Minasan kon'nichiwa,

This is my second fan fiction a crossover between Naruto and Mahou sensei Negima set in Negima universe. Naruto is the only character taken from the Naruto universe.

Both Naruto and Negi will have a harem, since it is a harem manga. If you wish of a certain girl to be in Naruto/Negi's harem please don't hesitate to suggest, still I will be the final one to decide. So no hard feelings if your choice is declined.

This will be mainly Naruto centric fiction, so I would be skipping some stuff to write. The reason being I am a lazy bastard and you should know the manga contents before reading this.


1: The new teachers.

A young man walked the corridors of the school building as he made his way towards the dean's office. The boy wore black jeans, white shirt, dark blue jacket and brown sport shoes. He had spiky, blonde hair (like the Yondaime) and the color of his right eye was oceanic blue while his left eye was blood red (no whisker marks). Currently he was reading a book as he walked.

"Hey glasses how are you today?" said the blonde without looking up from the book to the man who started walking by his side.

"I am doing well. Never imagined to see you engrossed in a book for you to read it while you walk, Naruto-kun", said Takamichi as he walked alongside the blonde now identified as Naruto.

"Isn't that the Russian novel which the dean has been searching for a long time", said Takamichi as he took a look at the title of the book.

"Yes it is, got it has a gift on the last mission by the person to whom I was supposed to deliver that book", said Naruto still his eyes glued to the book.

"Oh! I see", said Takamichi.

"Asked the old man to let me borrow it to see what was so great about it. Must say the old man has a good taste", said Naruto.

"But still to get the book as a present, no wonder all say you have the devil's luck", said Takamichi as a small smile graced his lips and a chuckle was heard from Naruto.

The two were stopped their conversation as they heard a fight about to break out between two students. One of the voice sounded of a teenage girl while the other sounded that of a young boy. The voices brought a smile on Takamichi's face which caused Naruto to raise an eye brow as they made their way towards the nearest window.

"Hey Negi-kun! Long time no see", called out Takamichi from the window.

"Takahata-sensei? G-good morning." "Good morning." "Long time no see, Takamichi!" "Y… You know each other."

This was what Naruto heard as he made his way towards the window where Takamichi stood. He looked down the window to see find two middle school girls and a boy about 10 years old in a green suit (I am not going describe until there are changes in their appearance, their looks are from the manga). a small blush spread across Naruto's face as the two girls down were beautiful.

"Welcome to Mahora Academy! Nice place isn't it…" said Takamichi in a dramatic tone "… Negi-sensei?"

"Eh? S-sensei?" Naruto heard the black haired girl say as he followed Takamichi to meet them out of curiosity.

As the two made their way down Naruto saw the orange haired girl was still busy trying to beat down the young boy Negi. His concentration was drawn by the amount of magical energy the three were letting off. The young boy Negi and the black haired girl were like gigantic magical tanks and the orange haired girl's magic seemed to be forcefully repressed. Naruto was brought out of his musing as he caught a glimpse of huge amount of magic being gathered by the boy. As he looked at the boy he was about to sneeze.

"ACHOO!" sneezed the boy letting on a huge gust of wind.

The wind hit the orange haired girl stripping her down to her undergarments. The sight caused a huge blush on Naruto's face and a tickle of blood run down his nose. 'Bear panties' thought Naruto.

The two girls went into a shocked state as they couldn't contemplate what had just happened. The two were brought out their shock by Naruto's voice.

"For some reason I feel the kid will make a certain pervert proud", said Naruto as he wiped off the blood and brought his blush under control.

The two looked at towards Naruto as a small blush spread across their faces. 'Handsome' was the thought of the two until the girl with the girl with orange hair realized her situation. She was standing in her inner wear in front of her long time crush Takahata T. Takamichi and a handsome young boy who was probably about their age. She did one thing that every person would do in such a situation,

"KYAA! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?" she shouted as she tried to cover herself.

A little while later inside the dean's office…

The orange haired girl had left and had come dressed back in the academy tack suits. Takamichi had already left the group as he had some work. The two girls and the young boy were escorted to the dean's office by Naruto as for Takamichi's request and he was also summoned for some work by the dean.

