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Chapter 2: Lie to me

Mount Justice, 8.45 a.m. , two days later

The teens were awoken by the arrival of Batman and he wanted to update the team on the status of the mysterious person from the night before.

"It was the right thing to call, this person you found he isn't normal." Batman said as he brought out some folders containing documents of sorts.

They all took a folder each and read what each one said.

"His name is Drake Hawkins, sixteen years old, no living relatives and…

"Dead?" Kaldur said as they all saw the death certificate confirming it.

"Hold on! He was alive when we found him?" Wally asked.

"No he was dead…clinically, but his body went missing from the morgue hours later, the police wrote it off as burglary and didn't want to pursue it." Batman said.

"But now he's alive again…still how?" Wally asked.

"How exactly did he turn Wally from Kid Flash to Flying Flash?" Artemis said and once again directing an insult at Wally who just shrugged it off.

"Cadmus were experimenting on him and we don't know why yet but we're investigating it." Batman said.

"So what about him?" Dick asked.

"He's regained consciousness yesterday, but until we have the full story to why he was there and all of this he's to remain here under your watch." Batman said as they're all a bit shocked that he would be staying with them.

"Another experiment in the house." Connor said as his tone was sarcastic as always.

"When's he coming?" Megan asked.

"Later on, we had to tell him what happened but under no circumstances are any of you to say he died, who knows what it could do to his mind." Batman warned.

"We lie to him, say he was in a coma and there his mind remains intact." Kaldur said being the leader he is as they all agreed to do so.

"He'll be here this afternoon, I want full co-operation from all of you and again do not mention his death, that is all dismissed." Batman said as they all did so.

The team did not know what to make of this but however they wanted to help.

"I'll go make some cookies, I'm gonna try a new recipe I just got." Megan said as she flew off to the kitchen.

"I'd better get the guest room ready." Dick said.

Kaldur turned to both Artemis and Wally. "That would leave you both with the cleaning and also…try not to kill one another, I don't want our guest thinking he just entered The Kraken's lair." Kaldur said as he went to talk with Conner.

Both teens looked at one another as the dislike for one another was boiling as it did the first day they met.

"You heard our leader let's get to work Wallman." Artemis said as she mocked him yet again.

"Whatever I can do all my chores and yours in ten seconds flat." Wally said.

She then crossed her arms and smiled. "Betcha can't do it in under five minutes?" Artemis said as she challenged the speedster and he just sped off to prove her wrong as she nodded her head at once again outwitting him as she went off someplace.

"Connor I know that today you and Superman are going to talk." Kaldur said.

Connor knew that toady t would finally happen as the man who's DNA he was cloned from will finally make an attempt at communicating and finally make a connection with him.

"I know and part of me feels good about that, but another feels like I should just…not do it, just run and-"

Kaldur put a hand to his shoulder to show support for his team-mate.

"Connor…you needn't not worry all you're feeling are nerves, it is crazy but however you can do this and when you do you'll be glad you have so please take some time to relax and prepare yourself, we'll deal with our guest." Kaldur said as the Kryptonian clone nodded and left to do so.


Recognised Batman-A01

The sound of the computer announced the arrival of the Caped Cusader appearing out from the teleported was the Dark Knight as the team minus Superboy was present as they saw him approaching them as they saw a young man trailing behind him.

"Everyone meet Drake Hawkins." Batman introduced as he stepped into view.

He had blue eyes, brown hair that went down to his shoulders, and was wearing a dark blue hoodie with a plain white t shirt, some faded jeans and normal trainers.

The room was silent as then Kaldur stepped forward.

"Welcome Drake Hawkins to Mount Justice, I'm Aqualad but you may call me Kaldur." he said as he extended his hand out to him.

He then stepped forward and in front of Batman and went to meet his hand.

"Nice to meet you Kaldur and please call me Drake, I owe you all for what you did for me last night." Drake said as they shook hands.

"It's what we do, just call it another day at the office." Wally said as some of the team nodded their head in utter embarrassment over his corny remark.

"Yeah and I heard I turned you into Hawk girl." Drake joked as most of the group found that funny and thus humiliating Wally as he went to greet him.

"Uh Kid Flash but just call me Wally." Wally said introducing himself and they shook hands.

As then Dick also went to greet him along with the girls.

"I'm Robin but just call me Dick." Dick introduced himself as they shook hands.

"Hi I'm Miss Martian but just call me Megan." Megan introduced herself as Drake shook her hand he could not think about anything other than the face staring at him.

Wow she's pretty, never met someone from another planet but…

Hold it! Don't even think about it you know how it goes, out of your league…

Drake was thinking to himself even though little did he know Megan was reading every thought he had and was surprised he'd given up like that but at the same time went a little red from his mental compliments.

As then he met the blonde girl. "Hey I'm Artemis, that's my name and pretty much it." Artemis introduced herself as they shook hands.

"Nice…quick, brief and a very cool name you have." Drake said.

She smiled at his compliment as then it turned to a frown.

"Flattery won't get you far here Hawkins." Artemis said as she disarmed him instantly.

And I meet the hard ass of the group, yep can't have a group without one.

As they all welcomed him in Batman turned to the group.

"Alright I'll let you settle in, but I want you to remain here until further notice got that?" Batman asked the teen.

"Sure B-Man no problem." Drake said as Batman turned to leave the lair as he teleported away.

He looked to the super team. "Is he gone?" Drake asked.

They nodded to him.

"Well thanks for saving me and the hospitality…but I gotta bail." Drake said as he was about to leave.

As then Kaldur put his hand to his shoulder and stopped him.

