DISCLAIMER: This Universe belongs to George Lucas. I thank him for creating the original story that started it all. The following story has not been approved by the Council, nor has it been fact-checked with the Holocron.

This story uses scenes from Revenge of the Sith- movie by Lucas, book by Mathew Stover. I used whichever lines I like better often mixing movie and book together in one scene, it contains accurate quotes from one source or the other. I also have Star Wars IV: ANH, by Lucas himself. I went with the movie since the book is off on its facts since the prequels came out. Please note, only the dialogue from Episode 3 & 4 is borrowed, everything else is mine.

Kenobi's Certain Point of View:

part 1, Anakin is dead, Darth Vader killed him

When I learned that it was Chancellor Palpatine who had ordered the clones to attack the Jedi- all Jedi across the galaxy, I grieved for my friends- my brothers and sisters who had been killed, and I was disappointed in ourselves, in myself, that we had been so close to the Sith and had not seen him for what he was; I was saddened at what had happened and shocked and alarmed at the culprit. For a moment. But I am a Jedi and I quickly released my emotions into the Force and calmed myself again so I could focus on the situation at hand. This was bad, yes, but I could deal with it. Master Yoda was still with us, and who better to deal with a Sith Lord than him? And given time the Jedi Order would recover from this disaster. Once the Sith were gone again we could begin looking for survivors and rebuild.

When we arrived at the Temple to change to recall beacon message from "come home" to "run and hide" yet another atrocity met our eyes: the slaughter of hundreds of innocent children. Not only had Sidious, or Palpatine if you prefer, ordered the deaths of all the trained Jedi he had also ordered all the future Jedi Knights killed. Future Jedi that today were just younglings. Some were not even out of the cradle. Others were older true, but ten year old Jedi could only hold their own for so long before being cut down themselves, especially with the numbers that apparently swarmed the Temple.

Still, I was a Jedi. I was more than shocked, very distressed, filled with grief at the loss of so many young lives, and even angry at the Sith who had ordered this. The clones who marched on the Temple were following orders, as they were genetically programmed to do, it was not them I blamed. It took me a few minutes longer to release my emotions this time. But still, I calmed myself in short order.

When Master Yoda pointed out that some of our charges' had perished not from blaster fire, but from the blade of a lightsaber I was filled with dread. Something told me I knew who had done this, and I was going to be devastated by the discovery. But I pushed it aside. Of course it was the Sith Lord, who else? Right?

When I finished resetting the message to warn away any surviving Jedi, I had to look at the security recordings. A whisper from the Force was telling me that I must. And if I had thought about it I would have realized that Anakin should have been here at the Temple, defending it, since he was still on Coruscant. But I had not seen any sign that Anakin had even been here, saving some of these younglings. Master Yoda tried to warn me away from viewing the recordings, saying I would only find pain there, but the pull of the Force whisper and my dread was too strong.

A hooded figure with a blue-white lightsaber, similar to my own, came on screen killing one of the Jedi Teachers still left at the Temple, and then two young students about twelve standard years old. When the figure had killed them he made another sweep as if looking for more. Then he turned and kneeled before another cloaked figure behind him, at last making his face visible to the security camera. I thought I would collapse with the shock and pain radiating through me at seeing his face. Anakin! How had it come to this? I knew he had his problems: pride, arrogance, anger, love, trust and the lack thereof. I knew that he had been struggling with those darker emotions for years. I thought at the worst perhaps one day he'd leave the Order given his problems with the Council whom he had never liked since they had first rejected him for training. But to go join the Sith? And to do it so quickly? I felt as if someone had taken the air out of my lungs, the bones out of my legs, and the heart out of my chest- all at once.

How could Anakin have done this? "You have done well, my new apprentice. Now, Lord Vader, go forth and bring peace to our Empire." I hear the voice of Lord Sidious say. He was speaking to my brother, whom I had raised. Whom I had insisted to be trained as a Jedi. My fault. This was my fault.

"Warned you were," Master Yoda says, referring to his words about the recording.

"I should have let them shoot me…" I whisper, thinking back to that day in the arena on Geonosis.

"What?" Master Yoda asks.

"No, that was already too late- it was already too late at Geonosis. The Zabrak, on Naboo- I should have died there…before I ever brought him here-," but Master Yoda does not let me continue my wallowing.

"Stop this, you will! Make a Jedi fall, one cannot; beyond even Lord Sidious this is. Choose this, Skywalker did." The trouble with that is I don't know which is worse. A perhaps I'm not entirely to blame, but I'm not faultless either. There must have been signs these last few weeks that I missed, or worse- ignored. But he's right, time to focus on the now.

