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Chapter 01

"It wouldn't be right for me to stay here any longer. I don't want there to be problems."

"I'm really sorry about this, Grimmjow, but I'm glad I did meet you."

2½ Years Later - Winter

"Grimmjow, take this order over to table four! Stop slacking!"

"That's not even my job! Nnoitra is the one that's slacking! He's the freakin' waiter!"

"I'll deal with Nnoitra later, but right now I'm asking you to do something, so just do it." Grumbling, Grimmjow grabbed the three plates of food and headed to table four. He'd never understand why his boss would let his lanky, best friend slack on his duties. The man always seemed to slip away and flirt with women. That asshole needs to be fired. Grimmjow really couldn't complain though. He was getting the toothpick's tips and a little extra something in his paycheck.

After high school, Grimmjow didn't go to college, like his mother had wanted him to. He went straight to working. His mom had been furious about it, saying that he wouldn't get anywhere without having a college education, but he just didn't want to deal with school anymore. He didn't want to even think about accidentally meeting her again. When she left, it was hard for him. He was so upset with himself for letting her get away. He would beat himself up constantly, calling himself a coward and a child for not even taking responsibility for what he was apart of. He missed her with ever fiber of his being, but he was apprehensive to see her again, so he stayed away from schools.

After she left he tried to forget about her. He wanted to get on with his teenage life and not think about what had happened between him and his teacher. He went out on dates, had relationships, but none of them really lasted long. It was just too hard to get her off of his mind. Eventually he just threw himself into schoolwork and clubs, trying to occupy his mind with other things. It had worked fairly well, but the moment someone spoke her name it all fell apart.

It was a few months later when he had overheard one of the girls in his class talking about her. She said she had seen her at one of the universities in town. She still had the long, flowing orange hair, the almond eyes and the same beauty about her. What had shot him through the heart was the fact that she was four months pregnant. He had wanted the floor to open up and swallow him whole. It had felt so much longer to him and he wondered how she really looked.

Did she have the pregnant glow around her like most pregnant women? Was she really as beautiful as his classmate was saying or was she even more radiant then words could even describe? He just felt like he didn't even deserve to know what she looked like anymore. He didn't deserve to have something of his growing inside of her. And he sure didn't deserve to even see her again. So he refused to go near any university in the city and went straight to work.

As soon as he graduated, he managed to instantly work. He may not had been as intelligent as most of the students at the school, but he made enough high marks to keep himself from low-class jobs. He really could care less what kind of job he had as long as he could save enough for his own place. No matter what, he shunned the thought of living with his mother until he was 24. He was still pretty young, almost turning nineteen and though he loved his mother, he didn't want her constantly breathing down his neck.

He was glad that Nnoitra had a place on his own, though when the man gladly insisted that they live together, he thought twice about it. Of course Nnoitra was his best friend, but he didn't know how it would be to live with the lanky man. After staying there for about a few weeks he realized it really wasn't so bad. The apartment was big enough to fit four people and the taller man was a lot quieter than he expected…well unless he brought a woman either. He usually would hear a lot of pleasurable screaming, but most of the time he would deafen his ears with headphones or just leave. He was ready to start his adult life and he refused to let his past mistakes beat him up any longer.

"Here ya go. Will there be anything else?" Getting a no, Grimmjow went back to his normal job at the diner he worked at. Did you really think he was a waiter? He only did such a job when someone else was slacking about and not doing their job. He was the assistant manager, mostly dealing with everything behind the scenes. He did inventory and took care of the paper work and finances of the place. It surprised him that he excelled at math more than anything else and it gave him an advantage when looking for a job. He also took care of keeping the place looking up to date. The owner liked to keep his diner up on the times. He was an older man and didn't know anything about what went on nowadays so he entrusted all of that to Grimmjow.

He kept the place looking new age and though the place was already very popular, being smack dab in the middle of a shopping avenue with delicious food, newer people would come all the time to see how the place always changed.

