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Chapter 10: Puppet

Gotham city, 20.24 p.m.

The rain poured hard on Gotham, overlooking the city was the red and black clad hero, well he didn't feel like a hero right now.

What's happening to me?

What am I?

Am I going insane?

I can't believe I almost killed someone

Realising he almost committed murder Drake could not face his team mates and friends after that and decided to stay away until he could figure this out.

It all started when that car hit me maybe there's a clue to who hit me and why, better head on over to the police station see what I can find on their records.

He headed on over to Gotham City Police Department as he jumped rooftop to rooftop and was now on top of the headquarters he passed the window of the office of Commissioner Gordon who was in the middle of doing some paperwork he silently hopped up to the rooftop area and there was a sight he'd though he would never see.

"The Batsignal…wow." Drake said seeing it for the first time in person as he inspected it.

The stories this could tell it's unbelievable to see it.

Snapping out of seeing the signal he went back to his mission as he saw the ventilation duct as he just ripped it off and entered it but was too late to realise the massive drop.

"WWOOAAHHH!" Drake shouted as he fell through the shaft and down into the station with sounds of bumping and banging he eventually fell into the sub basement as he burst from the top and landed into the garbage pit.

"Owoh this has just gotten way out of hand now, how'd I end up from being a hero to falling into a garbage pit?"Drake asked himself as he heard footsteps coming his way.

He hid quickly as an officer came past on garbage duty and he left as Drake now needed to find the records room and see what they knew about his incident a few years ago.

Silently stalking the hallways he saw the directions to the records room but as he approached the room he saw the door was guarded by an officer as he needed to get in there as he knew what to do.

The sound of a whistle was heard around the corner and the guard heard it and went to investigate as he turned the corner and saw…nothing?

"Must be hearing th-UH!" he was struck with a blow to the back of the head and fell limp to the floor out cold.

"Sorry have to get in there." Drake said as he dragged his lifeless body to the door and saw a card swipe lock as he saw the guard had one around his neck and borrowed it and unlocked the door to get in.

He dragged him inside as he gently dragged him out of sight and rested his head carefully on the floor and left him there as he saw the main console and accessed it.


"Any sign of him?" Batman asked over the comms.

"Nothing yet." Robin said.

The team was searching all of Gotham for Drake after the incident earlier on in the day.

"We have to find him, who knows what is controlling him." Artemis said.

"Do we really want to after he nearly committed murder in the first degree?" Kid Flash said.

"We cannot leave him out there, he's scared and confused and we are his friends we need to find him and help him." Wondergirl said as her concern was felt by the rest of the team.

"I'm activating a tracer it should locate him." Batman said.


Search : Drake Hawkins

3 results found

Drake Hawkins- Public Urination

Drake Hawkins- Drug Trafficking

Okay pretty sure I'm not a public offender and I've never done drugs unless you count the time I got dizzy off the fumes from the glue factory

However as he went to the third result his interests were turned.

Drake Hawkins- Hit and Run

He accessed the file and up came the details of it…

This looks like it, but they never caught the guy but the victim wasWHAT?!

A specific detail he saw about the victim came up as he was hoping it wasn't true but when he brought up the victim's file…

No-No-Noit's not true!

"IT'S NOT TRUE!" Drake shouted as he was in shock and confusion to what he had just found as his world was collapsing around him he just turned the computer off and left the area and then out the station trying to make sense of this all.


The team was still searching for Drake but they were given trackers to locate him as they each split up but the storm was disrupting the devices leaving them slightly blind.

However during the search something else was afoot…

"Uh guys I think we have a problem." Flash said as he spotted something concerning.

"What is it Wally?" Robin asked.

"I just spotted what I hope wasn't League of Shadows soldiers." Kid Flash said as that sent alarm bells ringing through the members.

"What are they doing here?!" Artemis asked.

"Can't be good, you don't think they're after Drake?" Kid Flash said.

"Why would they want Drake?" Wondergirl asked.

"It may have something to do with Cadmus." Robin said as that would make sense. "KF stay on them we'll meet up with you." he said.

"Will do." Kid Flash said.

"Hey Wally." Artemis said.

"Yeah?" Kid Flash answered.

"Be careful, they're trained killers." Artemis warned him.

"Yeah sure." Wally said as he followed them.


Walking through the rain and only wanting to be alone with the earth shattering news about himself Drake tried to make sense of it all.

Why didn't they tell me?

Am I a monster?

Why did they pick me?

There's nothing special about me? I'm a nobody!

But while in his thoughts he thought he could hears approaching footsteps as he looked around and saw he was surrounded by an oddly dressed person.

"Whoever you are don't even think about it I am having a very bad day so do yourselves a favour and leave before it gets ugly!" Red X warned them.

"Don't flatter yourself kid now you either come with us or we make you."

"And I hope you choose the second option, been looking to fight a hero since my last fight with your friends."

Drake recognized his voice from the labs.

"You woke me up didn't you?" Red X asked.

"Yes, but those brats got involved and stole you from us." Snakeskin said.

"I don't belong to anyone, you, your bosses or the League!" Red X said.

