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Neferet's POV

"I'd like to personally like to welcome the visitors of the House of Night to Hogwarts! It truly is an honor to have such a unique school live with us for quite a while." Albus Dumbledore, the headmaster of the Hogwarts, announced to both my school and his school in the rather large dining hall.

I kept up a cheerful act as he droned on about how his students should treat my House of Night with utmost respect, and everything else involved in that concept. I had just recently brought all of my students from our home in Tulsa, Oklahoma to here, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in England, a school for young wizards so the students could keep busy with a ton of other children their age.

I had my reasons for contacting Albus Dumbledore and asking him about our schools "bonding" with each other. But I didn't care about the experience of having my students temporarily live with wizards their age. I didn't care about the "exciting" new environment we would be staying. I didn't even care that I would be living with insignificant humans who somehow can control magic. All I cared about was contacting this Voldemort guy to take care of Zoey and her friends. They were getting in my way of taking out the humans who destroy and discriminate against our kind. If I could just get rid of them, my goal would be reachable. Vampyres would control again. I would be a hero for restoring the ancient ways. I would seek revenge for the years of abuse I received from my human father. All that's standing in the way is that brat Zoey Redbird. If she would go away, I would have everything I ever wanted. I would rule this world.

I tuned in when I heard Albus say, "I would now like to welcome the High Priestess of the House of Night to the podium to explain to everyone why her students are so special. Please give a warm welcome to High Priestess of the House of Night, Neferet." Applause rippled through the dining hall as I stood up and gracefully made my way to the podium. I flipped my long auburn hair over my shoulder and plastered a fake smile on my face as I stood up to the podium to start speaking to the confused looking group of children.

"Hello students of Hogwarts, I am the High Priestess of the House of Night, but you can call me Neferet. It is a pleasure to meet you all and hope that both schools have a great time spending all of this indefinite time together. I am fully aware that you learn things differently here than normal people, so I will tell you how our school is different from humans. I would rather you be fully informed at the beginning than for you to find out later on. If you are unaware of the matter, the House of Night is made up of fledglings, red fledglings," I added that part grudgingly, since they were meant to be my dirty little secret, "and adult vampyres." A roar of outrage swept through the young wizards, and I put on a fake frown. Truth was I wanted to slap each one of those kids for discriminating against us. How rude these children were. Obviously Zoey will get along with these kids quite well.

They just kept yelling and acting like out of control animals until Albus yelled, "Silence!" Then everything went dead silence. Even the human children would be able to hear a pin drop. I smiled a fake smile at Albus and said, "Thank you Albus. Now, I would ask you to not believe rumors about us. If any of you have any questions right now, I'd be glad to answer them." And of course, just about every hand in the room shot up, except for my students, of course. I suppressed a sigh and pointed to a random brunette girl in the audience and smiled.

"You there, please tell me your name." I said politely, and the girl stood up with a polite smile on her face.

"Hello Neferet, I am Hermione Granger." the girl said and bowed in respect, the Amazon way. A couple of the kids in the crowd snickered at her gesture, but I thought that she did something right by researching us and learn how to show respect in the right way.

I smiled a genuine smile at her and said, "Hello Hermione, now, what is your question?"

Hermione cleared her throat and asked, "I read up on your kind-" there were several groans from the young wizards in the audience, "and I just wanted to ask this question; is it true that you were all Chosen by your Goddess Nyx?" I smiled even bigger at her question, because it wasn't a very stupid question asked by some child moron asking if we couldn't eat garlic.

"Why yes Hermione, it is true we were all Chosen by our Goddess. I'm glad that you are informed of us, and not some child asking a ridiculous question about us." I said honestly, trying hard not to sneer the last part. I noticed several hands went down in the audience. My eyes scanned the crowd and I saw that Zoey Redbird staring warily at me. We locked eyes for a second, and then pulled away before anyone noticed anything.

Hermione smiled and sat back down. I continued looking at the crowd until I saw a young boy with pale blonde hair that looked almost white with his hand up, a very unpleasant expression featured on his face. I pointed at him and said "You there, what is your name?"

The boy answered with a sneer, "Draco Malfoy. Don't forget it." I fought very hard to not narrow my eyes at him and lecture him about how rude he was.

Instead, I smiled politely at him and said, "I'm quite sure I won't forget it. Now Draco, what is your question?" He looked quite annoyed that I ignored the ignorance he spoke with before.

"Why are you even here at the school? To suck our blood?" he asked me in disgust, and there was some commotion coming from the table with the kids with the snake emblem on their cloaks. My fledglings shot the kids dirty look, and I gave a genuine chuckle at Draco's stupidity. The boy has a lot to learn.

"No Draco, we're here to give my students a new learning environment and for you young wizards to experience living with students different from your kind. Actually, there are many similarities between wizards and vampyres. As you wizards can control magic, some of our students have affinities given to us by our Goddess. We have several gifted fledglings among us and many gifted teachers. Actually, would you mind if I introduced you all to the most gifted fledgling in all of history?" I asked the crowd, and I saw Zoey slap her forehead in annoyance. I smiled even bigger at that. Anything to embarrass that blasted Zoey Redbird. The crowd nodded and there were some murmured yeses so I smiled.

"Okay, I would like you all to meet my fledgling, a very special fledgling indeed, Zoey Redbird, leader of the Dark Daughters and Sons." I said, and my fledglings started cheering and applauding for the brat. Zoey reluctantly stood up and headed towards the stand to speak in front of hundreds of young and immature wizards.

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