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Chapter 1

Being bore of Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom and Hermes, the God of Messengers, young Selean was a rare being. For most Gods go with humans, or when they die they get turn to immortals but for Selean she is a Goddess by blood. Since the parents are both Gods they have no time to raise Selean properly. They tried to visit her as much as they can but it's not often enough for a child to healthy. She live in a little cottage home in Olympus. Her mother was very strict on Selean not being able to go out of the cottage, so Selean was very lonely indeed. It took three years for Athena to make a decision.

"I have it," said Athena to Hermes one night in the cottage that their daughter was now asleep in her bed. "Let's send her to that Half-blood camp."

Hermes was stunned by her decision. "But Athena, she is nowhere near a half-blood, plus we can't just send her there at three years of age," Hermes said still in shock. Selean stirred than woke up to find her parents arguing over something.

"Dada? Mama?" she whispered Athena and Hermes turned to look at her while she got out of bed and ran towards them. Hermes kneel with his arms out-stretched as Selean hurried into her father's arms. Hermes pick her up and turned to Athena.

"Like I said to young to go," Hermes said. Athena's face turned fierce.

"She can and will. I want her to learn her history and how to defend herself and others," she said scowling at Hermes. "Besides," she continued. "she is my daughter which means she will behave well." She stared at Selean who was still in her father's arms, hard.

"You will behave right, child?" she said.

Selean stared at her mother. Though she was only three her in intelligence was imaginable. But she would always pretend she was a dumb mortal three year old just to annoy her mother.

"I'm this many," she squeaked holding up her hand showing three fingers. Hermes chuckled. He would always be amused of Selean by her personality and free spirit.

Hermes and Selean were really close, even as a baby, Hermes was fond of his daughter. He knew he was only able to see her rarely but he couldn't bear the thought of leaving her for good.

"Athena are you sure about this?" Hermes asked softly. Athena raised her eyebrow in question.

"It is the wisest choice there is or would you rather have her live the rest of her life in a cottage alone and not be able to make friends? At least at Camp Half blood she can live a normal life. Well as normal a half-blood can be." Hermes was heartbroken but knew that Athena was right.

He looked down at Selean who was staring back at him with her unusual purple eyes. She seemed confused. She doesn't know what we were talking about, Hermes thought relived.

"Okay," he replied in agony. Hermes placed Selean in his messenger bag with holes. Selean popped her head out and stared. Athena kneel by the bag and kiss Selean on the forehead.

"Be well, my daughter," Athena whispered in her ear. Then she stood up and left the cottage, without turning back. Selean went back in the bag and kept quiet. She didn't know why her mother would say such a thing. It sounded almost as if they wouldn't meet again for a long time. She popped her head out again and her black hair went flying off her shoulders.

They were flying! Over the ocean, really fast. Selean was admiring the view when she saw something move in the bag.

"George! Martha!" she squealed happily. George and Martha were two green snakes no bigger than earthworms. They were Hermes assistants you could say and Selean's only friends. Since she was never allowed to leave the cottage the two snakes were the only ones who could keep her company.

Selean picked George up and squealed again, "Snake plane."

"Please put me down Selean I don't want to fall out of the bag," George said nervously.

"Nonsense." Selean said, bringing George outside the bag, acting like he was a plane.

Suddenly George slips from Selean's hand and headed straight towards the ocean. Selean screamed for George. Hermes heard and looked sown down to see the green snake falling towards the blue abyss. He dips down and grabs George just in time. He puts George back in the bag and places a hand on Selean's head.

"Please don't play with George and Martha outside the bag, okay honey?" he said gently. Then he ruffled her hair, smiled, and set off once again.

Selean didn't touch the snakes, but watched in delight as they wrestled, fighting over who she liked more. Suddenly they stopped the temperature turned warm. Selean popped her head out.

They were in a room that had a staircase to the right and a window to the left. Outside the widow it stilled showed that it was still nighttime. She turned to see a man staring at her. The man was small, but porky. He had a red nose, big watery eyes, and curly hair so black it was almost purple. Selean absolutely adored purple. She beamed.

Then a horseman walked into the room. He wasn't really a horseman. From the waist up he looked like an ordinary man. He had brown curly hair, a scruffy beard. Plus a frayed tweed jacket on. But from the waist down he was a white stallion.

He froze when he saw Selean in Hermes's bag. He walked forward slowly. "Hermes what is with the surprising visit?"

"Oh I'm not staying long, just came to drop off a package," Hermes replied, looking down at Selean than back up.

Horseman said, "Is she a half-blood?" Staring at Selean, horseman walked forward and took her out of the bag. Hermes shook his head.

"No, but she is my daughter, Chiron," he answered the horseman named Chiron. Chiron frowned.

"But if she's your daughter and not a half-blood than…" he stopped realizing the truth. Hermes nodded.

"Her mother is Athena," Hermes whispered. The porky man burst out laughing.

"You and Athena? How in the world did that happen?" Hermes stayed quiet but not Chiron who was still holding Selean.

"Mr. D this is not a funny matter." He looked at Hermes. "Why did you come? You wouldn't have made this long trip over here just to show us your daughter."

"Her mother wanted her to learn how to protect herself and others." Hermes answered.

Mr. D said, "Then we shall teach her, right Chiron?"

"Yes of course," Chiron replied quickly. Hermes nodded, kissed Selean on the forehead and walked outside. Selean panicked. She jumped out of Chiron's arms ran outside. Outside was beautiful.

A meadow of green hills in the distance. The breeze smelled like strawberries spread out under the night sky. The valley was surrounded by rolling hills. But Selean ignored it all. Still in panic Selean looked for her father and finally spotted him. She ran as quickly as she could and surprised him by wrapping her arms and legs around his own leg.

Hermes stopped walking and looked down to see his daughter looking up at him with tears in her eyes.

"Daddy, where are you going?" she whispered. That hurt Hermes.

"Daddy," she continued, "don't you love me anymore?" hearing those words was like a stab to the heart for Hermes. He kneeled, pried Selean's legs and fingers off of him and pull her into a tight hug.

"Of course I love you, but I have to do what best for you." Selean pulled away, tears pouring from her glowing violet eyes. She shook her head.

"No you don't. you don't love me. If you did you would visit me more and not leave me by myself all the time." She was rubbing her eyes with her sleeve, sobbing. "Mama would be there more to but she isn't and neither are you. And now your leaving me aren't you? Right papa?" she looked up at Hermes; pain, and loneliness obvious in her eyes. Hermes cringed, his heart feeling like it was being torn apart with every word she spoke.

Hermes reached out and cradle Selean's face wiping away her tears with his thumbs.

"Please forgive me, my preicous child," he pleaded.

Hermes stood up and started to run off. Selean tried to follow but Chiron picked her up and held onto her tightly. Tears pouring down her cheeks she struggled to get away. She kept scearming for her father to come back. But he dissapeared into the night.

He was gone.

Selean stopped struggling at last and Chiron caustionly put her down. As soon as her feet touch the ground she ran to the twevle cabins that represent each god or goddness. She ran non stop until she got to the cabin with a bronze eleven and a caduceus. (Hermes's symbol)

Selean ran inside and locked the door. She turned around seeing no one else in the cabin and spotted her stuff there.

She was all alone.

There were six ets of bunk beds, Selean picked the first right top one and cried her way to sleep.

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