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The Killers Trilogy 2

-Midnight Show-

It had been months since Ichigo left. Exactly how many, he wasn't quite sure. They'd spoken many times since then, the orange headed male discussing things from the weather to moving in with the other guy and Shiro pretending to be indifferent to it all. Well, until Ichigo mentioned the problems already developing in his new relationship.

Apparently, not long after they moved in together, the bluenette seemed to have less and less time for him. Only officially together for a few months and already his little lover was lonely. Yes, he still considered Ichigo his and he'd make sure that blue headed bastard would never touch him again. In fact, no one else would ever touch him again.

"I know what you want,

I wanna take you to a

Midnight show tonight…

He finally got the chance he'd been waiting for when Ichigo texted him that dark and rainy night in September…

'He left again…Work. Work on a Friday night! Sucks being alone again.'

Any sane man would have responded something along the lines of 'serves you right, ya little whore'…but Shiro was anything but sane by that point…

'I know Ichi. How about I take you out tonight?'

Now he only had to wait…

'I don't know if that's a good idea.'

Don't respond. Just wait for it…

'Alright, what time can you be here?'

Yep, five years and he knows exactly how his little lovers mind works. Too bad he had been so head over heels that he refused to see the signs of Ichigo's unfaithfulness.

'Pick ya up in an hour.'

They were still 'friends' so Shiro knew where Ichigo lived and had even been there a few times while the blue haired demon was away. He just had to get the thoughts in his head straight.

If you can keep a secret,

I got a blanket in the

Back seat on my mind,

And a little place that

Sits beneath the sky…

Pulling into the driveway of the one-story piece of shit Ichigo moved into, he sent a quick text to make the other aware of his arrival.

Within fifteen seconds the orange head emerged from the door, slamming closed behind him. He was clearly upset. Perfect.

Jumping into the car, watery auburn eyes turned to Shiro, "He's gonna be out all night. Sometimes I think I made a mistake…"

Shiro blanked, almost second guessing his decision, "What are ya sayin' Ichi?"

He sighed and slouched down in his seat, defeated "I don't know…I just wish I hadn't fallen in love with him."

Shiro felt his heart clench and steeled his resolve once more, "Ya didn't tell him yer goin' out with me tonight, right?"

"No. If it mattered, I wouldn't mind telling him I was going out- I just would prefer to keep the 'who with' a secret."

The last time they were together, Grimmjow caught them. They were only sitting next to each other on the couch watching some lame ass movie when the man came home, but as soon as he laid eyes on Shiro, it got ugly. They had been making out only thirty minutes prior, Shiro thinking he was making headway in getting his lover back, but those thoughts all turned to shit when Ichigo all but threw him out of the house when he stood up to the screaming blue headed beast.

Shiro smirked and started the engine, "Agreed."

"Where're we goin'?"

"Remember that little place we used to go whenever we wanted to be out and alone?"

Ichigo smiled, "Sounds perfect."

She turned her face to speak,

But no one heard her cry,

Drive faster Booooyyy!

Drive faster Booooyyy...!

During the drive, Ichigo began to slowly vent out all the things that had gone wrong since the move, pinning most of the blame on the other guy. Shiro knew what that felt like…he just wondered if the other guy loved Ichigo enough to let it slide like he had.

As Shiro played his role, he nodded in agreement with everything the other said, cocking an eyebrow when Ichigo's phone vibrated and the orange haired male flipped it open, only to scowl at the screen and snap it shut again.


Quickly masking his upset look, he turned to Shiro, "No, I'm not going to worry about it anymore tonight." He smirked then, a look Shiro was all too familiar with, "Think you can drive faster?"

I know there's a hope,

There's too many people

Trying to help me cope.

You got a real short skirt,

I wanna look up,

Look up, look up…

(Yeah, Yeah)

Sure enough, soon after Shiro refocused on the road, a tan hand began slowly moving up his thigh. Thoughts of his resolution becoming hazy, he recalled the past months of pain and his crushed heart. His friends told him that with time the pain would pass, that it would all be over and behind him soon.

It would be over soon. So would it really hurt to indulge in the promises of that hand sliding up his thigh? That hand making all his blood rush away from his brain and down to darker places…After all, he did promise to be the last and only man for Ichigo.

We were just in time,

Let me take a little more

Off your mind…

They had just pulled into the park as Ichigo popped the button on his jeans, hand sliding down and palming his hardening member. Despite how good it felt, he had to remain focused. So as soon as he pulled into a spot he reached over and slid his fingers through orange hair, bringing his little lover in for a kiss and removing that naughty hand from his jeans.

