***Like in the previous lyrics, 'Jenny' has been changed to 'Ichigo/Ichi' and to keep things consistent (after much contemplation), 'she' has been changed to 'he.' I'm not really that fond of the ending but I explain my choices in an A/N at the end.

**Bleach belongs to Kubo and the Trilogy to the Killers.

The Killers Trilogy 3

-Jenny Was a Friend of Mine-

Shiro began counting the tiles on the floor…again. He'd been here for hours and the police- detectives, whatever they called themselves had absolutely nothing to show for it. The burly dark skinned man that had been interrogating him had stepped out for more coffee, his own cup having remained untouched. He never really was too fond of the foul tasting liquid. Unless of course Ichigo made it. Sugar, creamer, whatever was added, he had a way of making it taste just right. His love, his Ichi, always so fucking perfect, so beautiful.

Far as he knew, the only two suspects were himself and Grimmjow. He saw the man in the lobby on his way in, the asshole not looking nearly as defeated as someone who lost should. Oh well, it didn't matter, Ichigo belonged only to him now. At first, the interrogator asked him about the relationship between Ichigo and Grimmjow, and why he was still the orange heads beneficiary despite being separated. He hadn't known that…bet that pissed the blue haired menace off. Now the little bitch knows that Ichigo was always his, and he didn't even have to say anything to prove it.

Shiro started by telling the man about he and his lovers' history, complete with all the frequent fights Grimmjow and Ichigo seemed prone to, followed by his version of the events that unfolded that night. It wasn't his fault the fool didn't read between the lines, instead automatically assuming domestic issues with the temperamental 'boyfriend' were the cause of the disappearance.

30 tiles...again. The man had been gone too long. 'Che, coffee my ass.'

Finally, he heard the doorknob turn and looked up to see the man enter again, a totally different look on his face than earlier. Shiro supposed it was meant to be intimidating, but those types of things were lost on him.

"Grimmjow has an alibi. He was with someone all night."

"Funny, Ichigo told me he was working. So he was screwin' around eh?" Shiro could have laughed at how perfectly ironic it was that Grimmjow was screwing around on Ichigo too.

"What he was doing is irrelevant as his alibi checks out. Your nonexistent one on the other hand leaves plenty of room for questioning. Why don't you tell me your side of the story again…Start at the beginning."

"We took a walk that night,

But it wasn't the same.

We had a fight on the promenade

Out in the rain…

"Well, you've seen the phone logs, the texts…He was upset so we went out to clear his mind and calm him down. During that time he said that he'd made a mistake and then made a move on me, but when he realized I wouldn't budge, he started becoming more aggressive-"

"He began the fighting?"

He motioned to his blackened eye, "Fighting me, yes. I was able to hold off most of it, but as you can see, caught a stray limb."

"Where were you when the fight broke out?"

"The park. We'd normally go there and walk around when one of us was upset."

"You went for a walk in the rain?"

"When you're upset enough, it doesn't matter if it's rainin', sleetin', or snowin', you'll ignore it all in light of yer own misery."

"He was upset about Grimmjow not coming home that night?"

"That's what he said."

"Tell me more about this fight…why exactly did Ichigo punch you?"

He said he loved me,

But he had somewhere to go.

He couldn't scream

While I held him close,

I swore I'd never let him go, oh…

"He punched me because I refused to go back to the way things were. By that time I had already come to terms with the relationship being a lost cause and reminded him that he was the one who wanted to stay friends. It was saddening to watch him go that night, so distraught, but I couldn't go back to the way things were."

"Did he say anything about where he was going?"

"No." Didn't speak, didn't scream, just quietly gone.

"And that was the last you saw him?"

"Yes." I was the last to see him, hold him, have him…

"I don't believe you. Why don't you tell me how angry it made you when he first left? You loved him, right? Then you find out he's seeing another man? I imagine that'd make just about anyone lose it. I know your motive, so why don't you just tell me where he is? Come on Shirosaki, where is Ichigo?"

Tell me what you wanna know,

Oh c'mon, Oh c'mon, Oh, c'mon.

There ain't no motive for this crime,

Ichi was a friend of mine,

So c'mon, Oh c'mon, Oh c'mon…

"There ain't no motive for this crime you claim I committed. Ichi was a friend of mine."

He felt the table shake as dark hands slammed down on top of it, "Tell me!"

I know my rights,

I've been here all day and it's time

For me to go so let me know

If it's alright.

I just can't take this,

I swear I told you the truth…

"I've already told you about that night. Three times in fact. Everything I told you is true, and there is no reason for me to be here any longer. I'm still here because I'm cooperating, but I'm sick of sitting here listening to you repeat yourself. Your questioning method isn't productive, so if it's all the same I think I'll take my leave."

