Derek was running, searching down a dark alley. He had little man power beside him as he instructed them to look down empty corridors and pathways. His heart was racing and his gun was drawn.

Coming down the path, a fog began to surround him. Looking around him, he saw no one. No one from his team was beside him. His stomach fell when he heard a scream coming east bound through the fog. "Hotch, I hear something," Derek informed into his transmitter.

"Find her, Derek. Find Emily," Hotch ordered.

Sighing, Derek started running into the fog. He used his instincts to guide him as his vision was clouded. Moans and sobs were heard and he began to feel helpless. "Prentiss! Prentiss do you hear me?" Derek cried out.

"Morgan, Garcia has a visual," he heard Hotch say over the line.

"Where? Where does Garcia see her?" he asked.

"Stay straight and enter the door to the left with the red tape," Garcia instructed over the receiver.

Derek ran faster, looking for colors through the fog. The cries and sobs were growing louder and Derek felt so tired. "Where are you?" he yelled into the air.

When he opened his eyes, he stood before the red door. He moved to step back but realized that there was only a brick wall. With what leverage his had, he kicked down the door and yelled, "FBI!" as he rushed through. He saw a dark figure stepping back from Emily's bleeding body and Derek shot to kill. With a bullet straight to the chest, the figure fell to the ground by a pile of wood.

Taking a deep breath, Derek rushed to Emily's side and yelled over the receiver, "Hotch! I found her. I need the medics NOW!" Moving her hand to study the stake within her stomach, Derek felt bile rush up his throat. "Emily, Emily you need to stay awake. Come on, you need to wake up."

"Why Derek?" she asked, a drop of blood escaping her mouth.

"You need to come back to us, back to the team, your family," Derek said holding her hand tightly. "You just need to stay with me, stay with me, Emily."

"Im gone," she said, her body growing colder with each second.

"No, don't think that way, Prentiss. My partner doesn't think that way," Derek said, sweat pebbling upon his head.

"Why did you shoot her?" Emily asked brokenly, her body giving into unconsciousness.

"Her?" Derek asked shaking his head at his delirious partner. In that moment a familiar sob rung through the room and his heart stopped. Looking over at the body he had shot, the figure was no longer dressed in a dark suit, but a black dress with pearls wrapped around her neck. "No," he moaned as he removed himself from Emily's body and moved the wood away from the other body. "Please no, not her," he cried as he looked down at Penelope's dead face. Blood puddled beneath her and tears were shed from her eyes. "No!" Derek cried attempting to pull her into his arms. However, her body began vanishing from his sight. "Baby Girl, Baby Girl, stay with me. Don't leave me, Penelope," Derek yelled as he scrambled to grasp her vanishing form.

"No!" Derek sat up in bed and felt his heart race in fear. Looking around him, his bedroom was empty, Clooney was on the couch and he was sweating like mad. He felt vomit rise to his throat as he rushed to the bathroom and proceeded to empty the contents of his stomach. While his body attempted to return to normal, he reached for the Listerine due to his need to freshen his mouth and mind. He couldn't shake the images of Emily and Penelope from his mind. He knew Penelope was safe and alive, but Emily was gone. She was dead and no one was ever going to bring her back.

Derek turned on the hot water to take a shower. It was the only way he knew to cleanse him from his nightmares. The more recent events in his life were taking a toll on his every move. He couldn't sleep without thinking of Prentiss's dying body or her funeral. His horrors of his past began haunting him. Bufford, Foyet, Flynn, Doyle, they were all making appearances into his unconscious. No night in had he found comfort from his demons.

Expect one night, the one he spent with her.

It may have been birthed from pain and suffering, but Derek had never felt more at home or complete than in Penelope's loving arms. As he stepped under the hot water, he allowed the heat to wash away his hurt and suffering. Resting his hands against the wall of the shower, Derek allowed the forceful water to hit upon his head and shoulders in an attempt to relax him. His mind wandered to their passionate moment, the one that healed him more than words.

Derek felt his heart be overwhelmed with love and care as his baby girl touched him. He truly believed that her heart and presence were blessed by the Gods or whatever higher power granted them this moment to turn their lives away from their sad existence for just a moment. As she undressed him, he moved his hand to her hair and removed her small hat. He couldn't stop touching her hair or face as she cared for him like no other woman had in his past.

He could feel himself growing hard as he thought of her gentle touches. Reaching down to stroke his growing cock, he moaned at the thought of her eyes and her touch.

Standing before him, she looked into his heartbroken eyes as she reached behind her and unzipped her dress. She pushed the shoulders down and allowed the black dress to fall around her ankles. Stepping backwards from the heap, she lifted her feet one at a time and released them from their mission to provide her height and balance. Her fingers fidgeted as she reached behind her and removed her polka dot bra. Allowing the straps to fall, she lowered her arms and the bra fell upon the floor. Her hands made their way to her panties and she lowered them to the floor. When she stood before him once again, she looked into his deep eyes once again. Penelope was bare and in pain before her best friend. She blinked away her onset of tears and allowed the cold in the room to make her tremble.

