Where am I? Thought Bailey, getting of the ground to examine her surroundings. One second she was asleep in bed, and the next she was in some strange, unknown place.

"Oh, great, what now? Is some completely unknown person gonna walk up to me?" And lo and behold, some person- or creature- did walk up to her. He had like a human upper body and a horse-like lower body-a centaur.

"Greetings, Bailey. My name is Chiron. I am from Camp-Half Blood. If you haven't heard of it yet, it is where Percy and Annabeth live. I came into your dreams to introduce myself- and give you a mission to pass onto Percy and Annabeth. You, Percy, Annabeth, and your friends will go on this mission. Since my time is almost over in you dream, let me give you your prophecy…."

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