Usagi stumbled into Chiba Inc. exhausted from all the studying she did last night. She walked towards the elevator but her heel got stuck in the slit and she fell forward. But instead of feeling the hard, cold floor and feeling bruised and pained; she felt soft and smooth skin. She felt comfortable. When she looked up into her savior's eyes, she realized that it was Mamoru Chiba. Usagi blushed and stepped back a few feet. "I am so sorry." Mamoru rose an eyebrow and softly chucked.

"Are you okay, Ms Tsukino? That could of been a nasty fall." Usagi nodded and moved to stand next to Mamoru as the elevator moved slowly up. "How was last night? Did you read the packet I gave you?"

"Last night was...okay, sir. And yes sir, I did read it, the entire thing!" Whenever Usagi was around him she became very nervous and her heart thumped loudly. Mamoru laughed at how stiff she was and patted her shoulder.

"Usagi..Ms. How old did you say you were again?"

"Oh! You didn't ask before, wait.. um. I am twenty-four. How are you sir? Shoot, I'm sorry. I shouldn't ask my boss that." Usagi continued to babble, whenever she was nervous she talked nonstop.

Mamoru covered his mouth to prevent himself from laughing at her again, "I'm thirty. Come to my office after my meeting. I have to tell you about this out of town meeting I have to expand our reputation that will take place in a month." Usagi nodded and they both departed the elevator. Usagi sat down at her desk and with in minutes she got a call to let in Chiba's first meeting. Usagi played with the pen as she watched people walk by and the clock tick slowly. She thought her job was going to be more stressful.

Just then Mamoru and three men that were involved in the meeting came barging out. "Ms Tsukino! Come here right away!" Usagi stood up, knocking over a few items that were on her desk and ran to Mamoru, "Y-yessir?"

"I need you to immediately book a plane ride to America, New York City."

"For when, sir."

"As soon as possible and you're going too."

"B-b-b-b-but sir that is close to impossible and it would be…" Usagi holds her fingers up, counting, "14 hour plane trip! I can't go, I have to take care of my brother that I'm expecting a visit from soon..."

"Are you defying your new boss, Ms Tsukino? You've only just begun working here."

Usagi gasped, "No no no no no no. I am so sorry sir, I will try my best. If you will excuse me, I'll get right on it."

Mamoru nodded and Usagi ran to her desk to try to arrange the plane tickets. Fudge. My first day and I already have to go on a trip with this man? And Sammy should be coming back in to town in five days, so I have to be back in town by then.. "Uh, Mr. Chiba..." Mamoru came to stand behind Usagi, leaning down to breathing on her neck; which she was fully aware of.

"Yesss?" He dragged it out in a seductive voice.

"Urm. It says the only available flight will be in four hours, which means it will take off at seven p.m. an we will get there at two-fifteen in the afternoon, tomorrow. And the only seats that are open is first class."

"It's probably more money than I would like to use, but it'll have to do. Go home and pack up your clothes; make sure you have enough that'll last at most four days, but also pack a few formal dresses. We might go out to eat at an expensive restaurant for a meeting and I will need my female companion to wear suitable clothing." He winked at her and sent her off.

Usagi ran to her apartment and dragged her suitcase out of her closet. She threw in different types of clothing; business suits, formal dresses (the best ones she owned), and casual outfits. She then opened her briefcase and filled in all the documents she thought Mamoru would need. Two hours went by in a flash and Mamoru's driver was already knocking at her door. Usagi joined him in his flashy limousine and they sped off towards the airport.

Mamoru and Usagi arrived at the airport and passed through security quicker than Usagi thought was usual. Mamoru sat down his bag next to where Usagi was already sitting, at their departure gate, and said, "I'm going to go get us some snacks for us. They do provide us with dinner, but I think it would nice to have extras." Usagi nodded and Mamoru walked off.

Soon after Mamoru left, Usagi's phone began to ring. She bent down and dug through her purse. Once she felt the coolness of her phone, she grasped it and pull it out. She flipped her phone open, which was a pink phone with bunny stickers on it, and pressed it against her ear.

"Hello!" Usagi said with a smile. Even though she never knew who was on the other line when she picked up, she still greeted them with the same enthusiasm she gave to everyone.

Usagi heard a soft giggle, "..Hi Usagi, it's Ami."

"Oh, hi Ami! How are you?" Usagi popped her hand into the side pocket of her bag and pulled out the last piece of candy she had.

"I'm good. But, since I didn't go upstairs at work today, until recently, I hadn't known you left for New York City with Mam-Mr. Chiba."

As Ami talked, Usagi threw the piece of candy into her mouth and chewed with joy radiating off her face. She swallowed the piece and responded, "Yep..It was a little bit difficult though. Mr. Chiba sure is serious and demanding when it involves his work."

"But Usagi, the short notice trip isn't what everyone is buzzing about upstairs. Its the 'him taking you, the you that just started today, on a trip.' Mr. Chiba normally goes alone on these trips because bringing along an assistant is troublesome and bothersome for him because he has to deal with another person, and he would rather be alone. But for some reason he is taking the bran new worker on a business trip with him. Hmm."

"I guess you have a point, but I have to go. I think I see Mr. Chiba walking back with our snacks and I want to go over the plan for the meetings that I have no idea what they are about."

"Alright Usagi. Goodbye."

"Bye-bye!" Just as she was hanging up her phone Mamoru walked up and smiled at her innocent parting words on the phone. "oh, welcome back Mr. Chiba."

"You can call me Mamoru if you would like...Usagi." He said but made the last sound slightly as a question to make sure she was fine with a first name base.

Usagi shook her head, but smiled. "I prefer to stay somewhat professional if you don't mind. But you can call me Usagi. What would you prefer? President, since you are the president of the company, I kinda like that one, or Mr. Chiba, which I have been calling you so far?"

"Whichever you like." He flashed her a breathtaking smile and sat down next to her, letting the side of his leg brush hers. Usagi and Mamoru's conversation continued like this for the next hour or so, Usagi talking non-stop from her nerves and Mamoru sitting patiently beside her, judging her body with a side glance, but still listening to her sweet voice.

When the speaker at the front desk called first class to begin boarding, Mamoru and Usagi gathered their things and walked into the line. As they waited to scan their tickets, Mamoru tickled the side of her arm with his hand; to pull this off he pretended that he was doing it subconsciously and so Usagi didn't say anything but blush from the small amount, yet sensual contact.

Once in their comfortable seats, Mamoru reached up to push the button that made the light shine down on them and he pulled out the documents to go over it with Usagi. For the next two hours, they went over the meetings they would be going to but found out they only had two meetings on the same day, which was the day before they went back for Japan. Mamoru told Usagi to think of some fun things they could do in New York, but before she could tell him her ideas, dinner came and was served.

After they had finished their dinner, their conversations blurred out and they found themselves drifting off into their dreams. Mamoru would wake up ever so often but then would see Usagi's head lying on his shoulder so he wouldn't move that much and would go back to sleep, letting his hand fall to her thigh.