Naruto quietly stood at the corner of the room reading his book while also hearing the conversation between the two girls, the boy and the dean. He came to know that the orange haired girl was named Asuna while the black haired girl was named Konoe Konoka apparently the granddaughter of the dean Konoe Konoemon. But the thing that caught his caught his most interest was the young boy to be precisely that he was named Springfield Negi. He had heard of the surname before, the one he learned was apparently the hero of the magical world – the thousand master – Springfield Nagi.

'Must be someone related to him' thought Naruto as he took a look at the boy. As he took a look at the boy only one thought came to his mind 'He is like a chibi-thousand master, must be his son. It will be better to ask the old man later.'

As he continued to hear on to the conversation, he learned the boy was here to be a teacher as part of his training. In the past year Naruto had learned about how mages were given various tasks to complete to become a Magister Magi (Master Mage). But still the idea of a 10 year old a homeroom teacher caused Naruto to chuckle.

"Konoka-chan, Asuna-chan, Negi-kun I would like to Uzumaki Naruto", said the dean as he pointed towards Naruto.

The eyes of the three went onto Naruto the fifth person in the room who had stayed out of the conversation busy reading his book. Naruto closed his book and looked towards the dean as his name was mentioned.

"YO!" said Naruto to all. "What is the job you summoned me here for old man?" asked Naruto to the dean.

Hearing the blonde boy call the dean old man caused different reactions on the face of the peoples present in the office. Asuna and Negi's eyes were widened at the way the boy called the dean while it caused a small smile grace Konoka's face as she thought it to be funny.

The dean himself chuckled at the boy's words and spoke, "yes that I have Naruto-kun. Even though I know Negi-kun here is qualified to be a teacher, but still he is a 10 year old. So I am going to make you an assistant teacher to help Negi-kun in his job."

"Fine with me", said Naruto as he took a look at Negi.

"It will be my pleasure working with you, Naruto-san", said Negi as he bowed to Naruto. He was happy for the fact knowing that there will be someone to help him in his job.

"Now listen Negi, this will be the first and the last time I will be saying this. Don't ever put –san in my name I am not the kind who love formalities", said Naruto with a glare fixed on Negi.

"H… Hai Naruto-sa… Naruto", said Negi.

"Good", said Naruto with a kind smile.

"Wait principal sensei, first a 10 year old and now someone about our age is going to teach our class. This is a joke isn't it?" said Asuna.

"Now Asuna- chan I assure you the two are well qualified. I have a few things to talk to Naruto-kun", said the dean.

Naruto again went on to reading the book. He heard the dean call upon Minamoto Shizuna and saw as the young Negi found himself buried in the valley of her big assets. 'Lucky bastard' thought Naruto as he greeted Shizuna. A chuckle left his lips as he heard Asuna try to argue against letting Negi stay with them.

As Negi, Konoka, Asuna and Shizuna left the room, Naruto closed his book and his face took on a serious look. He spoke, "What is that you want me to do with this new job?"

"As it must have already come to your notice that young Springfield Negi is a mage. I am also sure you would have also made the connections", said the dean to which Naruto just nodded. "Also the class consists of a good number of people aware to the magical world. Here take the class rooster", said dean handing Naruto a book.

Naruto opened the book and took a look at the pictures of the student. "Am I to reveal me being aware to the magical world to any of my students?" asked Naruto.

"No, stay in the shadows until they can't handle the situation", said the dean to which Naruto raised an eyebrow with a look saying 'Please explain'.

"For some reason I have a feeling the class will find itself in dangerous situations in the near future. As they say 'Better safe than sorry', you will be my extra insurance", said the dean.

"Very well", said Naruto. By the looks on the dean's face he knew he was hiding something, but let the matter slide.

"You will act as a substitute teacher for Japanese, English and P.E.", said the dean to which Naruto just nodded. "Your current living arrangement is far away from the campus. I'll make arrangements for you living here in the campus."

"Fine by me", said Naruto.

"Now go visit your class", said the dean.

After all said Naruto left the room and headed towards class 2A. While walking he took a look at the class rooster trying to remember every girls name. As he took a look at the girls in the book only one thought ran in his mind 'each and every one is cute and sexy. I must thank the ramen gods for this or maybe Ero-sennin.'

