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The next morning, as always, Lincoln was the first to wake up, being a natural early-riser that he was. He knew exactly where he was and what had happened the night before. A slow smile spread across his lips and he glanced down at the woman still sleeping in his arms. While some men in the force might think it a triumph to get bad-ass Olivia Dunham to sleep with them, Lincoln was not one of those men. What Lincoln felt for this woman was nothing short of true love. Sure, he hadn't exactly been in love with her when they first met, but over the years they've been partners, his feelings grew stronger. He had put those feelings away in the beginning, especially after Olivia rejected him after they kissed the first time, but now he allowed those feelings to surface once more.

'That's it. I am turning into a chick...' he thought, half-amused, half-worried. He wondered if other men felt this way when they were in love. He blinked and looked down when Olivia moved a little closer to him, pushing herself further into his embrace an unknowingly rubbing herself against him. 'Oh, this isn't good...' Lincoln thought, already starting to feel himself respond to her. 'You better wake up soon, 'Liv... or I won't be held responsible for my actions!' he thought in amusement. Luckily, Olivia seemed to hear his thoughts and began to stir in her sleep.

The first think Olivia noticed was that was was very comfortable. The next thing she noticed was heat, all around her. This had her pause for a moment, her room was usually kept at a pleasant temperature... though, this heat was pleasant as well. It wasn't the type of heat you'd kick your covers off for and grunt in disgust, quite the opposite. It took her a second more to register that she was being held by someone, another to realize that it felt very good. Ah but she knew who that someone was, and blinked up at him. "Good morning," She said with a sleepy smile.

"Beautiful morning," Lincoln corrected. Olivia simply smiled and ran her hand over his now once again scruffy jaw affectionately. "You know, this thing can get pretty itchy..." he said with a lopsided smile. Olivia took the hint and scratched his jaw gently, amused by how much he seemed like a cat enjoying being scratched under the chin. While he didn't exactly purr like one, his eyes were half-lidded and he leaned into her touch like a cat would. It was both endearing and hilarious.

"You like that?" She asked with an affectionate smile.

"Mm-hmm..." he mumbled. He probably would purr if he could

"You're such a kitten..." she teased him, still caressing his face.

"Mmm... more like a tiger..." he murmured, content to just lay there, enjoying the attention.

"You keep telling yourself that," Olivia grinned. She knew that he had enough ego that these kind of jabs wouldn't really affect him. It was the price that came with knowing that you were attractive, apparently.

"Oh? You don't believe me?" Lincoln suddenly rolled over.

"Lincoln!" Olivia laughed, trying to half-heartedly push him off as he nipped at her. "S-top..." Lincoln was surprised that she would actually giggle... something he had never heard from her. "Alright alright you're a tiger," she relented, still laughing.

"You're so beautiful..." he muttered after he had pulled back to look down at her. He took his hand and moved it down her cheek tenderly.

"You're not so bad to look at either," Olivia smiled fondly, taking his face in her hands and pulling him down to kiss her. They took their time kissing and caressing each other this time, things they hadn't done all that much the night before. When things began to heat up a little more, Olivia gently pushed him back, though she didn't really want to. "Come on, we should get ready for work..." she reminded him. Lincoln groaned in frustration, his head dropping slightly.

"Yeah... you're right," he finally, very reluctantly agreed. He pushed off of her and slipped out of bed with her.

"I'm going to take a shower," Olivia mentioned, smiling back at him as she walked slowly toward her bathroom. Oh yes, she was playing that card.

"Mind if I join? You know, so we don't waste water..." Lincoln suggested with a wide grin. Olivia didn't say anything, just smiled as she exited the room, swaying her hips a little for him. Lincoln took that as an invitation and followed her readily, cursing when the eagerness caused him to not see where he was stepping. It was then that he noticed how extensive the trail of clothes they had left was and smirked. He continued on his way, stepping over clothes and shoes – like the one he stepped on. He was on a mission.

