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Chapter 04

Grimmjow laughed as he leaned back against the leather couch. He watched the three girls standing at the microphone trying to follow the lyrics of the song playing on the loud speakers. He hadn't been on a gōkon since he was in high school and everything felt so refreshing. His friends, the laughs and drinks, it was how he should be living. He was still young and life wasn't about settling down at a time like that. Grimmjow knew he couldn't push his responsibilities to the side, but that didn't mean he had to be miserable about life. Ichigo didn't want him, so why should he waste his time on the woman?

Sipping on a beer, he gazed across the small table to see a young woman gazing at him. Her long, flowing green hair framed her face perfectly and her deep, hazel eyes were enchanting. She was beautiful and if she was looking his way that meant he might get lucky tonight. Smirking at her, he watched her blush and he could tell she was somewhat shy. He wasn't one who liked timid women, but it just might be an act. Pushing himself off of the couch, he made his way over to her and sat down. Introductions were a piece of cake and he started to find out just how much they had in common. Grimmjow wasn't looking for anything long-term, but that didn't mean he couldn't try. It would be hard to get over the love he had for Ichigo, but it was something that needed to be done. She was no longer waiting for him, willing to be with him and he wouldn't wait around for her to realize what she was missing.

So that night he enjoyed his youthful life. He enjoyed the upbeat music and horrid singing. He savored the alcohol sliding down his throat and intoxicating his brain. Tonight was for fun and it would repeat until he could lose his mind in such acts, until he could forget about anything. Until he could forget about her all over again.

Six Months Later - Spring

Grimmjow groaned at the sound of the quiet humming that had become so familiar. Slowly slitting his eyes open, he could make out the overly bright bedroom, the small girly knick-knacks sprinkled across the small place. He instantly recognized the area that he had been venturing to more than his own home. Turning over, he sighed, glad that the light was no longer shining in his face. His eyes slowly drifted close and he tried to disappear back into dreamland.

"Grimm! Time to get up!" He groaned, turning his face into the pillow and pulling the covers completely over his head. He heard soft footsteps and peeked out from under the blankets to see his girlfriend standing at the edge, dainty hands on her hips. "Come on!" she sing-sang. "I made you breakfast."

Grimmjow just groaned again, hiding himself deeper into them. "Neliel…it's six in the morning…on a Saturday. I don't have work, let me sleep." He heard her huff and before he knew it, the blankets were pulled from his body.

"You promised we would go to the theme park today. So get up before I get you up myself." Turning on her heel, she made her way out of the room, leaving Grimmjow half sleep and uncovered.

"Can't even get a decent sleep in," he mumbled before sighing and slowly pushing himself up. It had been a little over six months since he started dating Neliel after what was supposed to be a one-night stand. Even though they had hit it off at the gōkon, Grimmjow hadn't been ready for a serious relationship, but Nel had been persistent. He took a chance and they have lasted for a little over half a year, but Grimmjow knew what he was really feeling. He was trying to keep himself from looking for Ichigo. He dreamed about her every night, about spending time with his daughter and he knew any relationship he had wouldn't last. His heart belonged to two women, one each having a piece and there was nothing left for anyone else.

Ignoring the feelings was the only thing he could do to continue on, but it hurt just trying to do that. Life was lonesome even if he did sleep next to someone at night. It was bothersome even though Nel gave him his space every now and again. It just wasn't what he wanted and he knew that if he wanted Ichigo back he should fight, but he just didn't have it in him to break up what she had already found. He did worry about Amami and how she was taking all of this. He missed his daughter now that she had been in his life and he wished he could get the courage to take that step.

Pushing himself out of the bed, he made his way towards the bathroom. He guessed if he was up, he might as well get ready. Clean and dressed, Grimmjow made his way into the kitchen where his Nel was sitting. Joining her, he started to gorge himself on the breakfast made by his girlfriend's hands. Neliel was an amazing woman, a bit older than he was, but she would never seem that way. She had a fiery and young personality; different from the shy facade she had put on the night he met her. Her body was amazing and she was considered the wife type, good in just about anything. His friends would think he was crazy not to fall for such a woman, but it just wasn't in him.

She didn't have burning orange hair, expressive mocha brown eyes and peachy skin. She wasn't the mother of his child and she felt nothing like Ichigo. It still drove him crazy that he was so infatuated with a woman he had only slept with once. Pussy whipped as Nnoitra would say. It wasn't his fault that he was in love with Ichigo. He would enjoy help getting over her, but he knew it would be hard to do such a thing, almost impossible.

Sighing, he bit into the piece of toast in his hand and leaned back, gazing at the large hazel eyes. He should really stop thinking about Ichigo. Today was his day to spend with his girlfriend and it would be rude to do otherwise. He needed to focus on her before he let his heart break down and he ended up running back to the angel with long apricot hair.

"Hmmm! What should we get on next?" Grimmjow was beyond tired. After the numerous rides, games, snacks and more rides, he was ready to go home. His arms were filled with arrangements of stuffed animals and souvenirs and he wondered what else he could possibly carry. He wasn't used to doing things like this. Though he had been in relationships before, he never put any effort into them. It was just something to pass the time and though he thought this was the same, for some reason he was trying harder to actually care about Neliel. No matter how he felt, he would push it aside and pretend to be happy. He didn't want to hurt the woman's feelings because she seemed to genuinely like him.

