Angel that fall in Love with the Demon

This story is somewhat a tragedy and show negative face of sasuke all over, sakura try to be tough to show her hate for her abduction and on his abandoning konha where as sasuke tries to break her soul for his own greed.

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Chapter- 1

Abduction of blossom

And sasuke katana passes through the red haired girl killing Danzo whose body falls on the floor injuring the limp body of Karin

"Why, why sasuke…" and blood coughed out from her mouth

"I don't require someone who can so easily be a hostage… there is no use of you, you'll just slow me down" sasuke harsh words crushed the delicate of red hair kunoichi.

"She can be a threat to us, she know much about us, just kill her" entered the orange masked Akatsuki member.

"Madara" sasuke exclaimed and then madara again teleported leaving sasuke to take his decision or I could say killing her. He fetched his katana from her body and took a step towards her.

But now a pink headed kunoichi entered slamming the rocks of the wall .

"Sakura" sasuke was totally abacked with her presence.

"Sasuke….umm….. howz you" Sakura deceive herself "umm…. Sasuke I came here to tell you the same thing I told you that night…. Sasuke I still love you… I am ready to betray my village…..just let me come up with you"

"Interesting" sasuke said confusingly "well you are a medic, apprentice of Tsunade….. You surely will be an asset to me…..but….. But….. Prove me you are not weak… kill her" directing his eyes to Karin "can't you"

"Anything for you" and then sakura took the poisoned kunai and walked towards her. Step by step she was overcoming the distance and now she faced the uchiha

"Scared from killing" sasuke gave a bold comment.

"No! not at all" 'its not her, its you, I have to kill you and I think time has come' and as she took step behind him she rotate her body aiming the kunai at Sasuke's neck and he was up with his pointed to her throat

"So you came up, for what you were here" sakura was shocked knowing he knew her motive

"So you knew …..But …But …. How?"

"you was never a good actress sakura" and then escaping the kunai from each other's neck

They blocked each other and this time it was sakura who launched his leg but sasuke dodged. His hands inflicted with chidori and stroked to sakura and she was cloned with the puff of smoke and appeared 12 feet behind sasuke and slammed the ground hard. He flocked in the air and as sakura desired where he cannot dodged and tint of second she slammed him and there he cloned and appeared just above sakura and there sakura was in situation and sasuke took his opportunity slammed his leg hard on sakura's gut. She fall hard on ground and her mouth start bleeding.

"Ahh…..ahhhhhhhhhhh… eyes….. Mangekyo….it can't….it can't" and world against him become blurred. He knew excess use of mangekyo is making him blind. But he confronted himself he can't let his weakness in mid of his fight.

On other side she forces some chakra in his hand and brings in contact with her lips and heeled herself.

"you are good, but not the best. You can't defeat my eyes" sasuke gave a dark exclamation and preparing his katana to kill sakura.

"why… you have achieved your revenge, then why don't you come back" sakura said with concerned but harsh tone at the same time .

"I haven't completed my revenge, I will kill each and every member of the konha" sakura eyes widened with sasuke's word and a certain rage inflicted her and she attacked sasuke while sasuke dodged and taking opportunity of her carelessness pushed his kunai in the stomach of sakura. His arms were across her waist pushing the kunai hard in her stomach. And there she stood helpless and sasuke was still behind her.

"why…." She coughed a little more blood and was unable to complete her words.

"because elders of YOUR village insisted Itachi to kill uchiha clan for peace of konha and asked her to live a life of a killer, of an avenger….. you all are living on his grave….. and I will get his life by all the life's of konha. "

"You killed itachi…. You are nothing but an idiot….. you believed… you believed…. MADARA…" sasuke was shocked by listening Madara's name 'she's aware of his truth… she was able to guess… no doubt she is smart but it won't last long' .

"he's using your hatred …. you idiot, you got hollowed… by the truth"

"get ready to be killed sakura" and used another hand to be waked by chidori and at the moment he stroked in her. A pull let him out of his grip. "Kakashi sensei…"

He let her safely on the ground a little distance away "sakura, heal yourself and let this girl out and heal her, she shouldn't die….. she could give us a lot information" kakashi stated eying his latter student. Sakura quickly healed herself and moved to red haired women.

While treating red haired women, she saw tears dripping silently from her eyes 'no offence she also is in love with sasuke. But an angel loving a demon is not good for her, he is dangerous…. He is too dangerous for her'

"Go help your teammate….. They require you" sakura gazed at Karin and gave a sad smile, and gripped her kunai and disappeared in puff of smoke.

Kakashi and sasuke have a silent and clean fight -dodges and attack and then dodge; it wasn't actually expected from 2 great sharingan users. Obviously kakashi was going easy on him avoiding the actual fight. Kakashi was eventually giving him lecture on REVENGE ' Its take all of you, you are just engraving your life in danger…..etc…etc' kakashi always accepted sasuke as his son and his decisions and deeds gave kakashi a good heart attack.

Sakura appeared just 2 inches behind sasuke and attacked him. Sasuke dodged and hold her neck and used her kunai to kill her but pink hair kunoichi have a great luck; this time it was naruto who saved her. It was in mere seconds this whole transition took place; kakashi movements to save sakura is accepted in slow motion just to give side effect

"Sasuke…." Naruto exclaimed slowly. All his emotions were passing over his face "what had happen to you" 'was he really going to kill her, Sasuke we knew is dead'

"Good to see you NARUTO" sasuke in his heartless tone.

"I know sasuke why you did this"


"Madara told me everything"


"yes…. I know how this hatred is I also want to kill everything… when I got It…" naruto said remembering his childhood memories "that's why I am here to take your back"

"you doesn't know how this hatred is….. because you were never having anyone to lose"

"shut up sasuke… he I doing this because he think of you as his family he accept you as his friend" this time furious sakura entered between sasuke and naruto fight.

"sakura, naruto… leave" kakashi ordered 'after letting all his hatred he got this'

" Sensei… are y-you going to k-kill….. him" stuttered naruto

"and I don't want both of you to see this" exclaimed kakashi

"but sen…" sakura was dropped by kakashi

"sakura you were here for the same reason and you got your chance"

"noo…" naruto furred and allowed rasingan in one of his hand and ran towards sasuke and sasuke with chidori; they were coming towards each other; like déjà-vu; and at last their fist came in contact and their stroked a bright light and a explosion and they both fall in opposite direction. Kakashi ran to unconscious naruto and before sakura make her move madara teleported behind sakura and knock her out "aah" and gain teleported behind sasuke

"sakura" kakashi shouted

"its time to go sasuke say bye to your friends and I think we require your little cherry blossom" and madara teleported with sasuke and sakura. He abducted sakura.

"sakura" kakashi sighed dropping his eyes on unconscious naruto.

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