Another day at Forks and you think everything should be fine right? Wrong. Edward keeps on following me around like a love sick puppy when I tell him no ever single time.

Here's the thing, Edward left me a few months ago and I was heart broken for a long time. Eventually I pull together by myself. Anyways, after he came back he quickly tried taking me back but I didn't want another heart break. Alice came by later that day and wanted to be friends again. I told her we could try but we didn't get to the 'Best Friend' level. Worst part out of this whole story though is what Alice told me, That Edward made the family come with him and leave Forks. Which means his excuse that Carlisle is acting older then he looks go straight through the drain and he flat out lied to me. I do not take liars so I told him to never speak to me again. Well I guess what went through his brain was okay she doesn't want to talk to me but I can still fallow her around. Oh lucky me.

So here I am. Heading towards English class with him close I tow. Did I mention that he changed ALL of his classes to be in mine? No? Well I did know. I walked into the class room and sat down in my normal seat as Edward walked towards me and sat down right behind me. Did I also mention that in all of my classes Edward either sits beside me or behind me? Remember when I said that Edward must get something else in his head when I tolld him to leave me alone, Well I guess it also doesn't count pulling my hair throwing things at me and passing me notes, which all go straight to the garbage.

I shivered and pulled my light blue sweater closer to my body as I pulled out my binder and flipped to the last thing we done in class. I went to go grab a pen from my bag when I felt Edward grab a strand of my hair and twist it in different directions. I groaned and sat up and ran my hand through my hair to make him stop. I would have told him to stop but then I would be talking to him. Yes he is that annoying.

The teacher walked in and started talking about our latest assignment, a 3 page essay on our favorite book. Of coarse I was already done and brought some homework to class, which I talked to the teacher about and she already said it was alright.

The homework I was working on is actually a presontation. You see I am actually SSA Isabella Swan and have been for a long time. Charlie isn't really my father but an uncle. My dad died at work and my mother left us when I was born. I am one of the best FBI/BAU agents and right now Im undercover. Usually I'm undercover with my partner Spencer Reid, but this case needed one of us to go solo and I wanted to see my uncle Charlie so I accepted. The case was finished a while ago but I wanted to stay with my uncle anyways which Hotch said was alright. However when we started the case one of us, me, had to be 17 years old, so I acted the role and made myself blush more and be nervous a lot. Even though I am technically 22 I guess I play the role like a pro. And if I was a pro that meant I had to be stuck in this place called school with Edward Cullen stalking me.

I finally finished the files that I had to do for the presentation which is surprisingly is sappost to be close by. Maybe I can ditch school and catch it. I looked up and started putting my stuff into my bag as I realized the bell would go at any second. Of coarse the bell rang oonce I finished placing my papers into my bag and I stood up to go to my next class.

This went on basically till the Lunch bell rang and I headed for the cafeteria grabbing just an apple and water and sat down next to Angela. Angela smiled at me and then we both tuned in to what Jessica was rambling about.

"So this friday I heard that we are going to be getting a presentation from something really cool and important. I think they said the FBI or something, BAU maybe? Its going to be after school but I am so going, I heard some of the boys were single and they would have to be like, super strong." I almost gasped but I held it in. Oh am I going to have a chat with JJ about this.

Ang was laughing right beside me. "Yes maybe someone might actually sweap you off your feet." Angela joked and I laughed with her, even though it was forced because I knew none of the guys would actually want to date her.

"Yeah well I heard the girls were quite sexy. I mean holding a gun how much hotter can a girl get. Unless well it was Bella holding the gun that would be sexy as hell." Sorry for my language Mike said trying to flirt with me. I noticed how Jessica was suddenly glaring at me as her silver glitter eye shadow scolded me.

"Um thanks?" I asked confused and he winked at me and kissed my hand before walking off. When he walked out the door I quickly rubbed my hand against my jeans muttering "eww get it off get it off." Angela was giggling next to me and Jessica was fake laughing. Wow whats her problem.