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Chapter 1: Mudblood

Anya smiled grimly, this was how she was going to die. Surrounded by death eaters but with her best friend. Neither had ever had the chance to find the love of their life, and in this moment right before her death she was reminded of something somebody from a long time ago had said. "Too young to love, but not too young to die." They had been talking about death eaters, it had gone from a light conversation between friends to a more serious discussion of what was happening in the world right then.

Snapped back from her reminiscing when the Cruciatus curse was taken off her, Anya almost started crying. She had thought that she would have to die with the curse on her, tortured to a very painful death. She could hear voices echoing weirdly inside her head. "...mudbloods... dirty... dead..." She could still figure that out even in her half unconscious state, she had only been tortured by the same people for the last two hours. It was most likely Bellatrix, she had always loved torturing things. Animals when she was younger, and now she had obviously moved onto bigger things. Was it sad that she was more upset for the animals than she was for her and her best friend. Well, it didn't matter anyway, she was going to be dead in a minute or two, with the damage done to her body, by now there was no way she could survive. This wasn't even pessimistic thinking though, she knew exactly how much damage had been done to her. As some kind of sick joke Bellatrix had brought a mirror an hour into the torturing while she had still been partly sane, she had looked terrible then, she definitely looked worse now. The words mudblood had been engraved on her forehead, and words had been carved all over her body. Her best friend looked just as bad, but she had always been the brave one and still had the defiant glare in her eyes. Eyes fluttering closed as she was about to take her last breath, Anya died hearing the words that somehow made it into her head even though she was almost dead. "Mudblood and proud of it." Her best friend's voice, still strong and defiant.

Kellan would die with a defiant smile on her face, defiant even in death. Anya would die with a smile on hers, a small smile, but it was a smile of victory. It was not the death eaters who had won the battle here, it was Kellan and Anya, who would die still pure of heart with the love of friendship between them.

They would be found the next day by the Order of Phoenix, friends of theirs would look down at them horrified to find the girls who were once so cheerful and bright in life, now dead and abused. They would also see the smile on their faces though, and would realize who had really won the last battle. Later, on the grave stone of the two girls, who lay next to each other, those same words would appear. "Mudblood but proud of it."