As he reached the class he heard sounds of girls betting on something. He quietly opened the door and found that two of the girls were currently in a lock in front of the teacher's desk. One he identified as Asuna whom he met a few minutes before while the other according to the class rooster was named Yukihiro Ayaka the iincho (class representative). Most of the girls had started betting on who will win while Negi was trying to stop the fight. Naruto coughed a bit to get the attention of the class onto him.

Most of the girls in the class were concentrating on the fight while those who didn't were busy in their own world and thoughts. No one noticed Naruto entering the room. All eyes quickly landed on him as he coughed and a stunned silence fell in the room. Only the chuckle of Shizuna could be heard.

"Ah Naruto-kun! Please come in. girls please take your seats", said Shizuna to which all girls hurried back to their seats. "Now come and introduce your self Naruto-kun."

"Hello everyone, I am Uzumaki Naruto. I'll be working as an assistant to Negi and will be a substitute for Japanese, English and P.E.", said Naruto.

Silent fell in the class as every one tried to comprehend what the new guy just said. Most of the minds went on an overdrive 'Not only do we get a cute little boy as our teacher, but a hottie as our teacher too.' A blush could be clearly seen spread across most of the students face. After about 2 minutes a single hand was raised.

"Asakura Kazumi, if I am not mistaken", said Naruto to which the said girl nodded. "What is that you wish to ask?"

"How old are you? Where did you come from? Where are you living now?" asked Asakura Kazumi like she was in a hurry.

"I am 16 year old, originally from Sapporo in Hokkaidō. My current living arrangements are not suitable for a teacher so the dean will make arrangements for me on the campus", said Naruto. ""Now any more questions?" asked Naruto and saw another hand raised. "Yukihiro Ayaka right, ask your question."

"You are only 16 years old, are you even qualified to be a teacher?" asked Yukihiro Ayaka.

The second she asked the question every head in the class turned to look at her. It was a wonder in itself that some of the heads didn't snap at how fast they moved their heads. Only one thought ran through the minds of all girls 'She is ready to believe a 10 year old to be qualified but not a 16 year old.' Everyone heard some one say "Shouta-kon" to which Ayaka scowled.

"Yes that I am. The dean wouldn't give me a job of a teacher if I was not qualified, now would he?" said Naruto.

"Yes, Naruto-sensei", said Yukihiro Ayaka.

Naruto went on to stand near the open window as the Negi started took the roll call. He again went on to reading the book he was reading before his meeting with the dean. A few eyes turned towards him and the book he was reading. Naruto kept an eye on Negi as he started teaching. He watched in amusement as Negi tried to write something on the black board but was unable to reach it. He decided to go help the boy but was beaten to it by Ayaka. She out of no where brought a stool for the boy to stand on, which looked really expensive. The act earned a raised eyebrow from Naruto 'She has really got it bad for the brat.' He watched on as Asuna tried to hit Negi with pieces of eraser and as a fight broke between her and Ayaka. This earned a chuckle from Naruto. He decided to go stop the fight but the bell rang indicating the end of the period.

He watched as Negi left the class and met with Takamichi outside. Naruto was about to go join the two when he was surrounded by a few girls. The girls included that of the sports 4, the cheerleader trio, Narutaki twins, Ayase Yue, Kiotome Haruna and Rin Shen Chao.

"What do you girls want from me?" asked Naruto to the girls surrounding him.

"What is the book you are reading Naruto-sensei?" asked Ayase Yue who was currently drinking something weird.

"Is it Russian?" asked Rin Shen Chao.

"Yes it is a Russian novel, Chao. And the book is named Life of Arseniev by Van Alekseyevich Bunin, Yue" said Naruto.

"Amazing Naruto-sensei you seem to remember all of our names", said Akashi Yuuna.

"Yes I know all of your names Yuuna, as I have a pretty good memory. Also it would be rude not to remember names of all you beautiful girls", said Naruto which caused all the present girls to blush. "While it will fun to talk to you all, but I have some things to discuss with glasses", continued Naruto.