"That boy didn't just disappear! He had friends, family, coworkers...Why wouldn't he tell someone where he was going?"

He couldn't scream

While I held him close,

I swore I'd never let him go, oh…

"When Ichigo knows he's done somethin' wrong, he'll clam up and emotionally cut off every outside party. He won't talk about it. It's not surprising that he didn't tell anyone he was still hangin' out with me. Grimmjow'd be pissed and his family would probably tell him he was bein' insensitive to my feelings."

"Do you still have feelings for Ichigo?"

"Of course. But I came to terms with the separation because Ichigo wanted to be friends." -Terms that just happened to involve the knowledge that Ichigo would be his alone in the end. Beautiful Ichigo. His Ichigo.

"Friends? Something tells me that friendship's not what's keeping you here. Do you feel guilty about something that happened that night Shirosaki?"

Tell me what you wanna know,

Oh c'mon, Oh c'mon, Oh, c'mon.

And then you whisper in my ear,

'I know what you're doing here'

So c'mon, Oh c'mon, Oh c'mon…

"Guilty?" He felt a lot of things about that night…

"Yes, that's why you're here right?"

There ain't no motive for this crime,

Ichi was a friend of mine.

Oh c'mon, Oh c'mon, Oh c'mon."

He remembered the promises Ichigo made so many times, saying that he was the only one for the orange head, the last man he'd ever be with. So really, he only gave his lover what he so often claimed to have wanted.

"I have no reason to feel guilty."

"What about the family that's worried about him? Tell us where he is so we can bring him home."

Home? Where exactly was home? A dusty old graveyard? That smelly one story piece of shit he resided in with the blue haired bastard? With his loud-mouthed overly rambunctious father he couldn't wait to move away from? He knew Ichigo never considered those places home. Not like where he rested so peacefully now, able to watch the cycling of nature from their favorite spot among the changing trees. Ichigo was home, forever.

"He is home." But he didn't sound so sure anymore…As he said the words, his mind brutally replayed an image of Ichigo laughing, and saying home was where ever his love, Shiro, happened to be. Had he left Ichigo home alone? For some reason, this thought filled him with inexplicable anxiety.

The man's lips form a thin line and his eyes narrow like he just realized his error.

"Was Ichigo Kurosaki alive when you let him go?"

Before he could answer, the door to the interrogation room opened revealing a slender, sharp featured, chestnut haired male, the calculating eyes screaming 'lawyer!'

"I believe my client has been more than cooperative, and as you have nothing to hold against him, he's free to go."

The once confident man in the chair across from him deflated a little at the sight before him. No matter the answer to that next question, whether this sociopath killed his ex or not didn't matter anymore. Aizen Souske never lost a case, much less one with absolutely no evidence. Smashing his cigarette into the ashtray with unnecessary force, he stood and stormed out of the tiny room.

Cold, brown eyes locked with irritated gold as Shiro stood, "What did you tell him?"

The albino male smirked, "The truth."

A chestnut eyebrow rose, "Either you didn't do it, making my job all the more easy, or you just made me want to double my fee."

"Don't worry. Stupid fucker wasn't asking the right questions if he wanted to charge me."

It wasn't until they were in the safety of his lawyer's car that the man turned and questioned him, "Do you know what happened to him?"

Shiro leaned back and closed his eyes, "He disappeared into the midnight show."

"You killed him?" Aizen knew his godson better than anyone.

"Old promises and declarations kept pulling us back together in a never ending cycle of pain. There could be no other for either, so by helping him keep his promise I set us both free."

The man had been an incompetent fool, but one thing he said actually stuck and made him think…home.

'Don't worry love. If home is with me, I'll join you soon.'

*** Something to notice: I wanted to pay tribute to Shirosaki's nature and insanity, so if you look carefully, he never really lies to the interrogator. He even at one point basically says that the man is asking the wrong questions. On some level, he wanted to get caught, but at the same time hold true to his final words in Midnight Show.

**About the ending: Man this was effing hard to end. So the original ending had Shiro's last sentence spoken in the interrogation room. But since Midnight Show insisted that the death be secret...I couldn't have the ending I wanted.

Another ending I contemplated was leaving it at "He is home" but felt that was kind of a cliffhanger and I personally hate it when a story leaves one of the main questions unanswered…In this case, was he charged with the crime? Did he confess? I couldn't do that to you.

Oh and sorry about the random Aizen insert…but he really does make an excellent lawyer type-not to mention cold hearted and sneaky enough to keep Shiro's secret. I made my decision based on the man's lack of morale.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed! This wraps up three of the final 10 clicks.