Hey everyone! Okay I just finished reading this book which is amazing! I cannot believe how god it was. However, my friend and I wanted an epilogue which it didn't have. So this is for StarkLuverAllTheWay and myself. I hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own.


After I started my letter to my parents I continued to write in it everyday. I knew that they would be proud of me and who knows, they may even see me. Of course I will be very old then.

My life went on and years passed. My children grew up and had children of their own.

Then, only 20 years before the ship would land I had my 40th birthday. I realized then that I was officially older then my mom and dad who were both 39 when they were frozen.

The next twenty years flew by and finally, on the day I was to turn 60, it was time for the landing. Right before we did though, we needed to defrost or reanimate everyone.

I went down to my parents rooms with my husband and watched as they took my parents out of their boxes. As they came back to life, they looked around the room. I smiled when their eyes reached me.

"Amy?" my dad said, totally surprised to see me. He thought that I hadn't even gone with them.

I looked to them both and said, "I have a lot to tell you."