Every one looked confused to who this their sensei was referring to. It was Izumi Ako who spoke "Ano… sensei who is glasses?"

"AH! That would be Takamichi", said Naruto.

All the girls' eyes turned into dinner plates as their sensei referred to Takamichi as glasses. Takamichi was one of the most respected and feared teacher in all Mahora and for their sensei to refer him in such a manner, either he had guts or was stupid as hell was the thoughts of the girls.

"And Ako and you all girls don't call me sensei after the class is over. Also don't add –san suffix to my name, I hate formalities. Tell this to the other girls in the class and also your friends from other classes. After all I am just 16", said Naruto which caused a blush to spread on the faces of the girls present. "Now if you will excuse me."

Naruto quickly made his way towards Takamichi. By the time he reached Takamichi, Negi had already left. The two left discussing things as they made their way outside the school building.

"It will be better if I go check on Negi, he seemed a bit down", said Naruto.

"That will be nice of you, I'll come to talk to you later", said Takamichi.

The two went in different directions. Naruto focused on finding Negi by his magic signature and after locating it headed in the direction. As he reached to the place he found sitting by the fountain scribbling something in the class rooster. He took a look around and his eyes landed on the figure of a girl carrying a huge amount of books descending down the stairs. He remembered her to be Miyazaki Nodoka from his class.

'She might fall off the stairs with the amount of books she is carrying' thought Naruto.

As Naruto was thinking Nodoka lost her footing and started falling off the stairs. Naruto jumped of after her to save her from hurting herself. He felt the presence of Asuna and also another of his students hiding in the bushes. He also felt Negi using his magic to save Nodoka.

Naruto caught Nodoka in mid air as in bridal fashion as he descended on to the ground. He used neither chakra nor magic to help in his jump or to the stop the fall. He was saved by the wind spell cast by Negi only scratching his knee cap on the right leg.

Nodoka had closed her eyes the moment she fell of the stairs in hope of not feeling the pain of the fall. She opened her right eye when she felt a pair of strong arms as she was in mid fall. Her eyes caught sight of blonde hair, one oceanic blue eye and another blood red eye. Her mind quickly processed what was going on. It seemed that she was just saved by a man from falling, to be precisely by her new sensei – Uzumaki Naruto. She always feared contact with men but these arms felt safe and warm. A huge blush crept on her face at that thought and she closed her eyes. She was brought out of her thoughts when she heard two voices call out.

"Are you alright, Nodoka?" "Are you alright Miyazaki-san, Naruto-san?"

She looked to see herself in arms of Naruto-sensei and Negi-sensei standing in front of her. Both looked worried for her safety.

"H… Hai", Nodoka stuttered.

"Good, and I am fine too Negi. Also didn't I tell you not to use –san suffix, just call me Naruto", said Naruto.

Before the three could continue any further they saw Asuna approach them with a very weird look on her face. She quickly ran up to Negi, took hold of him and his staff and ran towards the woods. "Sorry Naruto-sensei, Honya-chan", she shouted as she ran.

"What was all that?" asked Nodoka in a very low voice as she stood back on her feet still a huge blush on her face.

"No clue", said Naruto. 'Either she is going to berate him for use of magic in public or she has no clue about magic' thought Naruto as he made himself stand on his feet. He felt a bit of sting in his knee cap, which didn't go unnoticed by Nodoka.

"Are… Are you alright Naruto-sensei?" asked Nodoka in a low voice.

"Don't worry it is just a scratch. Also call me Naruto no sensei outside class and no –san suffix", said Naruto as the two started collecting books.

"H… Hai", said Nodoka.

"I'll help you carry the books to where ever you are taking them", said Naruto.

"Thank you. I am heading to the library, Naruto-sen… Naruto", said Nodoka to which Naruto smiled and another blush spread across her face.

The two walked to the library in relative silence as they made their way towards the library. After depositing their books in the library the two walked back to the class as Nodoka told that she was to meet up with others in the class and asked Naruto to join. As they closed on to the class room they were stopped by someone calling them.

"Miyazaki-san, Naruto-s… Naruto, please wait for us?"

