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Beep-Beep! Beep-Beep! Beep-Beep!

Usagi squinted her eyes and slowly opened them. She saw white. Everything was white: the lights, the walls, the ceiling. Where am I? Usagi moved her arm up. Ouch She winced when she moved the needle. She looked over and saw Mamoru holding onto her left hand tightly. He was squeezing her hand and his head rested next to it.

Her eyes softened and she lightly rubbed his head. He stirred awake and looked up to her. Worry was clear in his eyes. "Usagi.." He leaned in and kissed her forehead.

"Mamoru? What am I doing here?"

Mamoru placed his hands on either side of her face and whispered, "You're in a hospital. You've been asleep for four days. While I was on my trip, someone broke in to you're house," as he talked Usagi had flashbacks back to the night, "You must of had a tragic fall.."

Usagi gasped and her hands immediately flew to her stomach to cradle it, "Our baby! What happened to our baby? That man, the one who broke in. He punched me! Right in the stomach, Mamorrrrrruu!" She cried and shook as Mamoru held her.

"Shh, its okay. Usagi its okay. Our baby is fine. The doctors came and said that you need to rest here for a few days or a miscarriage could happen. But you're okay, and so is our baby." Usagi smiled and thanked the heavens. "Hear that?" He directed her towards the two heart monitors. "That one below is our baby's heartbeat."

"It's so strong." Usagi breathed a sigh of release.

They both sat there listening to the wonderful rhythm of their baby's heartbeat. But then, suddenly, Mamoru perked up and asked, "The man punched you in the stomach?" Usagi cringed as she remembered and nodded her head. "Why would a robber go straight to punching your stomach?"

Before they continue their conversation, the doctor barged into the room, "I heard you were awake! Hi Usagi Tsukino, my name is Makoto Kino, I'm your doctor. And if I'm not mistaken, Mr Chiba wants me to be assigned as you're doctor for check ups on you're baby as well." Dr. Kino was extremely tall and skinny, and had beautiful brown hair pulled back in a pony-tail. "it seems you had an impact where your uterus is and almost caused a miscarriage, but love, that baby held on tight. You got a keeper there." She smiled real big and checked over Usagi's charts. "Hmmm, well your's and the baby's blood pressure and heart rate seem to be stable, but since you were so close to miscarrying, I would rather you stayed here so you don't move around too much and accidentally harm the baby. Is that okay with you and your husband? It'd only be about two or so days?"

Usagi blushed deeply, "Husband, oh heheh" She giggled nonstop remembering Mamoru had proposed to her, "We just got engaged."

"Oh, how wonderful! Since I took care of you, I need to be invited to the wedding, okay? Haha, i'm joking, but seriously, I'd love to go." Makoto walked out of the room with her booming laugh echoing in her trail.

"Mamoru, I'm so glad your here. Did you have to leave work early? Did you rush over to my apartment because your heart screamed out, yelling that your princess is in danger and needs you? Oh how romantic, Mamoru. I can see it now, you carrying me, princess style of course, all the way to the hospital, panicking." Usagi imagination went wild as she gushed over her made up fantasy.

Mamoru stopped her with his charming laugh, "Usagi, you are too cute. But no," Mamoru looked down, a little depressed, "I didn't get word of you until I got back in town. I was so caught up in work and Ito kept my phone and your condition secret from me because he knew you were safe in a hospital and he didn't want me to jeopardize the company meeting. They signed onto us, but let's not talk about work. The woman that lived a couple doors down from you, Haruna something. Came home shortly after this happened from her night job and saw your door open. She found you laying there," He winced, "in a pool of blood and quickly got you to a hospital. I am forever in her debt. Usagi if anything had happened to you, I don't know what I'd do." Usagi and Mamoru hugged and kissed for a short bit. Then he laid her down to get some rest and turned off the light.

After three days, Doctor Kino let Mamoru take Usagi back home. When they arrived at her apartment, Mamoru opened the door, and gasped at the view, instantly covering Usagi's eyes. Everywhere he looked, it was all trashed. The house has been taken apart brick by brick. Her couch had been ripped apart and all glass products have been shattered into millions of pieces. The worst part that Mamoru saw was on the walls. 'DIE USAGI' was written in red and black markers all across the walls. Usagi pushed his hands aside and stared into her home. Completely ruined. Usagi slid down to the floor on her knees. Her hands shaking before her eyes. "Wh-who is doing this, Mamoru?" She asked in a soft voice on the verge of tears.

Mamoru went down to the floor and pulled her into his arms. Her entire body was shaking from the fear, "I don't know, but the minute we get back, you're moving in with me." His fierce voice was hard with anger, but he softened his voice and said, "We're engaged. You're pregnant with my baby. I think it's about time you moved in, right? I can hardly even stand to be away from you just to go get some fresh clothes. So what do you think? Move in with me?"

Usagi turned to face him, tears still in the corners of her eyes, "I would love to, Mamoru! Waking up in the same bed as you, making breakfast in our kitchen, living with you is going to be magical….. But back from where? Are we leaving?"

Mamoru smiled as she caught his hint, "I think it'd be best if we got out of town for a little bit. Since I signed that contract with our neighboring company, I can rest easy and take time off from work. But mostly, I want to introduce you to my family up in Kawaski."

By the late afternoon, Mamoru had bought enough clothes for Usagi to last her for a month, packed both his and her bags and booked a flight for them. Usagi and Mamoru sat down on the airplane waiting for everyone to board and the plane to take off.

"How long are we staying in Kawaski? Not that I mind, I'm actually really excited to finally meet your parents, because honestly, you have told me barely anything about your family!"

"You're right. I normally keep my past to myself, but I want to share everything with you. My parents died when I was ten years old. We were driving late at night and an animal ran in front of the car. Dad swerved to avoid it and… When the police found us, I was the only one alive, and only barely at that. My aunt, who had recently gotten a divorce took me in, and I lived with my aunt, cousin, and grandfather."

"I'm so sorry, Mamoru. I didn't mean to make you remember sad memories." She squeezed the hand she held onto and rubbed his arm soothingly.

"No, it's okay. I wanted to tell you. But I think we are going to stay here for a month."

"A month? Mamoru, the baby check ups? We have a meeting scheduled with Ms. Makoto in a week and a half."

"Can we cancel? We can use the family doctor there. I want to show you many things there that deal with my past."

Usagi's eyes softened and a smiled appeared across her face, I love this man. He's opening up to me. About his past. I love you, Mamoru, I love you so much. "I don't think our doctor will mind." And the airplane took of inflight for Kawaski.