Grimmjow was sitting at one of the back booths looking through the completed checklist of inventory he had been doing since yesterday, trying to figure out what needed to be ordered when the front door chimed as it was opened. Instead of the owner being out front, Grimmjow usually took care of the front house with the hosts and waiters. He needed to always keep tabs on them and help out since the place was always busy.

He glanced up for a minute then looked back down at his notepad, only to snap his azure eyes back up. They went wide and his body went completely rigid. No…it couldn't be her. His eyes stayed pinned on the woman with the long, apricot hair. She was standing by the front podium waiting for someone to seat her. Even if they were busy, some should have been helping her…unless they were slacking off. The blunet's eyes trailed down her body, seeing her smooth dainty hand holding the hand of a small girl with long, sky blue hair pulled into a side ponytail.

Grimmjow felt his heart lurch and throb painfully in his chest. He knew it had to be her. That little girl had to be his daughter. There was no denying those locks. The hair that he was so familiar with. He could feel his body quivering. He lifted his eyes back up to the woman's face to see a scowl etched across it. I wish assholes would really do their fuckin' job. Be a man, Grimmjow. Go take care of her! The blunet shook his head. He couldn't. This coward of a man isn't the Grimmjow I've known for the last 2 ½ years! He huffed out a breath and slowly rose from his seat and made his way over.

He grabbed two menus and a booster seat from the podium and started making his way to a seat. "Finally, I was wondering when someone was going to help us." He couldn't look her in the face. He knew that he was probably the only person in Karakura Town with natural blue hair, but a lot of guys died their hair outrageous colors. He watched as she put the small girl in the booster seat before seating herself. He held out the menu, waiting for her to get situated. She looked up at him with a smile and froze. "Grimmjow?" she whispered.

Chuckling in a nervous way as he scratched the back of his neck, he responded. "Hey…Ichigo, it's been a while, ne? Didn't think I'd see you again." Grimmjow wanted to kick himself. He was so nervous and he was doing his very best to hide it. She was still beautiful as ever, looking like she didn't even age a bit. Her hair was still as bright as the sun and her eyes were still as big, brown and expressive as they were before. Kami, I wish she would stop looking at me like that.

"Mommy?" Grimmjow's eyes glanced towards his daughter. She was just as beautiful as Ichigo, if not more.

"Yes, Amami?" Amami, so that's her name, huh? That's fitting.

"I want chicken." Grimmjow chuckled at that.

"She's beautiful, Ichigo. Just like her mother." Ichigo looked away from her daughter and up to Grimmjow, a slight blush staining her cheeks and nose. I guess I still got it.

"Uh, thank you, Grimmjow. She actually looks more like you." Ichigo looked back down at her daughter. "She gets teased a lot about her blue hair. They all wonder if I'm her real mother, being that my hair isn't blue." She turned her attention back to Grimmjow. "So, uhm, how are you? It's been such a long time." Before the blunet could say anything, his boss walked over.

"Grimmjow, you're on your lunch break. I refuse to pay you anymore overtime, so take it. Now." Silently thanking his luck, he turned his attention back to Ichigo. She was watching him, wondering what he was going to do. Damn you, Ichigo and your eyes.

"Mind if I sit with you? We can finish talking during my break." She said it was alright and he was glad she was willing to talk to him after what he had did two years ago. Sitting across from her in the booth, he stared at his daughter. He turned his eyes back to Ichigo before he spoke again. "So, uh anyway, I've been okay. After you…left, high school was pretty normal. A lot of the students missed you though, mostly the guys." She laughed at that, which made him smile. She still had a beautiful laugh. "Nnoitra still talks about how you were the hottest woman he'd ever seen."

"So you're still friends with Jiruga-kun? That's good. He was such a handful in school."

"He's still a handful." She smiled at that." So, what about? How have you been?" Her smile slowly turned into a small frown.