The two looked backwards to find Negi and Asuna coming along. Naruto waved at the two. Asuna and Negi quickly made their way towards the two.

"Hey you alright Honya-chan, Naruto-sensei?" asked Asuna.

"Yes I am", said Naruto and Nodoka just nodded. "And outside classes just call me Naruto; neither sensei nor use the –san suffix. Also do tell this to everyone", said Naruto. Asuna just nodded.

"That was very brave of you Naruto-nii-san, to jump like that to save Miyazaki-san without carrying about hurting your self", said Negi with stars in his eyes.

"Nii-san?" said Naruto with a raised eyebrow.

"Cool, I like it", said Naruto with a big grin on his face which caused the two girls to blush. "Always wanted a little brother or a sister", as he started ruffling Negi's hair to his embarrassment, a chuckle from Asuna and a small smile for Nodoka.

"You don't have siblings? Are you your parent's single child?" asked Asuna.

"Nothing as such. I am an orphan or to be more precise I don't know who my parents were", said Naruto.

As the three heard this they looked sorry for asking this, especially Asuna and Negi. They were about to apologize when they heard Naruto speak.

"Now what's with the sorry and sad face? I am happy with how my life as gone so far, so no need to feel sorry or sad. OK!" said Naruto with a smile to which the three just nodded.

"And about me saving Nodoka, I couldn't let her get hurt", said Naruto.

"But the way you jumped was illogical…" said Negi.

"Yes, that was indeed illogical by me. But as far as helping is concerned, why should there be a logical mind?" said Naruto with a smile which caused a huge blush cross across Nodoka's face and also a visible blush on Asuna's face, while looked up to him in admiration and stars in his eyes. [The underlined sentence is taken from DETECTIVE CONAN said by Kudo Shinichi.]

As the four reached the class, they opened the door to find the entire class standing close to the door. They had party poppers (No clue what it is called) in their hand. They burst the poppers on the two sensei's and all shouted together in a loving voice,


Nodoka and Asuna told Naruto and Negi about the surprise party that was held in their welcome. The two teachers were quickly dragged in the middle of the class where the desks were specially arranged for the two. A few girls swarmed the two starting a conversation with the two.

After a while Nodoka came up to them holding two pieces of paper in her hand. "Um… Naruto-sensei, Negi-sensei…" said Nodoka.

"Ah! Miyazaki-san", said Negi.

"Hey Nodoka…" said Naruto lifting his hand in the air. "… And I already told you no sensei when class isn't in session and no –san suffix. This is for all you girls", said Naruto out a bit loud.

He heard a chorus of "HAI" from the class. By now every eyes were on the three, they missed Shizuna and Takamichi entering the room.

"About the incident earlier… you saved me… Naruto-sen… Naruto", said Nodoka with a blush on her face. "Also Naruto said that you were also about to help me, Negi-sensei. Please accept these book certificates as a token o my gratitude…" she said handing each the paper in her hands.

A collective "OOOH!" was heard from the other girls.

"Thank you, but I didn't do much it was Naruto-nii-san who saved you Miyazaki-san", said Negi as he accepted his gift.

"So what can I use this certificate for?" asked Naruto as he took the paper.

"You can use the certificate to buy a book for free from the books that the main library of Mahora Academy sells", said Yue sipping her juice.

"COOL! This will surely come in handy, thanks Nodoka-chan", said Naruto looking at the book certificate.

'He called me ch… CHAN' thought Nodoka as a huge blush spread across her face to which the entire class whistled.

Naruto looked up to find that Ayaka had presented Negi with a bronze statue of his face and as it was a fight started between Asuna and Ayaka. Just one thought raced his mind 'Where did Ayaka hide all those stuff?'

Naruto and Negi were joined by Takamichi and Shizuna. The fight between the two girls quickly broke at the sight of the other two teachers. A few of the students went on to showcase their talents. Sasaki Makie showed some of her gymnastic moves, Rainday Zazie juggled some balls, the cheerleading trio (Kugimiya Madoka, Kakizaki Misa and Sakurako Shiina) showed their cheerleading skills and Yuuna showed her skills with a basket ball. It was great to watch the performance. Suddenly Negi was dragged by Asuna to a corner.

