Jessie's point of view

We fell asleep on the kitchen floor, I was sitting upright against a wall, Gerard's head was in my lap and mikey was outstretched over his brother's legs, hugging one of feet. "What's this, the travailing circuses?" I slowly opened my eyes to see a sleeping Gerard in my lap, and then I looked up to see ray with a cup of coffee, looking at us with a raised eyebrow. "Uhhh" I stuttered, unsure how to explain how this happened. Suddenly Gerard stirred in my lap making me jump slightly. I looked back down at him to see his eyes slowly opening. When they did open, they were wide. He shot up, bashing his head on the table next to us. He rubbed his neck and winced. "You guys looked cute" ray squealed playfully. I let out an annoyed groan and lent my head on the wall. "I would hit you ray, but I can't be fucked to get up" I sighed. I herd him chuckle and I gave him the finger. I got up and stood next to ray, watching Gee look at mikey with a confused expression. "What's mikey doing?" he asked poking his little brother, I pulled out my phone and took a picture for every one to see later.

Gerard, ray and I had lifted mikey to Alicia's bed. We stood in silence for a bit, as I watched mikey I acknowledged something. "He look's so sad" I said in a sigh. Gerard shoot a look at me that said 'I want to talk to you now' so I made up an excuse. "Ray, go wake up the others, gee can you help me get a blanket and water for mikey?" ray went downstairs and gee came up to me, a frown plastered his face. "What's the matter with mikey?" I asked before he could open his mouth to speak. His reply was instant. "Nothing"

"You don't just cry yourself to sleep if there's nothing wrong!"

"It's none of your business, we don't even know you!" Our voices were raised now.

"What, coz you think I have it easy?"

"Yeah well at least you don't have the fear of waking up every morning wandering if you have KILLED SOMEONE!" his words were harsh as venom and each hit me hard. "Guys, why are you shouting" it was the innocent voice of mikey; he looked up at us, so scarred and fragile. Gerard went over to him hugging him tightly. He then turned his face to me; giving me the coldest glare I have ever received. "Get out" he hissed. I did as told; not wanting to find out what would have happened if I stayed.

I walked into the living room to be starred at by every one in there. I forced a weak smile and a wave. " good morning everyone. Mikey's up and so is Gerard. There talking up stares." I said weakly, sitting on the cheap couch we had. "The whole neighbourhood is up" bob mumbled, taking a sip from his coffee. I felt someone pull my arm, I looked up expecting Alicia wanting to ask me what had happened, but to my surprise, ray was looking at me mouthing 'kitchen now' I pulled my self up and followed ray into the kitchen. "What?" I asked, harsher then I wanted to.

Ray gave me sad eyes then opened his mouth to speak. "What was going on up there, all we could hear was yelling and now all I can hear is crying." Ray pointed up the stairs and I realised that someone upstairs was crying. I sneaked up the stairs, telling ray to stay. I stood outside the room mikey and Gerard were in. "I can't do this Gerard, I'm leaving." I herd Mikey's voice shake as he told his brother who, obviously, protested. "You killed her Gerard, she was a living person! I'm going, forever." I walked in at this, regret filling me as soon as the older sibling's death stare was on me, again. "Look" I started, trying to make peace.

Gerard's point of view

I stared at Jessie as coldly as I could. "Look" she said sitting on the floor in front of us. "I hardly know you two, and this really isn't my business, but mikey, you will break your brother if you leave him. I can see how close you are and he loves you so much" it hurt me to think how much it would break me to loose my baby brother, but I didn't want Jessie's little 'speech' to continue. "Shut up" I spat and with that she got up and left, going back down the stairs. I sat in silence with mikey for a minuet until I herd the front door slam and someone run up the stairs. I don't know why, I felt a regret in being mean to Jessie, something wanted me to be kind to her, maybe it was the fact we were both... different... but whatever it was made me run out of the room, past Alicia, who was about to walk in, and into the front room, disappointed when I realised Jessie was the one who had walked out. "Where's Jessie?" I asked quickly, receiving only shrugs and worried looks. I ran out of the front door, letting the cold air toy with my hair as I ran down the rode, in search for Jessie. I called her name, but it only gained me weird stares from strangers. I ran to the cemetery, giving up on my search and deciding to visit my recently descended grandmother, Helena. I walked into the sea of graves stopping at the sound of a twig snapping. I whipped my head around to see Jessie, curled up in a ball next to a grave. I walked over to her and read the writing engraved on the slab of rock.

Jessie Sutcliffe

17 years old when she passed. Her cheerful attitude and funny ways will be missed greatly.

God rest her soul in peace.

"I'm sorry" I breathed out. Her head lifted and she looked at me. She looked tired; there were no tears in her eyes, just the look of regret. "Why did you come to the cemetery" she asked cocking her head. "My nana Helena, she died. I gave up looking for you so I came to visit her." She nodded and stood up. She took my hand "take me to her" she said softly so I dragged her to were my Nan lied, supposedly, in peace. "You want to speak to her?" I looked at her with confused eyes, but nodded, wanting to be able to tell my Nan I loved her so much. Jessie sat down next to where my Nan was lying. "Helena, can you hear me?" she asked. Then she looked up at me. "She's there; if you talk to her I can tell you what she's saying." I nodded and knelt down my Nan's grave. "Hi nana, it gee, I really miss you" I felt tears spring to my eyes. "I miss you so much; you and your brother were the best boys ever." I looked at Jessie "that's what your grandmother said" I nodded and forced a smile. "I haven't gone a day without thinking about you nether has mikey." That was it for me, I apologised and got up, running for a place I could feel safe.