Olivia stood in the shower, letting it hit her body and turned the water until it was pleasantly hot. As soon as she began to lather her sponge, she smiled when she heard the shower door open, but didn't turn around. When she felt Lincoln's hands on her, she leaned back, into his touch and against his hard body. While they didn't have the whole morning, they still took their time enjoying a rerun of their previous activities the night before. When the water began to run cold, they knew it was time to finish up and get ready for work.

"Aw, c'mon..." Lincoln complained playfully when they were done.

"Nope, I'm not gunna let you 'dry' me that way," Olivia snickered. Honestly, that man was insatiable. Then again, what man wasn't? After towel drying, they dressed in separate rooms, lest they never finish getting ready. This time, it was Lincoln who decided to prepare breakfast, and would not take no for an answer. While Olivia cleaned up the trail of clothing they left that night, trying her best not to blush as each individual article of clothing would bring up a pleasant memory, she became concerned when she heard loud clanging and cursing coming from the kitchen.

As soon as she was finished, she walked over to the kitchen cautiously and raised an eyebrow at his deer-caught-in-headlights look. "Um, I think I broke your kettle..." Lincoln said with an apologetic expression.

"That's alright, I've never really been much of a tea drinker anyway," Olivia answered. "What exactly where you doing that you broke my kettle?" She asked curiously.

"Nothing with the kettle, I knocked it over with the frying pan..." he explained.

"So what's for breakfast?" She asked while she helped clean up the mess.

"Frenchtoast!" Lincoln answered with a grin. After struggling with his endeavor, Lincoln managed to not only cook great tasting frenchtoast, but also not break anything else! He felt pretty accomplished and even received a kiss as a reward.

"Good job Linc, this is pretty good! I just might keep you around," Olivia winked.

"See? I'm not just excellent in bed, but in the kitchen too..." another lewd grin.

"Okay, Linc, whatever helps you sleep at night..." Olivia shrugged, smirking at his mock-deflated look. She knew it wouldn't hurt him to tell him that, besides, she let him know just how much she enjoyed her time with him last night, that was enough for them. After they finished and sat drinking their orange juice, Olivia watched Lincoln look over some reports before work, the morning light dancing upon his face. She thought what it'd be like waking up with him like this more often, even having Henry with them as well, playing in his crib or napping nearby... She couldn't help but smile. "This is nice," she commented, still watching him.

"What? Eating breakfast together?" He asked, looking up from his report.

"Yes, that... and waking up together..." she gave him a knowing look.

"Yeah. We should do it again sometime then," Lincoln smiled back.

"I agree," Olivia matched his grin. "Hey, I'm going to call my mom and see how Henry is doing, okay?"

"Sure, say hello to Marilyn for me," Lincoln said. Olivia nodded and went over to her phone, cursing her wireless phone for failing her... why did technology hate her? After a few moments of waiting for her mother to pick up, she finally heard her mother's sleepy voice. She really hoped Henry wasn't being too much for her... she wasn't so young anymore.

"This is Marilyn Dunham," Olivia's mother said.

"Mom, it's me," Olivia greeted her.

"Oh! Good morning honey! Isn't it a little early..." she trailed off. "Ah, I assume things went well with your date with Mr. Lee?" she teased.

"Yes, mom, things went well..." Olivia grinned into the phone. "Very well," she amended.

"That's good to hear honey! Did you use-"

"YES, mother, we did..." Olivia interrupted, sighing softly. Ever since her mother was told of Olivia's not-so-admirable-adventures-with-a-man-at-the-bar, she wouldn't let that drop!

"I'm sorry dear." No she wasn't. "Well I'm happy that things are going so well," Olivia could hear the smile in her mom's voice.

"How is Henry doing? I hope he hasn't been too much trouble for you..."

"Oh no, not at all! I love my grandson! I'm happy to care for him while you can't. I'm a little unused to waking up so many times in the night to give him his little bottle, but it's fine. He's just fine," Marilyn answered. She really did sound happy. Olivia knew the best nutrition Henry could get, and the best way to connect with him, was if she fed him herself. She wasn't about to do what she did last night too often, no matter how much Lincoln whined, her son was very important to her and she knew he was important to Lincoln as well.