"It was hard at first. I wasn't making enough at the university during the time of my pregnancy, so I had to quit. My dad helped me with some finances and I was able to get back on the right track. The last couple of months of my pregnancy were stressful and a little painful, but we both came out okay." Ichigo looked down at Amami. "She's a bright child for her age. She's such a sweetheart, always trying to help in some way." Ichigo smiled as she ran her hands through Amami's loose ponytail. Grimmjow could see regardless of what happened between them in the past, something good come out of it.

The conversation went on while the three of them ate. Grimmjow asked about where she was working now and small things about his daughter. When Amami had asked why Grimmjow's hair was the same color as her's, Ichigo didn't know what to say. She didn't know if it was right to tell Amami that Grimmjow was her father…at least not yet.

Grimmjow stuffed a fry into his mouth, when a thought came into his mind. "Ichigo." Said woman looked up from helping Amami with her food, waiting for the man to continue. "Did…did you meet anyone in the last two years?" Oh hell, why did I even ask her that? "I-I mean someone to take care of you and Amami…or just maybe you." She smiled sadly at him. Opening her mouth, she was going to say something when someone called her name and stopped her. Looking around Grimmjow, she frowned.

"Shiro? What are you doing here? I told you that I would call you when I was finished feeding Ami." Grimmjow refused to turn around to see who Ichigo was talking to. He didn't want to shatter his hopes of the woman being single.

"I told you that I would have lunch with you and Ami. You're always doin' your own thing." He felt someone walk past him and watched as a white skinned male sat next to Ichigo, kissing her on her temple. Grimmjow clenched his hands into fists, feeling a pain in his chest at seeing someone else touch Ichigo. He didn't know if he could stay and watch.

Rising from the table, he caught the eye of the white skinned male. "Yo, you must be Grimmjow." Said man froze and looked over his shoulder to glare at the white skinned man, trying to figure out how that fool knew his name. "Ichi's told me so much about cha. I'm Shiro, by the way." He reached out his hand to give Grimmjow a handshake, but the man just glared at it as if it was some kind of disease. He could see Ichigo frowning at him out of the corner of his eye, but he refused to be "buddy-buddy" with any man who had taken Ichigo away from him.

Shiro seemed to sense this because his mouth pulled into a wide smirk. Pulling his hand back, he chuckled at Grimmjow and turned towards Ichigo. "Hey Ichi, if you are finished, we should get going."

"Shut up, Shiro. Grimmjow, I apologize for this idiot who interrupted our conversation." Ichigo pushed Shiro out of the booth so that she and Amami could get out. After picking up her daughter, she made her way over to Grimmjow. "Uhm, it would be nice to see you again, if you'd like to. You could get to know Ami as well." Grimmjow looked down at her then towards his daughter to see her looking up at him, curiously.

"Yeah, I'd like that. Give me your number so I can call you." Ichigo smiled up at him before uttering her number to him. Shiro watched the scene play out with narrowed gold on black eyes. He looked at the man that looked so much like his Ami. He never thought that Ichigo would meet this man again. It really didn't matter to him, because he wouldn't let him get too close to Ichigo again.

"Come on, Ichi. It's time to get going." Sighing, Ichigo glared at Shiro before turning her attention back to Grimmjow. She said her goodbyes and walked out the door, leaving Shiro behind. The blunet and Shiro seemed to be having a glaring contest before Shiro decided to say something.

"You won't get her back. You lost her two years ago. You may be Ami's dad, but I've been around her longer than you. Don't think just because you waltz back into Queen's life that you are gonna take her away from me. She's mine." And with that Shiro was out the door. Grimmjow was stunned for a minute, not realizing what had just happened.

I can't believe my luck today. First I see her and my daughter than this snowflake comes in the middle of the minimal time I had with her. To top it all off, he claims I'm trying to take her from him, which I guess is kind of true. Looking down at his cell phone he smiled at her name in his phone book. At least I got her number.

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PS: Amami means beautiful sky in Japanese. Her nickname Ami means Asian beauty.