"Send me to kill the Emperor," I tell him.

Master Yoda gives me a solemn look, "Strong enough to face Lord Sidious, you will never be. Die you will, and painfully." I know there is truth to that. It is possible that even the two of us together could not take him out.

"Don't make me kill Anakin. He's like my brother, Master." I plead with him. I cannot face him in combat. I cannot fight him with the intent to kill. If he sends me it will not go well- I know it.

"The boy you trained, gone he is- twisted by the dark side. Consumed by Darth Vader." Master Yoda tells me, firm that I go after Anakin.

"I don't know where he is. I don't know where to look," I try feebly to come up with an excuse not to face him. It doesn't work.

"Use you feelings, Obi-wan, and find him you will."


As I try to bring myself to find Anakin and fight him, kill him, my mind races. I do the only thing I can and focus on the task at hand. I knew Padmé Amidala would know where he is. I suspect they are together in whatever sense they choose to use the term. I do not know if they have chosen to marry, a more dangerous way to be 'together' as it increases the likely hood of discovery. Whatever the case, they are close and she will know where he is, though I doubt she will tell me. But he has fallen to the dark side; he is a Sith now and that makes him as dangerous to me and her as he is to anyone else. Love means nothing to a Sith- and that means she must be told of my recent discovery at the Temple, warned about him, before she learns the hard way.

Padmé doesn't believe me. Or, more likely she refuses to believe me. She loves him very much, I know this. And to think of him doing the horrors I saw him doing is excruciating. And worse, she is very pregnant with their child, with Anakin fallen to the dark side she will be the lone parent. Once I leave I head directly for her ship, hiding on the side where she won't see me when she approaches. Sure enough a few minutes later she comes down to board the ship- heading straight for Anakin, I'm certain. I sneak aboard once she's inside.

I let my thoughts drift to prepare myself for the upcoming battle. It will be the hardest I have ever fought. Anakin is my brother in everything but blood. He has saved my life many times- and I'm going to repay him by killing him? No, I'm going to kill the demon he has become, the murderer of younglings, the slayer of friends. 'You have done well…Lord Vader.' Lord Sidious had said, speaking to a kneeling, Anakin. 'The boy you trained, gone he is- twisted by the dark side. Consumed by Darth Vader,' Master Yoda told him. 'Once you start down the Dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny,' The Jedi were taught that by Master Yoda.

Anakin is gone, I said to myself. Anakin tried to save everyone. He never would never have killed those innocent lives- not even to save others. This Darth Vader had swooped in out of nowhere and taken over. He had slaughtered those children. Darth Vader had attacked Anakin's friends. If you think about it, he had even killed Anakin. I had lost my brother because Darth Vader had taken over his body. And it was not possible to come back from that. The dark side was too dark to find your way back, and it gripped too tightly to ever let go if you tried. No Jedi had ever returned from falling to the dark side. All I could do was free Anakin from living as a Sith Lord, save him from committing more atrocities.

When I walked down the landing ramp he was furious. I could feel his anger rolling off him far greater than anything I had ever felt from my old padawan. But then he accused Padmé of betraying him- and grabbed her in a Force choke-hold! I knew then that I had been correct before. Anakin was gone, destroyed by Darth Vader. I managed to convince him to let go, and when I maneuvered myself to check on Padmé she was still alive. But that lack of oxygen had to have been damaging to both her and the baby.

"You turned her against me!" Darth Vader cried in a voice filled with anger and a touch of agony.

"You have done that yourself," I tell him. I had listened to the conversation from inside. Although I had not truly been prepared for 'Anakin' to react as he had to my sudden appearance- by turning against Padmé and nearly killing her. I knew in my head that as a Sith it would happen someday, but I had not been ready. If she makes it, perhaps it was best that it happen now while I was here to intervene.

"You will not take her from me!" the man that looked like my brother Anakin screamed at me. There was such a possessive quality to his words and in his voice. His eyes were yellow, I now noticed.

"Your anger and your lust for power have already done that," I inform him, though I doubt I'm getting through. "You have allowed this Dark Lord to twist your mind, until now- until now you have become the very thing you swore to destroy." Does he realize that he has become the very thing he once hated? The very thing he was trained to fight?

"Don't lecture me, Obi-Wan. I see through the lies of the Jedi. I do not fear the dark side as you do. I have brought peace, freedom, justice, and security to my new Empire." He declares.

"Your new Empire?" I ask in disbelief. All the battles we fought for the Republic, all of it for nothing now. He threw it away, threw himself away..

