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Mamoru left the next day for his business trip, leaving a sad, lonely Usagi behind. Once she watched Ito drive Mamoru away in his company's car, she went back inside to shower. Once she was done she did her morning routine, late in the afternoon, she walked outside her to her car. She looked back at her house and a cold, damp breeze swirled around her, but she ignored it, got in her car and went out to shop to restock on groceries.

When she reached the grocery store, she got a cart and pushed around, searching for what food she'd need back home. She went to the snack corner near the window and stared out through it, spacing out. But then she focused her vision to barely see someone lingering by her car. It might just be a passenger, but all day I've been feeling eery. It's probably just because Mamoru is gone also now. Usagi thought and shook her head to clear her mind and continue shopping. She got all the required foods that she needed and some special sweets for her and Mamoru could use (; She went to her car and the mysterious person was gone, she sighed in relief. I am soooo paranoid.

Usagi's phone began to ring and she struggled to answer as she put her bags into her car. "Hello! This is Usagi!" she smiled.

"Hey Usagi, it's Ami. I just got back in town and I was wondering if you'd like to go get food with me so we can catch up. Mainly I would like to apologize. Please just meet with me."

Usagi thought back at how she wished to have been friends with Ami when she first started, how Ami had guided her through her job. I want to make this right. "Where to?"

Usagi walked into the popular cafe, Fruit Parlor Crown, and looked for the familiar hair of Ami. When she spotted her she walked over to the booth that Ami was already sitting at and sat herself down.

Usagi smiled awkwardly at Ami and she smiled sadly back. "So-" She was interrupted by a southern looking, red hair waitress that came up to take their order.

"Hi ladies, my name is Unazuki Furuhata. Welcome to Fruit Parlor Crown, I will be your server today. May I get you to some drinks?" She smiled sweetly as she placed down some costers and got out her pad and pen.

"I'll have the chocolate milkshake, oh wait, make that just some cranberry juice, please?" Usagi ordered.

"And I'll just have a diet coke." Ami waited for the waitress to leave and turned to Usagi questionably. Peculiar.. Ami thought. "Are you on a diet also?"

Usagi began to sweat, Oh no. Should I tell her that I'm pregnant with her ex-fiancee's child? What if she'll start hating me again. I'm still not even sure about this 'date'. "Well I guess you could say that, haha. I just thought it wasn't that healthy, eating like that all the time."

Ami let out a booming laugh, startling Usagi. "HAHA, Oh Usagi, I know you're pregnant. The gossip spread all the way to Hawaii, honey. And thats why I called you over here. We do need to talk."

Usagi nodded and let Ami continue. "While I was in Hawaii, alone and on my honeymoon trip, I had time to think. I thought back about when I first met Mamoru. He was a lot younger. We meet in school, Tokyo University. We were both above smart and both very meet when our class finished exams and we all went to celebrate by drinking. We talked and than began to hang out, a lot. Eventually he asked me out and I felt so lucky. He was the most handsome guy in our class. We started dating and we were comfortable with each other. We eventually graduated form college and Mamoru succeeded his corporation and asked me to work there with him."

Ami paused to let Unazuki delivered their drinks. "What would y'all like to eat?" Usagi ordered a hamburger while Ami got a chicken salad. Unazuki left quickly realizing they were having an important conversation.

"Anyways, where was I? Right work. So he asked me to work with him even though we both knew that my dream was to be a doctor, but we both ignored it and I went along with him. What he didn't know was I was taking online class at night to get me closer to my dream. Now, I've even decided to quit my job and go back to school to become a doctor. But anyways back to my story. Eventually when Mamoru's job became more demanding we drifted apart. He even got his own apartment to deal with his business life. That's when I figured he was cheating on me. I kept hearing rumors about how woman of excellent taste would come and go from his apartment and sometimes I'd even see scandalous pictures of him with women in the tabloids, but I didn't care. 'I'm his fiancee' was what I would tell myself, and 'I'll never let him go' but I became obsessed."

She paused once again to let their waitress deliver their food and she waited until Usagi and her had a few bites of their meal to continue, "I began to sabotage his women, made them look crazy to him so he'd stop meet with them. I was cruel and crazy. I continued to do stuff like that even though Mamoru and I barely even spoke, and when we did, it was fighting, terrible arguments. When I look back now, I realize I didn't even love him anymore. I was more of trying to live in the past and keep him in my possessions. I loved it when people told me that my boyfriend or fiancé was so handsome and that we were perfect together. I just got caught up with all the complements. Honestly Usagi, I'm truly sorry. And it really does seem like he loves you. The way he looks at you and how he treats you. You really do suit him best." Ami began to tear up from remembering the past. She rushed through her bag and put down a some money on the table, "I'm sorry Usagi but I have to go." Ami ran out of the cafe.

Usagi sat there and stared off as she let everything she learned sink in, her food sat in front of her cold.

"Ma'am? …. Miss?" Usagi felt someone shake her shoulder and she blinked her eyes and looked over at Unazuki.

"Oh! Sorry!" Usagi apologized and got out her wallet.

"It's okay, I was worried about you because you've been staring for quite awhile. I just wanted to let you know we are closing soon and it's begun to rain. I over heard earlier that you were pregnant and it wouldn't be good for a pregnant woman to walk in the rain, do you need an umbrella?"

Usagi smiled and thanked her and handed her the money to pay for the meal. Usagi got up and put her jacket on while Unazuki brought her an umbrella. "Thank you, again."

Usagi walked out and undid her umbrella. She looked at the parking lot and saw only two customer cars left. She walked over to hers and got in swiftly. She turned the heater on and drove to her house. I'm exhausted. Ami really took a lot out of me. Mamoru's past. He seems so, well actually he seems exactly how I thought he'd be like. I wish I knew him when he was in university, or better yet high school. Haha, a school uniform on him. I'll have to ask him for pictures. Usagi giggled all the way home while she thought of what he'd look like.

Usagi unlocked her door and dropped her keys onto the kitchen counter. She dragged herself across her apartment and looked at the bathroom. Ugh, not tonight, I'll take a shower tomorrow. She took her clothes off and put on her pajamas. She crawled into bed and fell asleep instantly.

Later on in the night, the nob on Usagi's front door began to rattle. The door clicked and began to slowly and quietly creek open. A black boot squeaked as it enter the apartment. The intruder closed the door and began to look around. He smelled the air and turned to the living room. He pulled out a bag and began to swipe the nicest things Usagi owned. He placed her T.V. near the entrance and took all over her kitchen supplies. He put her laptop into his backpack and took all her pictures out of the frames and ripped the pictures as he stole the frames.

He squeaked his way over to her bathroom and began his work in there. Usagi twitched and rolled over silently. She began to rub her eyes and opened them. She layer perfectly still and looked over to the light coming from her bathroom. She immediately gasped and the intruder turned around. She got up and began to run to the door, but he pranced on top of her. She yelped and winced. "No! Stop! Somebody hel-" The intruder covered her mouth and punched her stomach. Usagi silently screamed and went limp. The intruder freaked out and ran from her body. He grabbed his things and left, leaving the door wide open. Tears poured down her cheeks as blood ran down her legs. No, don't leave me. My baby. I'm losing you. Don't go