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Out On The Town

It was a Friday night so not surprisingly the night club was packed, the main level and second floor full of bodies eager to drink, dance, and possibly pick someone up who would be interested in making some magic later. The bulk of the crowd were wizards and witches in their early twenties to late thirties, all dressed to impress and eager to shake off the long work week with friends, lovers and strangers. The dance floor was the draw, most eyes there as they watched those already on it show their stuff for the enjoyment of the crowds.

The lone man walking through the second level of the crowded club could feel countless eyes move from the dance floor to watch him, but this was nothing new to him.

It wasn't his looks that drew their eyes, though he was handsome enough to warrant a second, even third look. With short, raven black hair and emerald green eyes, a pleasing face and a lean, long build, the man was good looking to both male and female eyes. The man's clothes were simple but flattering, his gait purposeful and with a feline's grace. But those weren't the reasons for the stares either. No, people would always stare at this particular man for the simple reason that he was the spitting image of his father, The Chosen One.

Ignoring the eyes with twenty eight years of practice Albus Potter scanned the crowded room for signs of his cousin. Never an easy task since Louis tended to be surrounded by people at all times and easily got lost within crowds of his admirers. But luck was with the Auror and he finally spotted the curse breaker in a corner booth, already into his first drink from the looks of it.

Walking over Albus took his seat across from Louis, crossed his arms in front of him on the table, and gave his best friend a questioning look. "Why do our love lifes suck?"

Lips twitching over the deadpan delivery Louis saluted his cousin with his drink. "Dumped your latest, huh?"

Snatching the drink from the other man's hand Albus downed the contents before answering. "Yes, which is why I once again feel like crap because they never believe the 'it's not you, it's me' spiel. Because of course it usually is them, but being a gentleman I don't want to have to tell them that I'm dumping them because they're too damn nice to remotely excite me in or out of bed."

Taking his now empty glass back Louis didn't bother to hide his smirk, even as he mourned the loss of his alcohol. "That is what you get for dating nice guys like you."

"Oh shut up." That it was only the truth was annoying as hell. Though he was amazing in bed, Albus told himself as he bemoaned his crappy love life. It was just hard to be amazing in bed when the men he was trying to burn the sheets up with were about as stimulating as a back rub. Good, but nothing in comparison to an actual, mind-blowing orgasm.

Man but he missed mind-blowing orgasms.

"Where are the sexy alpha guys, Louis? Where are the ones who know the value of a little rough foreplay, that hickeys aren't a bad idea, that blow jobs are an important part of every well rounded relationship. Where? Seriously. I'm almost ready to go over to the dark side and give women a try, that's how slim the pickings are."

"You should do that." Louis agreed, laughing at the shocked look on his cousin's face. "Well if you go straight then that would leave more sexy, hickey causing, blow job giving men for me."

"I feel so loved."

"I do love you." Louis agreed. "Even if you are a workaholic drink stealer."

Flagging down a waitress Albus ordered his drink of choice and asked her to get his cousin another of whatever fruity drink Louis had been drinking. "This round will apparently be on me." He added for the waitress's benefit.

"No problem." Knowing better than to hit on either man the waitress smiled as she finished taking their orders and headed off to place them.

Of the two of them Louis Weasley was the most sought after by both genders, the man truly gorgeous in comparison to Albus Potter's handsome. The two men were similar in build and height, but Louis's ice blue eyes and white blonde hair tended to draw the most appreciative looks. Plus Louis tended to be more easygoing and laid back, while Albus had a reputation for working too hard and being far too serious for his own good.

But they were both eye candy as far as she was concerned.

Back at the booth, while Louis chatted up a friend who'd come over to say hi, Albus's eyes scanned the room, his profession making him prone to study any space he was in for exits, threats, and anyone recognizable he should acknowledge or avoid.

An Auror to the bone, Albus thought with the faintest of smiles, thanking the waitress when she brought him his drink and a bowl of pretzels to nibble on.

Sipping his whiskey Albus's eyes went back to scanning the crowded room, stalling when he caught sight of someone doing the exact same thing from the other side's second level. The man was just a little shorter than himself in height, with slicked back and pale blonde hair that could look as pale as Louis's in summer. Albus knew that the man's eyes would be a seductive foggy grey that hinted at dark secrets, even though there was no way to know from this distance. His fellow watcher's body was as lean and built as his own, dressed all in black as was the other man's preference.