"Don't make me kill you," he warns in a dangerous tone. As if he wouldn't if I declared my allegiance to this Empire. The Sith are back stabbers. Every apprentice trains under their Master until they are ready to be a Master and take an apprentice- at which point they kill their own Master.

"Anakin, my allegiance is to the Republic, to democracy!" I cry in desperation. Does any part of him remain my brother, my Anakin?

"If you're not with me, then you're my enemy." No. As I feared, Anakin is dead, the Sith standing before me, Darth Vader, has completely killed him. I cling to this thought to allow me to do what I know I must. Better one Sith Lord, then two. Better none, than one- but if Sidious survives Master Yoda he must not have an apprentice. It is even worse if it is this apprentice. He was too strong in the Force, the damage he would inflict on the galaxy…

"Only a Sith deals in absolutes. I will do what I must." I remove my lightsaber from my belt and wait for his attack.

"You will try," is his arrogant reply.

The battle is evenly fought. We are both experienced fighters, each of us have faced a Sith Lord and won. Both have faced many of their fellow Jedi in numerous friendly sparring matches to hone our lightsaber skills. And we have faced each other in many sparring matches as well. It is natural, I was his Master, and I trained and honed his lightsaber skills first before any other swordsman. And together we faced many opponents; we know each other so well. So at points in this fight it is like I am fighting myself, we are that in tune with each other. We can anticipate each other's move better than we could with any other opponent, I know what he will do without the Force and when the Force also guides my strikes it makes an elegant dance, but a deadly one.

We are now riding on repulsorlift platforms shielded on the bottom and riding over the river of lava. We've been fighting for a while now in this heat, this is a volcanic planet, and both of us are going to get a bit weary if this lasts much longer. Looking into those eyes, those yellow eyes that contain nothing but anger, I feel so disappointed- in myself.

"I have failed you, Anakin. I have failed you." Could his fall to the dark side have been prevented with another Jedi as his Master?

"I should have known the Jedi were plotting to take over." The man says to me. What? Is that what he honestly thinks? No, that is merely one facet of the lies and manipulations the Emperor has used to twist his mind.

"Anakin, Chancellor Palpatine is evil!" Can he really not see?

"From my point of view the Jedi are evil!" No, he is gone. Anakin is gone. Darth Vader is all that remains.

"Well then you are lost!" I cry. Why did it have to be him?

"This is the end for you, my Master." That hurts, that he mockingly calls me that. But I push it aside, focus on my task and the Force flowing through me- guiding me.

I flip back and land on the bank behind me, and Anakin is still on the lava river. "It's over, Anakin. I have the high ground."

"You underestimate my power." There is such anger and darkness in him now. And it's only gotten worse since the fight started.

I can sense what he is going to do. After all, I've known the boy for over a dozen years. He wants to regain the high ground. He's going to jump over my head to get it. I look at him, pleading, "Don't try it."

Even as a padawan he never listened to me. Of course he disregarded my warning and did it anyway. As he was over my head I brought up my lightsaber, and slashed through all three of his natural appendages, two legs and his left arm. He was left to roll down nearly to the bottom of hill; the more he tried to climb up the further he slid down.

"You were the Chose One! I was said you would destroy the Sith, not join them! Bring balance to the Force, not leave it in darkness!" I yelled at him. I had never been one to raise my voice, not as a youngling or a Master. But this had torn me apart- having to cut down the man I loved as a brother, who even now stared at me with hate filled, yellow eyes.

"I hate you!" my one-time brother screamed at me. I know.

"You were my brother, Anakin. I loved you!" I told him, though I know that Anakin is not here. And Darth Vader does not care.

Suddenly he caught fire, bursting into flame, having rolled to far down hill and too close to the lava. Still, I could not grant him the mercy of an instant death. I could not chop off his head, or any other swift deadly action. I hated to see him in agony, but as I had said to Master Yoda, I cannot do it. If I had been anyone else, if he had been anyone else, I would have gone for the head when he was leaping over me earlier. But now, I could only make sure that Anakin's love, Padmé, and baby were alright. Weary, more from the emotional battle than anything else, I took Anakin's last lightsaber- all that was left of him now, and left.

Padmé did die from her encounter with Darth Vader, but not from oxygen loss. She died from a broken heart, seeing what that once sweet innocent boy had become had destroyed her. She lived long enough to give birth to her babies, the twin children of my brother Anakin Skywalker. Bail Organa offered to take Leia, raise her as his own. He had been close friends with Padmé, I understand, so this was accepted. Yoda suggested we send Luke to the family Shmi Skywalker, Anakin's mother, had married into. I offered to take him to Tatooine where his family was.

