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Hermione's POV

After the young High Priestess of red vampyres, Stevie Rae, was done with her very fascinating speech, Neferet took the podium and started speaking to the whole room again, a kind, motherly smile on her face. I honestly really admired Neferet. She was beautiful, kind, and a great public speaker. I hope I would be able to spend some time with her and have a good conversation with her.

Neferet smiled a dazzling smile and said, "I hope Zoey and Stevie Rae explained everything you wanted to know and answered all of your questions. The two of them are marvelous students, and if you have any more questions you could ask me or either of them. I personally think they covered all of the basics." Everyone clapped for Zoey and Stevie Rae, and Zoey banged her head against the table in embarrassment. I guess Zoey is not one for attention, is she?

"Now, I will explain scheduling and rooming to everyone in this room, both students of Hogwarts and Tulsa House of Night." Neferet stated, and she had everyone's undivided attention. "Both schools will keep their normal schedules. Hogwarts students will continue their day classes. I am not aware of what time class starts and ends, but you will maintain your normal schedule at whatever time you start and finish. House of Night will continue their night classes from eight to three, per usual." Neferet said, and smiled hugely at her students. "At meal times, the House of Night will eat breakfast when Hogwarts eats dinner and vice versa. The only different times will be lunch, where Hogwarts will eat alone in the day and House of Night will eat alone at night. Of course, some things are going to change," Neferet explained, and she smiled as she spoke.

"New courses will open up to both schools. For Hogwarts, these new courses will take place at different times at night, and you will be put in classes with my students. Please be aware that these classes may interfere with your sleeping schedule, so I would recommend that you choose classes according to your sleeping schedule. If you have any questions, look for the following professors and they will answer them. I will not give you a specific time at which class starts, because you all should be at the following places at eight tonight if you wish to attend these classes." Neferet said, and she pulled out a piece of white paper.

"The courses include the following; Fencing with Professor Dragon Lankford will take place in the dining hall. Drama class with Erik Night will take place in the Defense Against the Dark Arts room. Equestrian class with Professor Lenobia is going to be outside in the stables, of course. Spells and Rituals class with Professor Anastasia Lankford is in the Charms room. Archery with Stark will be outside by the Forbidden Forest. Our newest class, Red Vampyre Sociology, with Stevie Rae will be in the Potions room. And the last class, Vampyre Sociology, with me will be in the Transfiguration room." Neferet announced the classes, and when she was done she smiled at all of us. I decided I should probably take Spells and Rituals, Red Vampyre Sociology, and Vampyre Sociology. Those sound like the most informative classes. I took a glance over at Ron who was staring at Neferet with his mouth hanging wide open. Well, obviously Ron is taking Vampyre Sociology. He seems to have taken a fancy for Neferet.

Neferet then turned to the House of Night and said, "Now for the courses that are available to the House of Night. These will take place during the day and you will be mixed in with the students of Hogwarts. I highly, highly recommend that red fledglings do not take any of these classes except for Potions that are in the dungeon." Neferet explained seriously, and I found it great that Neferet really cares for her students.

She then said, "The following courses are available; Potions with Professor Slughorn down in the dungeons. Defense Against the Dark Arts with Professor Snape in the Defense Against the Darks Arts room. Divination with Professor Trelawney is up in the tower. History of Magic with Professor Binns is in the History of Magic room. Muggle Studies with Professor Burbage is in the Muggle Studies room." Neferet said, and then a look of concern came upon her face.

"Now, for my students, I certainly would not recommend it, but Care of Magical Creatures with Hagrid outside by the Forbidden Forest. You must be at the classrooms when Hogwarts starts lessons. If you decide to take more than one class, you may jump around as you please. The rest of the classes are strictly for wizards, as some of the classes at the House of Night are strictly for fledglings. Also, it would be fantastic if Hogwarts students can show my students their way around the castle." Neferet explained, and then she continued on with the rooming.

"Now, for the issue of rooming, we have decided it would be best for the red fledglings live down in the dungeons with the Slytherins." Neferet said, and several of the Slytherins groaned about living with the red fledglings. Neferet frowned, but continued.

"Third and fourth formers will live in the Gryffindor tower and fifth and sixth formers will live in the Hufflepuff tower. The professors will be staying in the wing where all of the Hogwarts professors live. Well, that is all for now, and if anyone has any questions, be free to ask any professor form either school. Classes will resume tomorrow, as we would like students to talk with each other and get used to living with each other. Now, let's eat, and feel free to move around and talk with everyone." Neferet concluded with a smile, and the food magically appeared in front of us like it did every night. I looked over to see how the students from the House of Night reacted to this. I chuckled when one student fell off of his chair when the food appeared in front of him.

As Ron and Harry were digging in, I looked over at Zoey and Stevie Rae and decided I wanted to go meet them personally. It couldn't hurt to make new friends with the other students. They seemed nice.

"Ron, Harry, let's go over by the House of Night and talk to them." I told them. They both instantly stopped eating and Ron looked over my way with a disbelieving expression featured upon his face. Harry looked horrified by what I just said.

"Bloody hell Hermione, I'm not going anywhere near those vampyres!" Ron exclaimed loudly, and I glared at him. From the House of Night table two tables away, a beautiful blonde girl with blues eyes sitting next to a girl with mocha colored skin and brown hair stuck her tongue out at Ron then turned back around to talk to her friend. Ron failed to notice the girl.

"Ron Weasley didn't Neferet, Zoey, and Stevie Rae all just say they're not the stereotype? How rude of you to judge them like that. If you two aren't going over, I am going by myself." I stated angrily and stood up, and so did Ginny. I looked over at her and she smiled at me.

"I'll go with you Hermione. Let the boys dig in their food like pigs, we'll just go over there by ourselves without them." Ginny said with a wink, and then the twins stood up with smirks on their faces. I groaned internally. Someone kill me right now. Why in the world would Fred and George want to go over and talk to the other school?

"Don't forget us," Fred said in mock hurt, standing up from his chair and slowly walking over to join us. George followed his lead and came over by us, a grin on his face.

"That Zoey chick is pretty hot, so it couldn't hurt to introduce our lovely selves," George said in his irritating way, and Ginny gave him the Death Glare.

"George, she has a boyfriend already you moron!" Ginny exclaimed, and George grinned at his aggravated younger sister.

"Only makes it that much more exciting, Ginny," George said with a smirk, and he high-fived Fred. I sighed in utter defeat. I decided we should just get this over with before they get Lee Jordan over here to join this interesting party.

"C'mon then, let's go over," I said, and the four of us started walking over to the House of Night table, getting questioning looks from people from our table. Guess we're the fearsome foursome to them, going over to the House of Night table, I mused to myself as we walked. Lord knows what's going to happen when we get over there. Hopefully the twins don't do anything stupid like prank any of the professors or flirt with Zoey. I cringed at the possibility of those things.