Antonio didn't even wait for Lovino to protest or even make a move towards the bed. Hot lips were devouring Lovino again in seconds and the steam of heated breath seemed to be making clouds around them. Oh how long his body had craved for that touch again! Lovino'd never say it aloud, but he couldn't get enough of that touch. Even if he did it himself it wasn't the same.

Lovino was getting shoved up against the wall from the amount of force Antonio was kissing him with, though it wasn't to say the Italian wasn't kissing back. Lovino had his own way of pleasuring himself, but it was far more satisfying having someone help it along. It was embarrassing though all the inappropriate little noises this Spaniard was weaseling out of him. And it was downright obnoxious how quickly the situation had played into Antonio's hands.

Lovino was practically at melting point when Antonio broke away to take a breather. Their lips had been locked so long that saliva was running from both their mouths.

"…why are you…taking so long at this?" Lovino asked impatiently between gasps.

Antonio licked his dry lips, running his tongue all around his mouth. "I want to savor this. You've been an elusive little morsel and I've been starved too long."

Lovino let out another lewd moan as Antonio bit gently down on his neck. This slow start was getting on his nerves, but Lovino was restraining himself from making another stupid comment. It was hard, considering his body was screaming for more. And there was another thing…

"Unnghh…w-why are we still on the floor?"

Antonio looked up at Lovino and blinked. "Huh?"

Lovino blushed a bit and pulled on his shirt. "W-why aren't we…you know…"

Antonio smiled. "Ohhh…I see…but I like it here." He went in for another kiss, but Lovino quickly put his hand up and blocked the kiss.

"M-moron! I don't like it here!"

"Aww…Lovi you're killing the mood here…" Antonio said though Lovino's fingers. He reached up and took hold of Lovino's wrist, pulling it back slightly. He started licking the crevices of Lovino's hand and fingers. Lovino flinched and tried to pull his hand away, but that just made Antonio hold on tighter. He blushed harder.

"Idiot…s-stop that…"

"No way. You taste too good." Antonio sucked a little on the end of Lovino's pointer finger before letting go and leaning forward closer to Lovino's face. He was getting a dark look in his eye that made Lovino's heart beat even faster than it already was.

Antonio smiled at Lovino's obvious discomfort. "I've got a feast laid out for me and I'm digging in."

Lovino's shirt was pushed up his torso and a soft warm tongue was encasing all his sensitive spots. He could feel his face flush as his body temperature rose with each caress and his eyes were starting to water from holding back the urge to moan again. His fingernails dug into the hemp woven rug as he began to slide down the wall further into the floor.


Antonio ignored the pitiful plea and continued to work his way down Lovino's quivering body. Lovino panted like an animal in heat as Antonio's hands strove to quench the sexual desires of them both. He jolted at the touch of warm fingers near his ass, stroking and petting.

"J-Just s-s-stop…!" Lovino cried, his hands going to his eyes as tears that no longer could be held back burst forth. "I-I can't t-take it anymore!"

"But you're so cute when you're like this," Antonio mused. "It makes me feel hotter knowing that I end up inside you once the prep work is done."

Lovino flushed a new shade of crimsion. "I-Idiot! I am not 'cute'!"

"Oh but you are, mi chiquito. You're so cute I can't resist gobbling you up. Especially when you make such lewd noises and faces when I touch you."

"S-stupid…" Lovino turned his face away from the Spaniard, his cheeks still red as an apple. "Fucking hell…y-you're the biggest idiot, moron and dumbass I've ever met…"

Antonio made a motion of being stabbed in the heart. Lovino was still adverting his eyes as Antonio looked up at him. "…but…even so…"

"Hmm? Even so…?"

"Even so…I…I still fell in love with you…and you're TOTALLY not my type."

Antonio blinked a few times. "Did…was that a confession?"

"…so what if it was?" Lovino mumbled quietly.

Antonio burst out into the widest smile Lovino'd seen him make yet. The Italian was taken a bit aback by his reaction.

"S-stop making that stupid face! You're weirding the fuck outta me!"

"Lovi, Lovi, Lovi…when will you learn? You smile like this when you're happy and right now I'm the happiest man on the planet."

Antonio moved in closer to Lovino and the Italian felt the Spaniard's 'happiness' graze him. He looked down and could see it straining under the cloth of Antonio's pants. He cheeks flushed again.

"…you call a boner 'happiness'? I call it being horny," Lovino muttered through puffed cheeks. He smiled though. "But I do like that about you…"

"Huh? Did you say something?" Antonio asked.

Lovino's head whipped up and he banged his forehead against Antonio's in a headbutt. "I said get on with it, you bastard! A guy can only take so much!"

Antonio rubbed his forehead. "Geez, you didn't need to hit me. There are certain things that need to be done before hand. I can't just plunge into you, you know."

"I-I know that! B-but-!" Lovino bit his lower lip, hesitating with his words. So instead of speaking things he knew he would screw up, Lovino reached up, took hold of Antonio's face and pulled him forward in a childish kiss. Lovino let go of Antonio and put his hands in front of himself on the rug as he curled his legs around, eyes looking away. His face had to be on fire by now with all the blushing he was doing.