Albus waited until the man's cold, calculating eyes locked onto his before he lifted his drink in his partner's direction.


On the other side of the room Scorpius lifted his glass in return, lazily acknowledging his partner gesture. He wasn't surprised that they were in the same club together; he knew this was one of Potter's preferred after work hangouts. Or to be more accurate, it was one of Louis Weasley's hangouts and the other man often dragged Potter here to keep the other man from working himself to death. His partner didn't seem to realize that working overtime all the time was never a good idea. Not that he was much better, but he did know how to relax on his downtime in a way that seemed beyond Perfect Potter.

That they both lived and breathed their jobs was one of the reasons they'd been paired up when they'd both become Aurors. The main reason they'd been paired up, of course, was because nobody else would have wanted to work with him, but the fact that they could keep up with the other was one of the reasons they'd stayed together all these years. They were both intelligent, focused, cool headed and not afraid to go up against the baddest the wizarding world currently had to offer.

His partner wasn't afraid of anything but disappointing his daddy, Scorpius thought with a sneer.

"Don't tell me you're still bitter about your latest boy toy dumping you so that he could try for Potter."

Turning his head Scorpius met his best friend and god brother's gaze. "I was not dumped."

"You were dumped." Rorake Goyle returned, not fazed in the least by his friend's death glare. He was used to it. "And it's not like Potter's banging your boy now. He turned him down flat from what I hear."

Not appreciating the reminder in the least Scorpius scowled. He hated that the other man was right. Almost as much as he hated the fact that this wasn't the first time he'd been dumped because his latest had decided to go after Albus instead, the Slytherin thought as he sipped his whiskey. And it wasn't even that the man was better looking or more charming than he was. He was more charming, and he was at least as handsome as the Gryffindor. Why the man was so popular with other men was beyond him.

Like hell it was.

He'd jump the Gryffindor in a heartbeat if circumstances were different.

Well aware of this Rorake just shook his head at the look that had come into the other man's eyes as his friend covertly shot glances in Potter's direction. He knew that Scorpius was convinced that the Gryffindor would say no if his god brother asked the man out, and he wasn't entirely sure that his fellow Slytherin was wrong to think so. Albus Potter had never indicated the slightest interest in Scorpius as far as he knew. But the man's love life was as bad as Scorpius's which said to him that the two both needed to rethink their chosen bed partners ASAP. His god brother too often set his sights on brainless boy toys that were never long term or meant to be, and from what he'd observed Potter went for guys everyone would approve of but didn't really do it for the guy where it counted.

If he and Potter had had any mutual friends he would have tried to set them up on a blind date unaware.

And if nothing else it would be fun to watch, Rorake thought as he sipped from his own glass.

"Don't look so smug. Your love life is even worse than mine." Scorpius grumbled, not appreciating the smirk on the other man's face at all. "When was the last time you had a date?"

Shrugging at the question Rorake wasn't overly depressed over the fact that he couldn't remember the last time he'd really had a decent date. If he thought about it hard it would probably depress him, and therefore he saw no reason to, the Slytherin thought as he absently brushed back his curly brown hair. He wasn't bad looking, but he wasn't exactly worth another look except for maybe his height and width. He was well over six feet tall after all and had a bulk that constantly had people telling him he should have been a bouncer. Nobody ever believed him when he told them he was a landscaper and not just a laborer for one.

Feeling Potter's eyes on him again Scorpius turned in his seat to meet the other man's gaze.

Did his partner have any idea how badly he wanted him, Scorpius wondered as he stared across the club. Probably not, if for no other reason than the Gryffindor was not at all his usually type. The man was in fact not at all his type. But something in those green eyes did it for him in a way he couldn't quite put into words. Always had, likely always would. Unless he finally got the man into bed and found out for himself just how good or bad the man actually was.

Wisely, he wasn't holding his breath on that.


When they'd had enough of the club scene for the night the two Gryffindors headed down to the main level, ending up separated as they both got called over by other people to say hi and play catch up with their old friends. Louis was just about to go and find Albus when he felt a very large hand come to rest of his shoulder. Looking over at said hand the blonde couldn't help but think about the old wives tail about the size of a man's thumbs indicating the size of another far more interesting piece of anatomy.

If that saying were true….this guy would be seriously hung, Louis thought as he turned around to get a look at the man in question.