"How about we relax for a while? My feet are killing me," he said, trying his hardest not to sound annoyed.

Hazel green eyes looked up, shimmering with happiness and she grabbed Grimmjow by his shirt, pulling him towards one of the small cafes. She guessed he deserved to relax. She had been dragging him around for hours and he had been so sweet about it. Making it closer to a small restaurant, she slinked her way through the group of outdoor tables and sat Grimmjow down at one of them. She would treat him to something good, just for being the perfect man of the day.

"Stay there, I'll be back." All Grimmjow did was nod, watching his girlfriend disappear into the restaurant. Leaning back, he dropped the numerous bags of goodies on the concrete ground and ran a hand through his hair. It was hard. It was hard watching the children run around with their parents. It was hard seeing how happy they looked or how happy the parents were to be near their own flesh and blood.

He missed those large, blue eyes that had gazed up at him with admiration and that long, flowing aqua blue hair that was silky soft. Amami gave him something to be proud of and even if Ichigo didn't want him any more, he should at least want Amami. The giggling surrounding him and drumming through his ears made him want to see her so much more. Six months. It had been six months since he seen her or Ichigo and it was starting to get to him.

"Shit," he mumbled.

"What's wrong, Grimm?" Looking up, Grimmjow gazed directly into large brown-green eyes that glittered with happiness. Neliel was oblivious to how he was feeling. She was oblivious to the past he was trying to hide. The woman knew nothing of his daughter, nothing of what happened to him in high school and he was thinking of telling her. He wanted to end this, wanted to end this charade that he had built up. He wanted to take all the time he was giving to Neliel and give it all to Ichigo, all to Amami.

Smiling up at her, he reached for her and pulled her down onto his lap. She squeaked with excitement, but it didn't take her long to recover and cuddle close to Grimmjow. "Nothing's wrong. …Everything is perfect."

Ichigo could feel the sweating chest against her back, the curve of her behind was flush against the man's pelvis behind her. It felt good to be held, to be comforted by a man that loved her. Shiro had been the perfect lover, the perfect father for Amami and life was going how it should. The pale man's hands slid up her Ichigo's cooling stomach, smearing sweat under his fingertips. The oranget's breath was coming out in pants and her heart thumped loudly in her chest.

"Yer so sexy when we make love." All Ichigo did was groan, tired from the onslaught of penetration and rigorous activity. It always exhausted her when she and Shiro had sex. After work and taking care of Amami sex seemed to be able to relax her as much as lounging on the couch and reading a book. The feeling of her body muscles tensing and loosening made it easy for her to rest without a care.

Turning over, she gazed up into Shiro's eyes, memorized by the golden pupils that glowed in the dark. The tired, haunting eyes were something she had been used to ever since the man came into her life and she was starting to realize that this was getting close to an forever kind of relationship. There was love and normality now in her life, not to mention a father for Ami. That had been the only thing that Ichigo ever cared about. She didn't care about happiness for herself or to live happily ever after with a man she loved (though it was always a bonus). All the orangette cared about was having that father figure for her child, having two parents in the little girl's life.

Or maybe…maybe she was looking for a little piece of happiness to call her own. Maybe she wanted something to come home to, someone to smother her with undying love. Rolling over on top of Shiro, she smiled down at him, watching as he smirked up as a response.

"How about another round?" she mumbled before pressing her lips against his. Before Shiro could get a dirty word in a loud muffled crying sound slammed against Ichigo's closed bedroom room. Mahogany eyes widened and all signs of lust had completely disappeared. She pulled herself off of Shiro and rushing out of the room, bathrobe in hand. "Amami! I'm coming, baby!"

It didn't take long for Ichigo to get to her daughter's room and she found Ami seating upright in her bed, tears streaming down her pretty, little face. The normal tiny voice was strong, the wails loud enough to shake Ichigo's body. The little girl wouldn't stop screaming and Ichigo had never seen her daughter in such a way. Amami hardly cried unless something worried her and something had obviously wasn't going right.

Amami's short arms reached out for her mother and Ichigo reached out to pick the child up and hold her tight, rocking back and forth to soothe her daughter. She knew Amami wouldn't be able to get out a word until she was calmed down. The small body shook and the sobbing was starting to make Ichigo even more worried.

"Ami, what's wrong?" The wailing was the only response Ichigo was receiving. The small hands pulled at the orangette's robe collar and Ichigo was at a loss of what to do. "Okay, okay I'm not going anywhere."

Ichigo didn't know how long had passed, but she found herself back in her own bedroom where Shiro was completely awoke and sitting against the headboard.

"What happened?" Shiro questioned. Shrugging, Ichigo slid under her covers placing Amami down next to her.

"She must have had a nightmare. I'll just let her sleep here tonight." It was late and Ichigo hoped that Amami would be able to sleep the rest of the night. Reaching over, she turned off the light and pulled the covers over her, feeling Shiro's arms wrap around her waist.

Ichigo gazed down to see Amami's face covered in dried tears, but the child's face was void of any expression. It was a good sign and hopefully they all would be able to get a good night's sleep.

Before Ichigo drifted off to sleep she could hear her daughter mumbling quietly next to her and a soft whisper of a name made her wonder just what Amami had dreamed about.