I do own the plotline!

In this story, Kurt never join Glee and his dad dead of heart attack...His Grandmother, whom he never knew was his only relative that is available to take him in. at Dalton, he will begin his journey to self-discovery and the power of music

Kurt Hummel walking down the hallway of McKinley High, He heard sound coming from the Glee room. Kurt stand and listen to New Direction sing " Never stop believing", and walk away. His Father recently dead of heart attack and he was at school to collect his things and his grandmother Elizabeth was waiting for him in the office.

" Kurt, do you have everything you need?" asked ElizabethKurt nod at her and she shake the principle's hands and both of them left the office and head to her car. Kurt get in the car and Elizabeth tried to cheer him up but she failed. She look at him with sadness in her eyes. Elizabeth start the car and left the park lot.

Two hours later, they finally arrive to an perfectly size mansion, not too big but not too small either. Kurt look at the house and sight. Kurt get out of the car and start walking toward the house, as he was about to open the door. the door open itself, revealed a tall, old man with glasses on.

" Welcome Home Master Kurt", said the butler named, Alfred.

Kurt just nod at him and went upstairs to his room. Elizabeth arrive in the house shortly after Kurt. She look at Alfred, " He just need sometime to get over his father's death". Alfred nod at Elizabeth and left to start on dinner. Elizabeth look at the stairs before go to her office to take care of Burt's business that he left to Kurt. Kurt close the door and put his back bag in the floor and went to his bed and started up the ceiling, thinking that it was his fault that his father dead because he doesn't believe in God. Kurt feel tears falling from his eyes, and he quickly wipe it off with an angry scrawl on his face. Before he knew it, he feel sleep from tireless and restless week.

A/N.. this story is just an test for me to see if I can write an Glee story! The chapters will be short because I am super busy with school work! Please review so I know that someone like my story!