Removing his hand Rorake simply held out the other man's wallet.

"Oh. Thank you." Taking it from the man Louis's eyes narrowed thoughtfully, trying to place where he knew the other man from. "Do I know you? You look sort of familiar. Hogwarts?"

Rorake supposed he should be flattered the other man even knew they'd ever crossed paths. They'd been on very different ends of the social strata in school after all. "I was two years behind you at Hogwarts."

"What house were you in?" Louis asked, the way the man's lips curved ever so slightly giving him the answer even before the man told him. "Ah, I see. And now I'm remembering where I've seen you before. You used to hang out with Malfoy."

"I still do in fact."

"Do you." Which was really too bad, Louis thought as he looked the other man over. Not that the man was really his type, but he was sort of cute with his curly hair and pretty milk chocolate eyes. "Goyle, right?"

"Rorake Goyle." Holding out his hand Rorake shook the other man's gently, not surprised that his hand so easily dwarfed the Gryffindor's. They were closer in height, the blonde was only three inches shorter than him, but otherwise they had next to nothing in common physically.

"Louis Weasley, though you knew that already, right?" Smiling at the Slytherin Louis slowly withdrew his hand, deliberately trailing his fingers against the other man's hand. "Thanks again for bringing me my wallet. I'll have to buy you a drink sometimes."

And turning Louis started to walk away, stopping when he realized he could feel male eyes checking out his ass. Turning around Louis slowly walked back to stand in front of the Slytherin, slowly raising one eyebrow questioningly as he crossed his arms in front of him.

"If you don't want people checking out your ass you shouldn't move it like that."

"I'll keep that in mind."

Turning back around Louis put plenty of swing in his hips as he went looking for Albus again.


A shiver going up his spine Albus didn't have to turn around to know who was coming at him from behind. He'd know that piercing gaze anywhere. One would think he'd be used to it by now, but he just couldn't seem to develop an immunity to the power of the man's eyes, Albus thought ruefully, his stomach muscles clenching in response to the Slytherin. The best he could do was hide his reaction to them, which he'd become very adapt at over the years. It was the only way he could survive being stuck in the same room with the man for at least seven hours a day, five days a week, Albus thought as he turned around to meet his partner's gaze once again, this time perfectly able to see and lose himself in those stormy grey depths.



"Heading home for the evening?" Scorpius inquired, not surprised to find that the man was turning in early despite the fact that they had the weekend off. Albus was not a party animal by anyone's definition of the word. The man had a tight circle of friends and rarely ventured out on the town unless said friends or family dragged him into it.

Albus nodded, keeping his face calm and composed. "And you?"

"I'm on my way out as well. I have a brunch to go to tomorrow and I'm here with Rory."

Which would explain the man turning in early, as Scorpius was a night owl by nature. Rorake on the other hand was not, Albus thought as he looked around, trying to spot the other Slytherin without luck. Unusual, since Rorake was pretty easy to spot. "Where is your better half?"

The Slytherin's lips twitched at the idea, though Scorpius was willing to admit that his partner wasn't exactly wrong either. Rorake, more than anyone else, could bring out his nicer, lighter side. The man just had a knack for it. Which was probably why their friendship continued to flourish despite their very different personalities and outlooks on life.

That or they were just too lazy to find better best friends.

"He was shanghaied as we were leaving by one of his clients. We're meeting at the front entrance."

"So you're all alone without anyone to supervise you. I better find Louis and get out while I still can." Albus drawled out, deliberately scanning the room for his cousin.

Amused Scorpius gave the man a questioning look, slowly moving into the other man's personal space. "So you think that Rory is the only thing keeping me from what…having my wicked way with you?"

"You don't think I could get away in time?" Albus returned, not about to be cowed by the man's sexy, bad boy body language. The Slytherin wasn't serious after all. He just behaved like this sometimes to try and get a rise out of him. And not the good kind of rise either, though that had been known to happen during their spats too, Albus thought with concealed amusement. The man was even sexier when they were fighting.

"Every time we've practiced our hand to hand combat I've won, Potter. I'd say the odds of me pinning you are pretty high." Scorpius pointed out smugly.

"But why would you want to?" Albus challenged.

Leaning forward Scorpius kept his eyes locked on the other man's as he answered the man in a voice meant for the Gryffindor's ears alone.

"I suppose I just like dominating you, Potter."