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Chapter 1:Awakening

Cadmus Labs, Metropolis, 10.00 p.m.

A break in was underway and an individual was typing away at a console starting up something.

Ten minutes left until they respond…let's hope you're worth the trouble.

Speaking mentally as then a hissing sound was heard and a large tube emerged from the ground as the individual left the console and went up to the tube and looked directly into it and saw what was in it.

"Soon you will be unstoppable."

As then the individual went back to the console and pulled out a disk of sorts and inserted it into the drive and I began to program something into the console.

Initiating upload sequence…status 1%

Watching patiently and then bringing out dual handguns the individual knew the silent alarm had been triggered and knew he needed to give the program time to upload all the data into the subject in question.

As then some guards came rushing in and pointed their guns at the intruder.

"Hold it right there!" one of them said.

The individual who was still shrouded in darkness vanished into thin air as the guards looked a bit confused as then they got hit from behind by gun shots as they both fell cold to the floor dead.

But he knew who else would arrive and went back to check how far the upload was.

Upload status 27%

Hurry up! They'll have my head if you don't go faster!

Now getting impatient and worried the task would not be accomplished as then a presence was felt and knew who it was.


The Young Justice team had arrived at the labs and they quickly stood outside it.

"The alarm said it was coming from the basement level of the lab." Robin said checking his wrist comms as a digital map showed him where.

"What's the plan?" Aqualad asked.

"Go in and stop the bad guy from doing whatever." Kid Flash said as they just entered.

"Do you ever actually think of an idea before using the small amount of brain cells that you have left?" Artemis sarcastically said to the young speedster as he just pouted not responding to her insult.

"Guys can we leave out the insults and just go stop the bad guy?" Miss Martian said being the voice of reason she was.

Superboy stood there just waiting for them to finish their stupid argument and get it done and over with as he just marched past them and right on in.


Upload status 44%

The console displayed the status of the upload as then the sound of the front door being ripped of from it's hinges were heard.

And in came the powerhouse of the Young Justice team as he saw the individual standing there in darkness and saw he was armed.

"I've been expecting your arrival but I was hoping for all your team and not the Kryptonian reject." as Superboy's anger was beginning to boil hearing that comment as he came running at the individual but as he went to strike him he vanished seconds before his fist could connect with him.

Looking around for the guy Superboy tried to use his hearing to track him but even before he could do so he was grabbed from behind and flipped across the room and crashed into some lab equipment.

Seeing that for the moment the individual caught the Kryptonian clone off guard as then looked to the monitor for the status.

Upload status 51%

Halfway there…just hold him off a little longer.

But then Superboy got up and was now angry as he went back after the guy but once again he vanished within seconds on physical contact and reappeared next to him as he slapped him in the face as he vanished again and another slap as he was trying to get the young clone angrier and knew he would get sloppy if he did.

"Hold still!" Superboy growled swinging missed hits at him. "I'm gonna make mincemeat outta you!" he said getting even more angrier and more aggressive.

But then he struck the clone with a huge kick to the face that floored him as he stood over him and pointed a gun at him.

As then something fast swiped the gun out of his hands and saw it was the speedster himself as then the rest of the team showed minus Artemis who was guarding the entrance.

"You're outnumbered give up!" Aqualad demanded as the individual just gave a light chuckle as he revealed himself from the darkness.

"Children…you have no idea of what is happening." the individual was an adult male, he wore a red and green costume which covered his entire body and all there was on him was the blade on his back which looked like a katana as he looked back at the console.

Upload status 66%

"What're you doing here?" Kid Flash asked.

"The beginning of the end for all who stand in our way." he said as he pulled out his blade but was knocked out of his hand by a baterang from Robin which flew backwards and right into the console as he went wide eyed seeing it destroy it.

Running up to it he looked at the counter.

Upload status…interrupted 75%…system error.

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE! Years of planning and preparation…in ruins in one night…you'll all pay for this!" as he then threw some metal balls on the ground and on impact they exploded into smoke as the room was covered by smoke obscuring everyone's vision.

"We will meet again heroes!" he said as he just vanished into the smoke.

"Artemis…they guy might be coming your way." Aqualad said over his comms.


Artemis heard Aqualad's warning and got her arrows out and was armed ready…

"Why do you continue down this path Artemis?" a voice was heard as she turned around and saw it was the individual and her face turned to surprise.

"Snakeskin…did they send you because they knew I would be here?" Artemis said as she kept her arrow aimed at him.

"Don't flatter yourself, I came here to retrieve lost property, you needn't know what but since your comrades involved themselves my mission was a failure and will suffer the consequences." Snakeskin said.

Artemis knew what he meant by "consequences" as she kept her guard up on him.

"You know you could redeem yourself and…kill them while their still in the fog." he said trying to bring her back to her old group.

"How's this for an answer?" she said as she fired an arrow directly at his head but he just vanished and this time it was for good.

Will it ever end?


"What was that about?" Kid Flash asked.

"Seemed a bit crazy there…are you okay Conner?" Miss Martian asked the young Kryptonian as she went to help him up.

He swatted her hands away as he got up and went to one side.

Robin however was at the destroyed console and was looking at what was on there and pulled his batarang out of the fried computer.

"Look at this." he said as they all approached him and saw what was the interest.

"What was he doing?" Aqualad asked.


As then their glances were directed over to the tube which contained something and saw something or someone emerging from it.

"There's something coming out from there." Miss Martian said pointing directly at the tube and saw it had been ripped open from the inside.

Something indeed stepped out and as the smoke cleared even more, emerging from the tube was a person but the entire of his body was hooked up to wires and wore a helmet which seemed to be attached to the tube, he was also wearing some sort of patient pants as then he pulled himself out of the tube which disconnected him from it and the person fell to his knees.

As then Kid Flash approached him and knelt down to check on him. "Hey you ok?" he asked going to put his hand out to him.

He then felt the hand on his shoulder and aggressively swatted him away and Wally went flying across the floor.

The person in question then began to try and get up but looked like he was choking as he finally got to his feet and tried to walk to the door but was making a slow exit but then he was stopped in his tracks by the rest of the team.

"Alright buddy no need to go all Wolverine on us, can you understand us?" Robin asked him while Kaldur went to help Wally up.

Standing there breathing heavily he looked as if he was about to attack…

An arrow hit him square in the chest and shocked him. "AAHHH!" he screamed as the shock stopped and he fell to the floor unconscious.

They all looked behind them and saw it was Artemis who fired and they all shot her a few confused looks.

"What? He was going to attack…I think?" she said rejoining her team.

Megan went over to the unconscious person and checked his mental status but there was something odd about him.

"Guys I can't read him, this helmet is blocking me I think we need to call the League and tell them about this." Megan said.

"Why not just take the helmet off and not bother them with this." Wally said as Artemis just rolled her eyes as Wally knew she was insulting him.

"No…Megan's right we should call the League and tell them, we still don't know who that guy was and what he was doing here." Robin said as he went to make the call.


Snakeskin made it back to some undisclosed location and knelt to one knee in darkness and a screen turned on and he was kneeling in a spotlight.

"Was your mission successful?"

"No…I failed as those Justice children had stopped me." Snakeskin said.

"Was the program installed?"

"Almost but it was interrupted." Snakeskin said.

"So they have him now…then the game begins."

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