Rod, King Of The Pridelands

Rhonda Petrie

March 28th, 2011

Author's Note: Hello, Rhonda Petrie here! Sorry if I had not uploaded anything for the longest time; I've been working on a long story on DeviantArt and I got caught up with life, school, etc., and I also got a new account on DeviantArt. My daddy just came home from the hospital because of some serious condition and my mom is on a trip to California; since there is no school on Monday, hopefully I'll have time to upload these chapters.

Basically this is an idea I've had for a while but the problem was I was unable to find some time to write and since I was so busy with my other stories, I put this on on the side for months. It wasn't just until the other day that I mentioned this idea to Noogai and he suggested some of his characters for me to play in some of the roles here in this story; I decided I might as well write this since I haven't written anything in a long time and well... this story turned out really good and not what I quite expected.

This story is not really extreme like "Team Legacy Meets The Rod Squad" in terms of language and content and it is relatively mild. I also thought up of at least two more versions with Doug as Simba and Rhonda as Simba as well. I don't know if and when I'll be able to make a parody of the Lion King 2 sequel but hopefully I might because I've been dying to write one for a while too. I just need to get the cast cleared up.

So, hopefully you enjoy this and please read and review!

Disclaimer: Jack/Experiment, Sasha, Rolf/Experiment 630, Buck/Experiment 628, Rodney, Buckley, Jackson and Rodrigo Adrian Damiani are the property of Noogai and Days Of Our Lives is the property of NBC.

Chapter 1 – A New King Is Born

It was a new day in the Pridelands as the sun was rising up with orange, yellow and reddish hues radiating from the sky and the rays were showering over much of the kingdom as all of the animals, from the biggest elephant, to the smallest ant, were heading towards the prominent promontory for a most special celebration, for today, King Doug and Queen Julie were about to present a new heir to the Pridelands.

It was then that just as the animals were reaching Pride Rock and the sunlight was reflecting off the exterior of the humongous, distinct rock, a dark coffee black hornbill named Jack was gliding into the palace and then he landed inside the cave as he stood before Doug and Julie while bowing before them.

Doug was a gigantic, muscular and strong-built elderly lion who was getting on in years and Julie was a golden yellow lioness with a crème colored underbelly who was also approaching the end of her childbearing years; the two of them have spent many years trying to conceive an heir, but with little success since the pregnancies would always end in a miscarriage; therefore, it was a great joy to them when Julie was able to finally get pregnant and actually carry that child to term.

To make matters even more complicated, they were also married relatively late in life since they have spent much of their years mated with other lions, which ended in utter disaster.

However, today was a joyous day, and after so many years filled with heartbreak, hopelessness and despair, they were finally blessed with a little cub of their own, who they called Rod.

Jack then went over to the royal couple as he peered at the newborn prince cradled in Julie's arms and as she was licking him tenderly, the cub then rolled over onto his back while purring softly and gazed up at him with blank, distant eyes. Jack then let out a horrific scream as he stepped back in terror and Doug and Julie exchanged confused and worried glances before turning to their majordomo. "What's wrong, Jack?" Julie asked him with a puzzled face as Jack was shaking with trepidation.

"Your cub is absolutely hideous! He is by far the scrawniest and skinniest cub I've ever seen!" Jack exclaimed in an appalled and stricken voice as the couple bristled at Jack's tactless and insulting comment.

"Now, Jack, that's not very nice; he is our son after all and your future king," she chided and reproached him sternly while stroking the little cub's back protectively yet soothingly as to heal him of the emotional hurt he has just caused.

"Therefore you should act more courteous and respectful towards him and to us; you may go," Doug added in a stern yet strong voice as Jack scowled furiously while cursing in Spanish and stormed off.

It was then that a female mandrill with dark pink fur and black markings named Sasha came strolling over to the couple and hugged them briefly before focusing her attention on the newborn cub. She then held her staff containing fruits over him as Rod became fascinated by them and started swatting at them playfully, to the delight of the monarchs.

Then Sasha took one of the fruits and broke it apart before dapping one of her fingers into the reddish-brown juice and smeared it on Rod to anoint him; then she grabbed some fistful of sand with her hand and sprayed it all over his head, causing him to sneeze.

She then grabbed him by the underarms and carried him over her shoulder while nodding respectfully to the couple and headed out of the cave.

She then stepped out onto the promontory as she slowly made her way towards the huge throng of animals with Rod fearfully peering towards the ground with panic-stricken eyes as he was dreading what was to happen next.

It was then that Sasha stopped at the very edge of the cliff face and she suddenly thrust Rod up in the sky as the animals then exploded into a thunderous yet jubilant uproar; the elephants were trumpeting cheerfully with their horns as the monkeys were scampering and tumbling onto the ground in a restless chatter; the rhinos were bowing down gracefully before the future king and the giraffes were baying while kicking up the dirt with their feet. Rod was watching this with an intrigued and keen eye as he was astounded and amazed by this revelry that was made just for him. Is this for me? I'm the future king? He thought to himself wondrously as he marveled at his surroundings.