"Do you want me to go get him?" Olivia asked. The truth was, she missed her son already, even if it had only been a handful of hours since she last saw him.

"No, that's okay, I'll bring him over to your work a little later, okay? Don't worry so much," Marilyn told her.

"Alright, thanks again, mom!" Olivia smiled. They ended the call and Olivia turned, she blinked when she noticed that Lincoln had been watching her all this time but hadn't moved. "Hey, are you okay?" she asked him, a little concerned.

Lincoln sat and watched her for a little longer, his expression a curious mix of seriousness and affection. "I love you," he told her after the pause. Olivia tilted her head to the side a little, curious why he'd suddenly tell her that so seriously.

"I know, I love you too," Olivia smiled, pleased that it was so easy to say now; she still felt a pleasant, fluttery sensation whenever she said it. She walked over to him and he scooted his chair back, giving her room to sit on his lap. Olivia put her arms around him and kissed him soundly. "What's this about?" she asked him.

"I just want you to know," he shrugged. "I really do," he felt a little helpless. What he felt was a deep feeling, a feeling that scared him, a feeling that he felt a little anxious about. It was as if he wanted something more but didn't quite know what yet. Maybe in time he would figure it out.

"Lincoln," she moved her fingers along his jaw again, studying him. "I know it took me a while to admit it to you – and myself, - but I love you too, I just want you to know that that's not going to change," she told him just as seriously. She just hoped he wasn't going to turn into one of those over-protective boyfriends that try to keep everything remotely exciting from happening to their girlfriends... she'd kick his ass. Lincoln grinned gleefully and leaned over to kiss her again.

Once they had cleaned up after breakfast, they went to their respective cars and drove to work separately. With one last kiss where no one would see them, again trying to not have Lincoln seem like he was playing favorites, they went to their separate desks. Charlie was deep at work on something in his computer when Olivia walked over. She smiled and pat him on the shoulder. "Hey there, Charlie," she greeted him.

Charlie blinked up at her and smiled. "Well hey there! You're looking well rested," Charlie told her. Olivia smiled and nodded in agreement and went to work. After a while, he had to ask. "So? Did you two have a good time last night?" Charlie asked playfully, taking a drink from his tea. Olivia looked over and simply smiled, not answering his question. "The two of you came in at the same time... you're here pretty early, earlier than normal... is there any specific reason for that?" he continued, lifting an eyebrow. Still, she said nothing. "You know, I could probably get it out of Lincoln... I'm sure he'd tell me," he grinned. Probably not, Lincoln was just as incredibly stubborn as she was. She didn't need to know that.

"Why are you so interested, Charlie? What? Is your love-life - or lack thereof – so bad you have to get off on other people's private affairs?" She said jokingly.

"Damn, kiddo, that stings... I was just curious," he lifted his hands. "Fine, fine, if you don't want to tell me, if you really think I'm that kind of person, I see how it is... I see what you think of me," Charlie said, pretending to be heart-broken and turned around. He knew that she knew he was playing, but this kind of thing always seemed to inspire her to talk about.

"We ate, we danced, we kissed... and we woke up together, in that order" Olivia admitted, giving him the short short version. Charlie spun around in his seat, a couple different emotions filtered through his eyes until it settled on two. Lincoln must have found his little gift he left him. "What?" she asked him when she saw the amused but also slightly concerned look in his eyes.

"Nothing. I just hope this isn't some temporary thing, you know? Lincoln was annoying enough when he was moping around for you," he explained. Okay, so maybe he was butting in a little but they were his best friends.

"It's not temporary, trust me," Olivia assured him. Funny, she hadn't noticed before that Lincoln was pining for her... well, besides that first kiss so long ago, but at least toward her, he had been pretty decent about hiding his feelings.