"I'm…not the best as these things…but I'm going to say it because I need to." Lovino looked back up at the Spaniard, no his Spaniard, eyes watering with emotions. "Antonio…te quiero…te quiero."

There was silence in the room as Lovino's words were left hanging in the air. All of the sudden Antonio broke out in another smile and grabbed Lovino into a tight hug, catching him off guard.

"H-hey! What gives?" Lovino tried to push Antonio off but his grip was strong.

"Ai yai, chiquito…¡Te quiero! ¡Muy te quiero!"

Antonio went off spouting in rapid Spanish, talking so fast Lovino only caught a few snippets. He couldn't take the moron babbling anymore so he grabbed Antonio's head and pressed his lips onto his Spaniard's flapping mouth. That shut him up and it gave Lovino the opportunity to bring things back under his control. Antonio's movements slowed down as Lovino drew him deeper into the kiss and brought his attention back to focus. Lovino pulled away, his hands still holding onto Antonio's face. He gave a devilish grin.

"Let me tell you something; you can try as hard as you like, you'll never tame this bull!"

At that statement, Antonio bust out laughing. "Oh is that right? You said it yourself, enough talk! Show me what you got!"

Antonio grabbed Lovino's wrists, pushing him to the floor. At this point Lovino was tired of pussy footing around. He needed attention and he needed it now. Antonio was wise to it too and was picking up the pace. Now that the two of them had gotten their stupid mushy love confessions out, they really only had one other thing in mind. Antonio still didn't have any apparent intention of going to the bed to do things properly. He was working his hand into Lovino's pants and producing the most audible gasp out of the Italian.

Lovino's whole body quivered in anticipation from Antonio's light touch, every pore of his skin begging for more. His pants were already down at his knees. Lovino expected the Spaniard to come down on him, but instead he ignored the twitching erection and pushed a finger up his arse. Lovino's toes curled as he felt the foreign object push in deeper.

"H-hey! That's not-ah!" Lovino jumped when he felt a second finger worm its way in next to the first one. They weren't just sitting there either. Antonio was antagonizing his innermost walls, getting him riled up.

"Isn't this what you wanted?" Antonio said softly in Lovino's ear as he moved his fingers again, making the Italian buck. "Don't you want me inside you?"

"Ahhh! Ehh…y-yes! A-Antonio!" Lovino pleaded, biting back tears. "B-but y-you're not being fair!"

"Whoever said anything about being fair?" Antonio asked with a smirk. "I think it's hot the way you're so desperate to be touched there."

"Y-you fucking bastard!"

Antonio only grinned and pushed his fingers in even further. Another moan escaped Lovino and his hips were protesting greatly to not being properly seen after.


"Alright, alright. I get it. Turn around." Antonio withdrew his soiled fingers and rolled Lovino over so he was lying on his stomach. "Are you ready?"

Lovino nodded furiously, eager that they were finally at this critical point. "You'd better make it good, you bastard."

"Of course," Antonio said proudly. He was certainly ready to go, as he'd been for a while now. Lovino felt tears of pain burst forth when he felt the thick hardness of Antonio push into him. His walls screamed in ecstasy and pain just from the initial entry. When Antonio started to move it around a bit, it was like it was Lovino's first time. He hadn't felt like this in so long he'd forgotten how good it felt.


"It feels good, doesn't it?"

Lovino cringed and bit his lip, fighting to scream again. "D-don't…not that…hard…AH!"

"You feel it, right?" Antonio panted. "Ah, I can't hold back anymore! Lovino!"

Lovino yelped all the louder as Antonio pounded harder into him. The pain…the pleasure…it was all worth it to feel Antonio's warmth by his side again. Tears streamed from his eyes and he tried to rub them away, but they just streaked on his cheeks as his body bucked and writhed.




Antonio grunted as that epitimal moment came. This time Lovino really did scream, loudly too. The neighbors surely heard that one. Lovino gasped, his chest heaving from the blinding white ecstasy that had just shot through his entire body. Antonio was panting heavily too. He kneeled on all fours over Lovino, sweat dripping off his chocolate curls. Lovino's head was turned over his shoulder.

"Chiquito…," Antonio whispered. He raised a gentle hand to brush Lovino's chestnut hair. "I love you, chiquito. I love you very very much."

"Antonio…," Lovino blushed, his eyes sparkling from tears. "I…I love you too."

Antonio smiled. "I know. I know. Umm…do you want to…go…again…?" The Spaniard blushed as he said it. Lovino blinked at him then started to laugh.

"Hehehe…sure. But this time, we do it in the bedroom."

Antonio grinned and gave a little salute. "Agreed!"

Hahaha, eh, well this was my first Spamano fic! Love these two together, but they're a bit difficult to write for without doing a scenario that's been done before. Loooonnng time getting to the point in this chapter, I wanted to try writing a slightly more realistic smut scene. I don't think I did too bad…well, I hope you enjoyed it! I might do some more with these two, but I've got a GerIta oneshot that I've been working on for 'bout a year now so I think I should finish that first.