Mikey's point of view

"Gee, I'm home" I shouted up thee stairs. I waited a few seconds, no reply. I was starting to get worried, even though we were vampires and we were dead, we could still become lost souls if we damaged our form to much. This, to us, was like suicide, something I no my brother thinks about very much. "Gerard?" I shouted again whilst making my way up the splinter filled staircase. "What!" I herd him shout back. I opened his bedroom door slowly to see him lying on his bed, a bottle of cheap beer in his hand. "Gerard are you d-drunk" I was scarred of him when he was drunk, every one was.

"Look I'm only p-pissed if you wanttt ittt baby!"

"Gerard, stop drinking, it's not going to help you"

"Ahhh, buuut, what if it did, now fuck of my little beauty" he got up so he could face me "before I decide things shouldn't be so perfect anymore" he whispered the last bit with a spine chilling smirk, the stench of alcohol coming out with every word. I stumbled out of the room and walked to my own. I collapsed onto the bed. I sighed, I missed the old gee, the brother who had always loved and cared for me, the brother who could be loved and cared for. The human gee.

My eyes fluttered open as I herd a crash in the kitchen. I reached out for my glasses and put them on. "Half past fucking five" I mumbled to myself angrily, I was not a morning person! Then I herd another crash, reminding me of why I was awake so early. I jumped out of bed, my tired body telling me to stop with every painful step, but I ignored it. I slowly walked down the steps to reveal my brother trying to knock out what looked like a prostitute. She had masking tape over her mouth, making her voice quiet and muffled. She had blond, damaged looking hair, just above her shoulders and makeup smeared all over her face. She was wearing a VERY reviling outfit and a few rings on her fingers. I watched as my brother finally got her to fall unconscious. "Gerard, do not do it! You no you don't want to. you're not a killer!" I said trying to sound calm and reassuring but failing. "I don't care anymore" he spat back. His eyes were emotionless and his fangs where growing in length. He forced the young girls head to the side and flicked the hair out of the way, he then lowered his head. He attempted to get directly into the vain running up the girls neck many time's, soon becoming successful. "Gerard please, not a murder, this isn't you" I was crying as I watched the life drain out of the girl, as well as the blood. A few drops of the red liquid had run down her neck and onto the plastic floor of our kitchen. I eyed then before turning my attention back to Gerard, Who had finished with the body. I looked back at the small puddle of blood on the floor and I could no longer control my hunger. I was lapping it up before I new what I was doing, I herd my still drunk brother laugh, then collapse.

Gerard's point of view

My eyes started opening as I tried to remember the events that had happened before I had gone unconscious. I looked up to see mikey sitting on the leather sofa looking traumatised. There were a few tears falling from his eyes and I suddenly remembered him lapping up human blood, human blood from the girl I had killed. "Oh my... holy shit, mikey did I, did I kill someone?" I asked hoping I was dreaming. Mikey only looked at me and then nodded. I went over to him to comfort him but he dragged himself away from me. I looked down at where the body was but it was gone, mikey had probably 'disposed' of it or something.

"Mikey, look I didn't intend to hurt any one, especially you."

"Then w-why did y-you do it? I c-cant live with t-this gee. The d-drama, its k-killing me" he crawled over to me and put his head on my chest and I held him close. We sat there in silence for about half an hour when suddenly he spoke. "We have to meet every one in an hour, I have invited Alicia and her friend Jessie, please don't hurt any of them." He looked at me with puppy dog eyes that just melted my heart. I nodded and kissed him on the head before getting up of the sofa to get changed. I closed my door and pulled down my trousers to change when there was a knock at my door. "Gee, could you do me a favour and wear black skinny jeans?" mikey asked oh-so innocently. "Uhh... yea I guess" I was completely confused but after what I put him threw it was the least I could do. "Thanks" I herd him say before walking of. I pulled on my skinnies and then a smashing pumpkins top. I pretended to admire myself in what was left of the broken mirror on the wall, only reminding me of the monster I really was. After about half an hour I called mikey and we left for the park. We were silent until our mates where in view. "For the rest of the day we forget about what happened" mikey said to me before running up to frank and high-fiving him. Then they both started racing each other towards ray and bob. I smiled as I saw them joke about. Then Alicia and another girl walked around the corner and sat down with the group.

Jessie's point of view

I sat down next to Alicia and said hi.

"This is bob, ray frank and you've met mikey" she said pointing to the boys. Suddenly a cute boy in black skinny jeans, smashing pumpkins top and midnight black hair down to his shoulders approached us and sat down next to me.

"And this is Gerard, Mikey's brother, the one I told you about" I smiled at him, he reminded me of mikey, slightly dead.

"You were rite about the skinny jean thing" I said to Alicia and we both started laughing. Mikey sat there waving his arms around and screaming "EWWWWW EW EW EW EWWWW" over and over. Every one else was looking at us strangely, especially Gerard. After a few minuets we had calmed down.

"What a waist of a few minuets of my important life" bob joked

"So um hi I'm Jessie" I said turning to face Gerard who looked at me awkwardly before saying hi back. "So, LETS HIT THIS CITY" ray shouted, earning us some weird looks from the cheerleaders who walked by. "Hell yea" bob replied eagerly. We all got up and started walking; I stayed at the back of the group, feeling a little left out not knowing anyone. I was soon joined by Gerard.

"So what was all that about back there?" he asked slightly confused and worried

"Huh, oh um nothing, hey do you smell that"


"I smell blooo... Never mind" is stopped when I saw the blood staining his bottom lip.

"Blood? No you don't, okay?" he was sounding annoyed.

"Moving on, nice skinny's" I couldn't help but giggle.

"What the hell is with you guys and my skinny jeans!"

"Maybe you will find out soon, mister... dam I don't know your name!"

"Bond, Gerard bond" we laughed, I liked this dude, even though he was touchy and had blood around his mouth.