Meanwhile, Astrid Farnsworth walked up to her Chief's office with a purpose, her hold on the folder she held tightening a bit, hoping this wouldn't all go down badly. "Colonel Lee, do you have a moment?" Astrid asked by Lincoln's door.

Lincoln looked up from his work and nodded. "Sure, come in," he motioned for her and she walked in. Lincoln eyed the mission folder in her hand and wondered what she had to say.

"Sir, I believe we've found what you were looking for," she said, handing him the folder. Lincoln took it and opened it, reading it's contents. The device he was looking for, the one the former Secretary used to travel between universes quickly, including the smaller devices, like the one Olivia had used to return. They had been found! "Sir, you should know that the machine former Secretary Walter Bishop used is still a prototype and highly unstable," she warned him after seeing the eager look in his eyes.

"Understood. Where did you find it?" He asked, setting the folder down and leaning back in his seat.

"The former Secretary had a hidden room in his lab under Liberty Tower. We found it after an agent accidentally knocked over a potted plant, revealing a hidden panel" she explained.

"Good work, Astrid," Lincoln smiled, encouraging the usually straight-laced agent to loosen up a bit. Astrid looked uncertain for a moment before a hesitant smile tilted her lips up for a moment, then she nodded and left the room. This was good news! Lincoln decided to call in Charlie and Olivia, explain what had happened and his plans for it all. Lincoln stood and walked over to his window, waiting until either Charlie or Olivia looked up at him.

Olivia felt eyes on her and looked around to see who it was. Lincoln stood with a serious but still cheerful look on her face, watching them, and gestured for she and Charlie to come up. "The Colonel wants to talk to us," Olivia told Charlie.

"You just won't stop rubbing that in will ya? Yeah, so I didn't get promoted... again..." Charlie shrugged.

"Sorry," Olivia laughed and followed her partner to Lincoln's office.

"What's up, boss?" Charlie asked as he and Olivia walked in. They found a seat and sat, giving their leader their undivided attention.

"Either of you up for a field-trip?" A smile on his lips but his eyes serious.

"A field-trip? Are we going to a museum, teacher?" Olivia asked playfully, raising an eyebrow.

"Not exactly. But we have means of crossing to the other universe..." Lincoln trailed off, hoping they'd pick up on what he was meaning to do.

"What?" Charlie blinked. "Why would you want to go to the other universe?" he questioned.

"I think it might be a good idea to go over there and explain everything to them, maybe offer some help... neither of our universes are really to blame for all of this in my opinion, it was all just one huge accident. I think if we work together, there's no reason both universes can't be saved," Lincoln explained.

"So let me get this straight, you want to go to the other universe, contact the other Fringe team, tell them this has all been just one big mistake, and see if they're willing to kiss and make up?" Olivia asked a little incredulously.

"Basically," Lincoln nodded. He held his breath as his friends became silent, no doubt thinking about this.

While Charlie looked thoughtful, Olivia had an uncertain expression. She sat and thought about this silently. While she thought it might be a good idea, the thought of leaving Henry here for God knew how long with her mother, just to go over there and possibly be imprisoned for all the crap she and others from her universe had caused... it didn't sit too well. However, she agreed with Lincoln, that much was sure. They had to find a way to save both universes... but first, both universes had to be willing to find that way. "Sounds good to me," Olivia shrugged.

"Yeah, I think it's a good idea, someone needs to tell those folks about Secre- former Secretary Bishop..." Charlie agreed.

"Good," Lincoln let out a breath, relieved his best friends and best agents agreed with him.

"Lincoln, I'm not sure that I should go..." Olivia suddenly said, her brows furrowing in anxiety. "I don't want to leave Henry here and we can't possibly take him on such a potentially dangerous mission... Linc, what if we don't return?" She said, the grip she had on the arms of her chair tightening.