"You heard Batman you need to stay here and besides where else can you go?" he asked him.

"Wherever the wind blows, I just drift through life and not be noticed, it's how I've lived all my life." Drake said as they were curious to what he meant.

"So in other words you're just going back to being homeless?" Wally asked.

"Pretty much yeah and I can't stay in one place too long, it gets boring." Drake said.

"Wait hold it, you'd rather live on the streets than here?" Dick asked.

He looked at them and knew he had to tell them. "I'll be honest with you all, I heard what the League said about me and I know those Cadmus guys did something to me while I was in a coma but they don't know what and quite frankly I'd rather not know." Drake said as he turned away from them. "I may have been in a coma but I'm not stupid I heard some things those assholes were planning on doing." he said.

"What were they planning to do Drake?" Kaldur asked.

"It was hard to make out but they wanted to take down the League." Drake answered.

They knew about Cadmus's intentions towards all masked vigilantes and the League itself and were not surprised but still had no clue to what role Drake played in all of this as he still stood facing away from the group.

"I take it even if I leave now I'd probably be on their radar and yours right?" Drake asked as he turned to face them.

"Sorry dude but it's what Bats told us to do, he's keeping you here so you'd be safe." Wally said.

"It's not like we even want to look after you but we're being ordered to and I follow orders." Artemis said as Drake knew she was going to be on his case.

As then Dick approached him from the left. "Don't worry about her she's just trying to be the fuzz around here." he said as Wally came up to him at super speed.

"Yeah It's Arty's way of saying welcome and "don't make me mad" way." Wally said as he mocked the blonde archer who was looking to kill the speedster on the spot.

"Yeah I like it…from now on I'll call you Arty." Drake said as he did that with a smile on his face and that just irritated the archer even more.

"So this means that you will stay?" Kaldur asked.

"Yeah I guess so, it does beat living in a bus stop, a park bench or even a rooftop." Drake answered as finally it had been settled.

They all then decided to just leave it there and go to the kitchen and dig in to some of Megan's cookies but not before they all warned him of the possibility of his entire taste buds and organs all dying from just one of her deadly recipe's.

As they all seated around the kitchen table and the plate of warm treats were placed there ready as Megan looked on hoping they were better this time.

"Hey Drakey why don't you have some first as you're the guest, I mean it's customary for having houseguests." Wally said twisting his arm to taste the so called infamous cookies.

Drake looked at the freshly made batch of cookies and took one as the smell was intoxicating and had not had something like this put in front of him for a long time even forgetting what real food was like as he inserted the treat into his mouth and felt the taste of chocolate and biscuit.

He then chewed the cookie and then stopped as their faces watched in anticipation of his reaction to it…

"This is…this is really good!" Drake said as he took another and was going at them.

Megan looked on in delight as her new recipe had paid off but everyone else could not believe that this guy either did like her cooking or he was a very good actor.

Recognised Superboy- B02

The computer announced the arrival of Superboy as he just walked back in and he had the same look on him as always and was walking to the living area where the others were.

"Conner…how did things go?" Megan asked the Kryptonian.

He gave a blank look and just walked off to the TV and just turned on his favourite channel and sat there not saying anything.

"I take it all went well?" Dick asked.

"Uh did you guys have "the talk" I mean I know it's awkward and all but-" Wally got cut off by Artemis who elbowed him in the chest to shut up.

Again he ignored them by staring at the static television as Drake looked on at this display of trying to communicate with the Kryptonian teen he decided to make the direct approach.

"Drake where're you going?" Kaldur asked.

"Try a little bit of human interaction, if not you may want to call the National Guard." Drake said as they saw him going towards Conner and knew he was playing with fire.

While Conner continued watching the channel full of static, Drake quickly hopped over the back of the sofa and laded beside him as he did not even care he was sitting next to him.

"So…anything good?" Drake asked him.

He sat there in silence just staring at the screen.

"Uh I haven't seen this show before but then again I have been out for five years didn't know TV had changed a lot in that amount of time." Drake joked as again Conner gave him silence.

Drake knew he was either shy or he liked to keep himself to himself, but he was not going to give up just yet.

"It's weird that one minute you're walking down the street minding your own business…the next thing you wake up and some guys turn you into their lab rat." Drake said off in a tangent.

However it did catch Conner's attention as he knew he also has had his problems with Cadmus in the past and could relate to him.

"I hate Cadmus for what they did to me." Conner said.

"I guess we've both been messed with by them, I don't know why they picked me but I'm pretty useless, don't have any sort of significance to this world apart from my killer good looks." Drake joked again as the Kryptonian formed a small smile on his face.

"I'm Drake…Drake Hawkins." Drake said introducing himself.

He looked to him with his ever blank look on his face.

"I'm…Superboy." he said introducing himself.

"Yeah I figured with the huge "S" on your shirt was a big clue, don't you have a real name by any chance?" Drake asked.

He looked a bit distant but then looked to him.

"It's Conner." he answered.

The other Justice members looked on as their "guest" had managed something that took them almost a year to do with the young Kryptonian.

"How?" Wally asked in disbelief.

"He's doing things which took us months in minutes…it's impressive." Dick said.

"You have to admit his approach to people is quite casual but my thoughts are on what did Cadmus do to him?" Kaldur asked.

"Maybe nothing at all or…" Megan said as she was then afraid to say the last sentence.

"A monster?" Artemis answered as they looked at her and they also sort of agreed with her but at the same time were unsure if that were true.

Looking to their new "guest" the questions still unanswered and many things were still to come.

Who is Drake? What is his role in all of this? What do Cadmus want with him?

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