"Ero-sennin would love to be in my place", said Naruto with a smile and a low voice as all this acts had given him a good view of the girl's panties.

The only people to hear him speak those words were Takamichi and Shizuna. Takamichi got a similar smile on his face as that of Naruto while Shizuna also had the same smile and she ruffled Naruto's hair. After all this two were the only people other than the dean who knew every detail about Naruto's past.

Naruto watched as Negi joined them and asked Takamichi about Asuna putting his palm on his forehead. Negi ran back to Asuna and came back a few second later and did the same. This time he went back to Asuna, who left the class after he talked to her. Negi ran after her.

"Did he just try to read your mind?" asked a confused Naruto.

"I think he did", said Takamichi with a same confused expression.

"And it seems you screwed him royally", said Naruto as a chuckle left his mouth.

"I think I did", said Takamichi as he lowered his head when he fully understood what just happened.

"Naruto-kun here taste the nikuman dumplings from Chao Bao Zi", said Chao as she handed the nikuman to the three teachers.

Naruto quickly took a bite of it and one thought went through his mind 'Not as great as ramen, but they are still DELICIOUS!' He quickly ate the whole of the nikuman.

"These are pretty good. But what's Chao Bao Zi?" asked Naruto as he savored the taste of the nikuman.

Takamichi answered for Chao "It is food stall which Chao-kun and Yotsuba Satsuki-kun own. It serves various types of food, and also one of the best ramen I have had so far", to which Naruto's face lightened up.

"The moment Takamichi said ramen, you got yourself a faithful customer in Me Uzumaki Naruto", said Naruto standing and bowing to the two. By now all the class had their eyes on them.

"I like ramen as much as nikuman, so I studied three years to make the best ramen…" before Chao could complete her sentence, she found Naruto kneeling on one of his knee and had her hands in his hands.

"Marry me" said Naruto.

All the present students just looked on the scene with their eyes widened and jaws hitting the floor. A shocked expression was also present on Chao's face.

At the same time all the girls shouted together "WHATTTT?"

"What do you mean what? Do you even know how hard it is to find a girl who loves ramen as much as I do? Also some one who can cook delicious ramen at the same time?" spoke Naruto.

All the girls face faulted, while a giggles could be heard from Takamichi and Shizuna.

"You are so right Naruto-kun, lets run away an marry", said Chao as the class again went to a shocked state. After a few seconds the two laughed out loud and the class followed.

After a few minutes Naruto decided to go search for Negi, as a few girls followed him. As they found the two they went into a shocked state. In front of them were Asuna and Negi hugging each other and their faces inches from each others face? Kazumi quickly took a few photos. Naruto watched in amusement as another fight broke again between Asuna and Ayaka, Negi tried to use a memory vanishing spell which was stopped by Asuna.

After all there was settled the group went back to the class and the party continued. The party went on without further incidents. The students went on their way towards the dorms and Negi joined Asuna and Konoka to their way home. Naruto made his way towards the dean's office for his new living arrangements.

... At the dean's office

"Ah! Naruto-kun how was your first day? As well as Negi-kun's first day?" asked the dean.

"Pretty interesting, as for Negi he will need a bit of time", said Naruto.

The dean nodded. He removed a paper from his drawer and handed it to Naruto, who read what was written in it.

"That will be where you will be staying for the time being as we have no room at the teacher's dorm", said the dean.

"Are you sure it is ok? And will she accept this?" asked Naruto.

"Yes it is fine and yes she will agree", said the dean.

After a few minutes of telling the dean the entire story of the day, Naruto headed out. He left in the direction of his old residence to collect his stuff pack his stuff.

….. AND CUT ….

Now before some of you may think the Naruto in the story is modeled after Kakashi HELL NO!

Now for Naruto being in the Negima universe, it will be told by flash backs as the story progresses.

This chapter was mostly Naruto-centric. Each and every Asuna-Negi moment did happen. I was in a pitch to decide whether to let Naruto have a look at Asuna the second time stripped completely naked. Finally I decided against it.

It is a harem manga so both Naruto and Negi's harem will be big. Don't go posting reviews a big harem will destroy the plot.

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