Finally all of the animals bowed down before him as all of the birds ranging from red to yellow to blue and even green soon flooded the skies while gliding and soaring in a slow, rotating circle before turning around to float in a straight line as if they were glowing auroras.

It was then that the faces of Alice and Tom Horton appeared in the heavens and shined down numerous rays of light down on their newly born grandson as they beamed at him proudly. The animals then continued to cheer and revel enthusiastically as they celebrated the arrival of the new heir to the Pridelands and were very hopefully for the future.

However, there was only one resident who was not so pleased with the new arrival to the lands; his name was Stefano, and he was a dark black onyx lion with a slight, slender yet robust body, a long, haggard, drawn face and a red scar cutting across his right eye. He growled irascibly as he took a right turn into the cave just adjacent to the main one and paddled over to a tiny white mouse skittering across the floor; as it was squeaking and sniffling around with its whiskers twitching, Stefano then pounced on it and caught it with its tail stuck in-between his toes as he was dangling around with it while toying with it.

"Life's not fair, is it? And as for you, you shall never see the light of day again. Toodoos," Stefano growled in a deep, husky voice as his dark red eyes narrowed sinisterly at the innocent, helpless creature and he opened his mouth to eat it when he was interrupted by a sharp voice.

"Didn't your mother tell you not to play with your food, arse?" Jack huffed arrogantly as he fluttered into the room and Stefano peered over his shoulder stiffly while glaring at him ferociously. "What do you want?"

"I would like to inform you that Your Majesty will certainly not be pleased with your absence during the presentation ceremony," Jack snapped angrily at the sullen grown lion while pecking at the floor absentmindedly. "And why should I care?" Stefano growled fiercely as he swallowed the mouse whole while licking his lips. "Because I'M the majordomo and the advisor to the king; he will be very angry with you when he sees you," Jack countered back in a rather pompous and arrogant voice while gesturing to himself with his wing.

"Ohhh, I quiver with fear," Stefano hissed in an ominous, creepy and malicious voice as his lips curled back into a nasty snarl and he started to advance towards Jack as the young hornbill backed down in terror.

"Now, now, Stefano, let's not get hasty here…" he stammered fretfully as he saw that Stefano was about to attack him judging by the maniacal gleam in his eyes and he immediately took off as Stefano twisted around and lunged at him with a roar as he let out a terrible scream; in a matter of minutes, he was caught right in his jaws and his tail feather was sticking out of his mouth as Stefano landed on the ground breathing heavily just as Doug came walking into the cave with a stern expression on his face.

"Put him down, Stefano," Doug issued a firm order as Jack's beak popped out of Stefano's mouth just as he said it. "Impeccable timing, Your Majesty," he interjected as Stefano spat him out and Jack tumbled onto the floor while grimacing at the thick saliva dripping from his feathers.

"My, my, aren't we in a charming mood this morning?" Stefano chuckled slyly as he slunk away from Doug while heading to the end of the cave. "Julie and I noticed that you were absent from Rod's presentation ceremony," Doug retorted sternly to Stefano as he snorted.

"Indeed; I was the one who was supposed to be king. I was the one who was standing to take the throne until that little hairball was born," the elderly lion scoffed disdainfully while avoiding direct eye contact with his younger brother. "That 'hairball' is my son and your future king," Doug shot back in a firm and somber tone as Stefano turned to glare at him. "Indeed; well, you better watch your back and stay out of my way," he snapped at him as he was about to walk away from him.

"Don't turn your back on me, Stefano!" Doug hissed with a fierce snarl as Stefano barely looked at him and continued on his way.

Now furious with rage, Doug then bounded rapidly after him with a loud, resounding roar as he jumped in front of the older lion and glared at him determinedly yet indignantly. "Don't you dare turn your back on me!" he roared indignantly as Stefano narrowed his eyes at him with a frown.

"Temper, temper; you really should watch your blood pressure, Your Majesty. I may be the brains of this family but when it comes to brute strength…" Stefano growled back at him as he walked past him in a slinking motion and as he was stepping down, he added, "I must be the weak link in the gene pool." And with that, he departed from the cave.

"That lion never learns," Jack snorted as he perched himself on Doug's right shoulder as he exhaled deeply. "I suppose so; I just don't know why he is so stubborn," Doug muttered to himself while shaking his head as they departed from the cave. "Heh, maybe we should throw him into the alligator pit or something; that would teach him a lesson once and for all!" Jack chuckled while proposing a suggestion to the king, which made him laugh. "Jack!"