I would need to hide, as well. The Emperor had been more than a match for Master Yoda, and any Jedi he found would be marked for death. Those of us Jedi who survived the past few days needed to hide, and bide our time. Eventually the Force would guide us to a chance to break free from the Sith once again. But we must wait until that chance. In the meantime I would wait quietly, and look after Luke, making sure he was safe from the Empire. I knew that one day the Force would guide Luke to me, and it would be time to tell him of the Jedi heritage he had.

When I left him with the Lars I told them very little. I told them to help Luke hide any Jedi traits he showed later in life, until the time was right. I told them Anakin was dead, and so was Luke's mother. I told them I would be in hiding nearby if they needed me for any reason- I would come running, it was the least I could do for Anakin's family.


A year later I learned that Darth Vader had not died on Mustafar as I had thought. He now had many cybernetic body systems. All four limbs are now prosthetic. He worse a black mask that covered his entire face and reports said his breathing sounded mechanical, maybe a breathing apparatus? Who knows what other functions that suit had? But still, he was alive. There were now two Sith Lords ruling the galaxy. And one of them was Anakin.

NO! It's not Anakin. I told myself firmly. Anakin died; Palpatine and Vader killed him.

I heard the reports of the Wookie uprising on Kashyyyk. They were a 'threat to the Empire' the reports said. 'Nothing but savage beasts', the HoloNet reporter claimed. They thanked Darth Vader for his actions on putting them down, beating the Wookies back. Some were to be taken and 'help make amends' in Imperial hands- slaves!

I could not believe that Anakin, who had once been a slave himself, would kill so many beings and then take their fellows as slaves. But no, Anakin hadn't done any such thing. He had been dead since before Mustafar. I had not seen my brother since the day I left for Utapau. By the time I got back the Sith had killed Anakin.

Darth Vader had attacked the Wookies on Kashyyyk. Darth Vader had killed hundreds of Wookie warriors and taken hundreds more into slavery. Darth Vader had committed these crimes. Darth Vader was not Anakin Skywalker. Even if they had the same body they were not the same man.

With so few Jedi left alive it is easy to tell when one has passed. Before, when there had been thousands of Jedi in the galaxy, it was like being in a brightly lit room. If the room dimmed by a single light bulb- out of twenty thousand, going out it was hard to notice unless you were standing next to it- unless you had been close to the Jedi who had died. Now, there were perhaps a few dozen lights bulbs left but it was hard to be sure since every Jedi was trying to hide their presence in the Force. Every light was trying to dim itself as much as they could. When they were in danger they shown brightly again no longer worried about discovery, and if they lost they went out suddenly and every Jedi still alive could sense it.

They sometimes announced the 'victory' of the Empire over another 'traitorous Jedi' on the HoloNet, other times they ignored it. Every time they announced it they hailed Anakin as the Jedi's killer. No, not Anakin, I told myself yet again. Darth Vader. Just as Darth Vader killed Anakin, so he murders the rest of the Jedi, one by one.

But every time a Jedi died I had to tell myself again. Just as I also had to apologize to the galaxy, the Force, and whoever died, for not finishing him off when I was supposed to.

It has been eighteen years since I came to this 'dust-ball of a planet' as my brother had called it. The Empire has continued to restrict freedom to those closer to its Master. Those farther away just keep their heads down, praying that they will continue to have the little breathing room they enjoy by being so far from 'Imperial Center'- the planet once and still mostly known as Coruscant. With each injustice I hear of I remind my self that my brother is dead, that Darth Vader killed him.

When I learn that Darth Vader is taking more sentient beings into slavery I remind myself that Anakin is not Darth Vader; Anakin is dead.

When I hear about the devastation the Empire and Darth Vader have brought down on other planets, such as the disaster on Caamas, whose people are such a peaceful race- I tell myself that the sith also killed Anakin.

When I learn of the 'accident' on Falleen and the 'clean-up' that Darth Vader did, I remind my self that it is Darth Vader inside that black suit, the suit which only further killed my Anakin.

AN: I have read the so-called EU novels heavily, and refer to them for some of the above story. This was written to show that Kenobi had been telling himself that Vader killed Anakin for so long that it truly was truth to him- it was an automatic response almost to tell that to Luke.

Old Republic Jedi had never seen someone come back from the Dark Side. That concept of saving dark Jedi was a New Jedi Order thing based on Vader and future Jedi who also turned back from the dark side.