Derek had never seen an image as beautiful as his Penelope as she stood before him. He wanted to tell her, encourage her, insist upon her that she was what he wanted and needed. He opened his mouth to speak these words when she took a step closer to him, between his thighs, and pressed her lips to his. He gripped her tightly as her warm body came into proximity. Their mouths worked in a natural dance that neither needed to explain or motivate.

Derek laid her down beneath her sheets and placed himself above her. He took her lips in a kiss that was filled with their pain and sadness.

His hands cupped her breasts and she arched her body against him. She clung to him like a lost rabbit, needing to find home in his form. Her kisses were starving and desperate, full of love and heartbreak. He took comfort in her every caress and moan. Derek took deep pride in knowing it was him that caused the flooding of warm moisture between her ivory thighs.

"Now, Derek," she whispered in his ear, her lips and teeth marring his neck and shoulder. "I need you, Derek," she moaned, arching her hips against his steel hard cock.

Derek proceeded to stroke faster as memories of her trembling and hungry form filtered her mind. He could taster her kiss, her sweat, her love. Overwhelmed by sensation, Derek growled as his movements grew harsher and more deliberate. He could see her bruised lips, the glow of sex upon her ivory body, her heaving breasts.

However when his memories moved to her eyes, it was as if a bucket of cold water covered his naked frame. He remembered her sobs as he closed her door behind him. He remembered her courage, her bravery as she let him empty himself inside him. He remembered her soft caresses against his back and how she turned from him in slumber. He remembered feeling lost, scared, helpless from the loss of Emily once their moment ended. He remembered feeling undeserving of the love that she had just given him, and he remembered the pain it caused him to leave her warm bed. He could remember being saddened that she hadn't made him aware of her consciousness, but allowed him to leave her. He remembered leaning his head against her wooden door as her sobs escaped through her apartment and tore into his heart, a bullet that would never heal. He remembered entering the truck and looking toward the front door asking God to give him the strength to drive away from the best thing to ever happen to him because she deserved so much more. He remembered his tears as he drove back to his home knowing he tore the heart of the only woman he ever loved.

Turning off the now cold water, Derek reached behind the shower door and grabbed the nearest towel. Smiling sadly, he realized it was one of Penelope's. Shaking his head, he left the bathroom and mad his way to his refrigerator to grab a beer in the hopes of sending him back to slumber. Looking at the photos on the refrigerator, he saw the happiness that had existed in the BAU just weeks before. Photos of him with each member of the team were scattered. His eyes fell to the photo with him and Emily. They had taken a photo with their copies of Slaughterhouse Five. Reid had needed to take the photo five times because his hands wouldn't stop shaking from his initial nervousness around Emily. Derek smiled at the memory, but her loss was still too real for him.

Moving toward the couch, he sighed and leaned his head back against the wall. Clooney whined beside him and Derek smiled sadly at his furry companion. "Come here, Boy," he said motioning for the dog to sit beside him. Once he did, Derek took a look to his right and was surprised to find his phone next to a photo of him and Penelope.

They had been having one of their movie nights when JJ came into the conference room and stole a photo of the partners in crime. She had leaned her neck upward prior to the flash and pressed a kiss to his cheek. His eyebrows shot up in surprise and JJ laughed when the moment was captured on film. "Don't delete it!" Penelope cried out, reaching for JJ. "That is to live on forever!" Derek could only smile and return to holding his Goddess while watching one of their assorted movies.

He missed her. He knew that. He needed to speak to her, check on her, be there for her. Restlessly, he grabbed the phone beside him and looked up "Baby Girl" in his contacts. Suddenly, nervousness filled his stomach and he began tapping his foot. Would she answer him? Did she want to talk to him? Did she understand? Does she hate me? All those questions filled his mind as he stared down at his phone. Looking toward his dog, Clooney looked up at him with sad brown eyes. "Should I call her boy?" he asked. A whine was his only response and Derek chuckled at his tired companion.

The phone rang, which was unusual for his Goddess. He was accustomed to her ring back tones by this point. Once five rings passed, her voicemail box arrived saying, "This is Penelope Garcia, also known as the Oracle of all knowledge. I am currently unavailable but please leave me a message and I will return your call. Live, Laugh, Love everyone!"

Derek sighed as the automated voice instructed to leave a message after the beep. Once it beeped, he spoke, "Hey... it's me... I miss you... I know we have a lot to talk about, but I haven't heard from you... I just... I need... Baby Girl, I just..." Sighing, Derek took a deep breath and regrouped, "Penelope, just call me when you get this. I would love to hear from you. I miss you. Okay, Goodnight."

Closing his phone frustratedly, Derek tossed his phone toward the opposite chair and sighed. Scratching behind Clooney's ears, Derek looked down and said, "Do you think I will ever fix this?" To Derek's dismay, Clooney fell asleep and began snoring loudly.

Chuckling softly, Derek removed himself from his dog's hold and moved toward his lonely bed, leaving his phone behind.