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Percy's POV

"We need mortals," those 3 words changed my life. That was when Chiron told me we needed more mortals with The Sight. Apparently, mortals would help us win the giant war. And somehow, (don't ask me why) he knew that there were several demigods and mortals with The Sight on a cruise ship. All teenagers, all my age. My new mission was to befriend them, reveal myself, keep them safe, and try to recruit them for our cause. I let this all sink in. Then Chiron spoke again "I will allow you time to pack and prepare for the ship. You will be flown tomorrow."

"Yes, Chiron. Is Annabeth going to?"

"Yes. I will allow her to go with you. Once you leave this room, please speak with her."

"Of course. What time is our flight?"

"6:00 in the morning."

"I better go pack then. Bye,"


I excused myself and went to Annabeth's cabin. I briefly explained to her what Chiron told me. She was happy that we where going on a mission, and was excited to go on a cruise ship. Then, I went to my cabin, packed everything I needed, and fell into a deep sleep.

A day later, I found myself about to walk onto the gangplank of the cruise ship, the S.S. Tipton. I glanced nervously at Annabeth, who said, "Do you think this is going to be easy, or hard?"

"I don't know," I said carefully "I mean, how hard can this be?" I tried to hide how nervous I was before taking a deep breath and stepping cautiously onto the gangplank.

Author's note: Sorry this first chapter is so short. My brain is not working properly today. I promise the next chapter will be longer.