"You don't have to go if you feel so stronger about this, 'Liv, I'm not about to force you, but..." as much as he really didn't want to admit this... "Henry's biological father should know about... his son..." he managed out. Peter Bishop. He snorted inwardly. Somehow, it felt difficult to admit that he wasn't the boy's father, after all, he was there when the child was born, cared for him like he would his own flesh and blood. But the truth was the truth. He wondered what kind of a man Peter Bishop was... if Olivia fell for him, if both Olivia's fell for him, he must not be such a bad guy, right? Still, he wasn't looking forward to meeting him exactly.

"I know... he should know..." Olivia reluctantly agreed. While she was terrified of what Peter might think, even possibly abandon the very idea of having a son, with her, but she knew he had to know. "Just... apologize to him, and the other Olivia for me, okay?" she asked.

"Of course," Lincoln nodded. They shared a look of understanding before Lincoln's serious face returned. "We should get going, the sooner we go and get this over-with, the sooner we can start figuring out a way to fix both our universes," he said as he stood. Olivia and Charlie followed suit.

"I'm going too, to see the both of you off," Olivia said, not leaving room for an argument.

"Sounds good to me," Charlie smiled. "So where is this machine? Did you have someone bring it over?" he asked as they neared the garage.

"No, we left it where we found it," Lincoln answered.

"Why's that?" Olivia questioned. "Wouldn't it be easier to just bring it here? That way we could study it further?"

"That may be true, but our sources say that there's a strong possibility that the machine might open a portal or something like it wherever it is at the moment... if it were to open on the other side and the machine was in Fringe HQ at the time..."

"I see what you mean, good thinking," Charlie muttered, shuddering at the idea of appearing on the other side and having dozens of weapons pointed at them. They took one car there, figuring if Olivia wasn't coming that she could just drive back with that car. When they got there, there were still a few Fringe agents walking around. They didn't need to show them their show-me, since the other agents knew the team well. Once inside they followed the familiar path to Walter Bishop's underground laboratory.

"The panel should be... here!" Lincoln knelt down by a wall and stared at the panel for a little bit.

"What?" Olivia questioned, wondering why he hadn't opened it yet.

"It requires a pass-code..." he answered. "Lemme see..." he tried different things, none seemed to work.

"Try 'Peter'..." Olivia suggested. Lincoln nodded in understanding and did so. The hidden wall slid open. They walked in an marveled at the rather large gate-like machine, standing proud and tall in the center of the room. "So he did it? He found a way to open and close holes to the other universe?"

"Doesn't that damage the other universe though?" Charlie asked.

"I don't think Bishop cared about that," Olivia frowned.

"Well, right now it's the quickest form of transportation before we figure out how to do this quickly and safely..." Lincoln reasoned, running a hand down the metallic frame of the machine in scrutiny. They would use this machine to travel over to that side quickly, and then the little devices Olivia told them about to return. Olivia explained how to use the little gun looking devices again as Lincoln messed with the controls of the machine. Luckily, it was rather easy to figure out.

Once the machine burst into life, an event horizon splashing the room with purple-ish blue color, they knew there was no turning back. Lincoln turned to Olivia, noting her almost helpless look. "'Liv?" he said, walking toward her. Olivia smiled weakly, brushing her fear away and locked eyes with him. What if she never saw him again? The negative thoughts churning inside her mind frustrated her, she couldn't think like that. As always, Lincoln seemed to be able to tell and pulled her close, cocooning her in his strong arms.

"Come back to me, you hear me?" Olivia said, taking his face in her hands and looking deep into his eyes.

"I promise," Lincoln kissed her forehead and hugged her tightly before he reluctantly pulled away.

"Take care of each other," Olivia ordered them, looking at them both.

"Yes boss," Charlie teased as he walked over. "We'll be back, 'Livie... hang tight for us," Charlie gave Olivia a hug of his own.

"Will do," Olivia agreed.

Olivia watched on, watching her best friends disappear through the "gate". It took everything she had in her not to jump in and join them, but she couldn't and wouldn't do that to Henry. Would they make it? Would the other universe's counterparts of themselves believe them? Help them? Would everything be alright? Who knew? Only time would be able to tell. For now, with uncertainty, came hope. Hope for the future. Hope for everything.


The End...

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