Hearing that as a no from the young hero a group of black clad ninjas surrounded him.

"One last chance boy come with us now, or suffer the consequences." Snakeskin said.

Drake did not back down as he just told them to bring it.

They came him all at once as they just ganged up to try and subdue him but with a burst of strength he threw them all back and just went right for Snakeskin as he engaged the teen and both fought hand to hand and somehow he was able to go toe to toe with the villain matching move for move as his powers were the only thing keeping him alive in this battle.

He then managed to catch the scaled villain with a roundhouse kick to the head staggering him but out of nowhere the ninjas attacked brandishing their swords at him as he was now dodging attacks but was caught a number of times as cuts began forming all over his body as he took a jump back and saw the blood coming out of the wounds.

"We need him alive!" Snakeskin ordered the ninjas.

But then suddenly his wounds were healing as they closed up even though he had no idea why he just ignored that and went back into the fight.

Throwing himself back into the fray he came at one of the ninjas and grabbed his sword as now he was armed and began clashing steel on steel as Drake fought back with all he had hitting critical shots and taking several of them down as he was once again face to face with the scaled assassin.

"Why are you fighting just give up already?!" Snakeskin said.

"I'm not going anywhere!" Red X said as they fought.

Both were landing blows but X was taking it to him once more as Snakeskin jumped back away from him.

"No more games boy! You can't hit what you can't see!" he said as he just disappeared.

"Oh really? Using freakin camouflage now?" Red X said looking around for him.

But before he could react he was being hit in all directions as if the air itself was attacking him.

Man he's got me off my game here! It's like I'm fighting Casper the not so friendly ghost here!

Drake was being pummeled by this invisible villain and was not able to defend himself from the attacks and was now in a bind.

C'mon Hawkins! Thinkhe has to have a weak spot

Thinking of that Drake's powers began to kick in once more and he used them to try and pinpoint him and focused on his surroundings as then his senses could pick up heavy breathing and that gave him his way in to fight back.

As Snakeskin went for a hit he was somehow blocked and went for another but again he was blocked as each attempted hit was proving to be useless as he knew his camouflage was no use now as he just reappeared.

"Alright lizard brain time to hang it up." Red X said giving him a choice.

However that would not happen. "Time to die little hero!" Snakeskin said as he pulled out a gun at point blank range.

But then it was taken out of his hand by a stray bullet as Drake looked around and saw no one around as if someone was watching out for him? As he just roundhouse kicked the scaled assassin and nailed a wicked uppercut to knock him out.

"X MAN!" seeing coming at him in a yellow and red blur was Kid Flash as he stopped in front of him.

Seeing the defeated enemies around him he knew he didn't need any help but then Drake backed away from the speedster.

"Drake what's wrong man?" Wally asked.

"You and the team lied to me." Drake said sternly.

Wally took a moment to think about it and realized what he meant by that. "Crap you found out, look Drake we didn't want to tell you and-"

"SHUT UP! JUST SHUT UP!" Drake shouted as he was now enraged now hearing him admit their lie to him.

"Come on man we're your friends, let us help you." Wally said as he went to touch him.

"NO!" Drake shouted as out of anger he lashed out and that sent Wally flying off the rooftop as he realized what he Drake quickly ran to the edge and saw him hanging from the bottom.

"Oh man this is not good!" Wally said hanging on by his own fingertips.

Drake looked down and just pulled him up to safety as he looked and just saw what he almost done began to walk away. "Drake…" Wally called out to him.

He stopped. "Stay away from me." Drake said as he just walked off.


Drake was now just walking through the dark streets of Gotham out of costume and just hoping they'd forget about him.

However he would not be left alone…

"Drake Hawkins?"

He stopped in his tracks and stood still. "Whoever sent you I'm not interested." he said continuing to walk.

"I only come to give you something that was left for you."

He stopped again. "What exactly? Something to make me your mindless puppet?" Drake spat.

"No this." it was shown to him from behind and in front of his face as he saw it was a silver locket and he took a closer look at it and he then opened it and there were pictures of a man, a woman, a girl and a boy.

"What is this?" Drake asked.

"Who you are."

"What do you mean who I a-" he was stopped in mid sentence as this mysterious person had vanished as he looked at the locket again.

Who I am? What does that mean?


Mount Justice, 8.27 p.m.

"No one has any ideas why he's gone?!" Superboy said as he was concerned for his friend as Megan tried to calm him down.

"The tracker hasn't found him." Robin said as he went to the computer to do a further check.

"Drake going off the deep end and nearly committing murder…never thought he was capable of it." Artemis said.

"No…that wasn't him." Wondergirl said in a low voice. "His eyes, they were of another within him." she said remembering his behavior earlier on.

"Still nothing on my end." Robin said.

Recognised- Kid Flash- B05

"But it looks like someone did." Kaldur said acknowledging the arrival of Wally.

"Guys…they came after Drake and he beat them then he-"

Recognised- Red X- B09

They sound of his ID being announced got them all to turn their attention to the central floor as walking in was Drake himself and his look was jus blank.

"I know the truth."

The truth is out and now answers are needed, will he find them? Who else has interest in him?

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