"Just a little bit longer love."

Ichigo made Shiro's favorite 'I'm not pouting!' face, "Well then let's not waste any more time."

He reached back and grabbed the blanket as Ichigo jumped out of the car and began jogging to their favorite forested spot, removing clothing items along the way. Thank god it was nearing midnight.

There's somethin' in my head,

Somewhere in the back said,

We were just a good thing,

We were such a good thing…

Lingering water droplets from the earlier rain were clinging to the grass, glistening in the patches of scattered moonlight granted by breaks in the clouds and trees.

Running after his half naked lover through the woods reminded Shiro just how much he missed Ichigo. This wasn't the first time they did such things. They always had so much fun, and he loved Ichigo so completely. God, they were perfect for each other…why couldn't he see that?

Make it go away without a word,

But promise me you'll stay,

And face these things I've heard,

Make it go awaaay!

Drive faster Booooyyy!

Oh no…!

Throwing the blanket down in their spot, surrounded by nothing but trees, crickets and the cloudy, yet starlit sky, their lips crashed together as they made quick work of his own clothes. He let himself be pushed down, the mouth of his lover on his body nearly making him forget. Nearly making him beg for Ichigo to stay, and that contrary to what everyone else thinks, beg for and believe that perfect voice which promises to never betray him again.

He could have cried as he slid inside his only love. His warring emotions making his resolve weaken. How could he have thought to ever go through with it? How could he ever think to raise a hand against this perfect creature below him, crying out his name to the stars? In a brief moment of masochism, his mind wandered to the other man…

'Does Ichigo cry out his name too?'

A crashing tide can't

Hide a guilty girl,

With jealous hearts that start

With gloss and curls…

The pain! Yes, that familiar head leveling feeling he's become all too acquainted with these past months. This perfect, beautiful creature below him gave him so much pain. Perhaps…if Ichigo would just promise to stay and never leave again?

No. Ichigo is guilty of causing him this pain and feels no remorse for losing what they had. What would stop him from doing the same thing again? He looks down, ready to play his part in the final hour. This beautiful creature who calls out his name so perfectly is like a siren, reeling him to destruction, but he won't be fooled twice.

I took my baby's breath

Beneath the chandelier,

Of stars and atmosphere,

And watch her disappear,

Into the midnight shooooooww...!

Leaning down, Shiro kissed his lover. His pace faltered slightly as their tongues intertwined and he desperately tried to file the taste back into his haunting memory. This would be the last and he'd be damned if he ever forgot the taste of his Ichigo. Breaking apart, their eyes locked briefly before Shiro flipped the slightly smaller male over, thrusts becoming more violent.

Faster! Faster! Faster...!

Pressing the body into the ground, Shiro felt his balls tighten as the new angle caused Ichigo to cry out louder. Unlike the pace of his hips, white hands traveled slowly up the muscled back of the boy pinned to the blanket, coming to rest loosely around the slender, tanned neck.

...Faster! Faster! Faster...!

Lost in pleasurable abandon, Ichigo shuddered, giving one last final cry as orgasm consumed him. Shiro felt it too. He felt so damn much in that moment— the sweat under his hands, the fatigue in his muscles, the unshed tears pricking at his eyes, Ichigo's adams apple bob at his final cry, felt those velvet walls clamp down around his sex, and felt his mind cloud over as he fell into oblivion. The only things he couldn't feel, were his hands clamping tight around the neck he once kissed, and the anxiety that should have accompanied the action.

Faster! Faster! Faster...!

As the body below him thrashed, he leaned down, mistakenly catching a fist to the eye but it didn't matter. He was heavier, stronger, and on top, feeling the strength rapidly drain out of his captive. Leaning down he answered the question Ichigo couldn't ask, but he heard clear as day anyway- they had been together for a long time, "As your only lover, I would never have to do this, but you were the one who wanted to be friends."

Oh no, no, no, no, no, no,

No, no, no, no, no, no...!

Soon the body went limp, no thrashing, no struggling, no breathing, nothing. Releasing his hold, Shiro slid out of the empty shell of his only love. He was the last one to have all of Ichigo.

...If you can keep a secret,

Well baby I can keep it,

I can keep a secret...

In honor of his lovers memory, he buried Ichigo right there, in his favorite spot, together with their coveted bottle of bourbon, and the letter he had once held so dear…the one Shiro wrote for him their first Christmas together. Too bad he is the only one Ichigo ever told about this place.

...Well you can keep a secret,

I can keep a secret...

Dead lovers don't talk and neither will Shiro.

...If you can keep a secret,

Well baby I can keep it,

If you can keep a secret."

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