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11 is where Hibari is the villain who's overly possessive, Enma is the Prince who saves the day, and Mukuro tells Tsuna he's loyal thru flowers.


"Stop brooding."

Tsuna forced not to sigh. "But–"

"Worrying will only add more lines to your face." Reborn looked at her nonchalantly. "We're on vacation. If you don't want to trouble your friends any further, stop looking so gloomy. "

Decimo didn't reply. Her tutor was right, after all. She had survived so many trials – will she let this thing put her down?

"U-Uh, excuse m–"

The baby hitman sensed the familiar presence and jumped from Tsuna's shoulder to land a kick on the speaker's face before latter could finish his sentence.

"R-Reborn what are yo–"

The brunette's skin began to crawl again.

"Ow ow ow…Reborn-san… why did you kick me?" Enma lay on his back on the sandy soil with a hand clutching his nose. He rose from his uncomfortable position and noted that the Arcobaleno had made himself comfortable on his head.

"Ciaossu, Enma." The hitman greeted as if he never landed a foot on the teen's face. "I see you've been following us for a while now. What took you so long to approach the lady? Pathetic as always. You know, you'll die a virgin if you don't get some confidence in that body of yours."

Tsuna felt her heart rate double within a second. Enma looked redder than Gokudera's flame.

"I-I'm just – I was just – I didn't –"

The poor Shimon boss was panicking so much that he looked like he was just about to pass out. Tsuna felt embarrassed as well, but a light bubble of laughter was slowly rising to her lips at the sight of her flailing friend.

"E-Everyone was…Looking for Sawada-san." Enma didn't dare to look directly at Tsuna. "Tsuna-kun's guardians noticed she disappeared…and they met us on the way…and…We ended up looking for Sawada-san together."

"Hmm. So Dame-Enma's the prince who saves the girl huh? Congratulations, she's all yours." The hitman jumped away and Leon, who was still a T-shirt, transformed back and jumped onto Reborn's head.

"Wah!" Enma averted his gaze away quickly upon seeing that much skin on his friend's supposed distant cousin as if looking at her was such a grave sin. Tsuna flung her hands on her chest, immediate panic rising in her head.

"Reborn! Come back! REBORN!" Tsuna desperately called but the tutor had already disappeared.

And then there was an awkward silence.


Tsuna felt cold sweat running down her neck. Should she run away?

"Sorry about e-earlier…I...I swear I wasn't – wasn't hitting on you!"

"…" He was still worried about that?

Enma decided to take off the shirt he was wearing and reached it out for Tsuna to take. "Please take it. Wear it."

Without thinking twice Decimo grabbed it from the redhead and wore it. At least they both agreed that the damned orange bikini was just too embarrassing to let other people see.

"I'm Kozato Enma." He said meekly, now able to look at her, though just briefly.

"I'm…" She hesitated for a moment, "Tsuna. Sawada Tsuna."

Enma nodded still flustered. "A pleasure to meet you…"

Tsuna nodded back, deciding it was a good choice not to talk too much.

"Shall we go back…?"

The latter merely nodded again and hurried after Enma as they walked together in silence.


"Go away."

"Come on Kyoya, I just came here. Give your tutor some consideration won't you?"

A glare shot past through the Cavallone Boss but the blond didn't seem to mind. The raven haired teen humped and turned away from the older man, making Hibird shift on his hair.

"Why are you so cranky today?" Dino inquired as he made himself comfortable beside his student. "Something wrong?"

Hibari said nothing. Dino sighed.

"Alright, alright. If you don't want to tell me, then that's fine." The blond smiled and scratched his head, as he remembered Hibari got cranky at the slightest disturbances almost all the time. "I'm a bit bothered myself, actually."

Hibari still said nothing, but Dino saw him shift a little, indicating that he was listening.

"You might have noticed that Tsuna disappeared."

The younger man completely turned his head to face him again. "Who?"

Dino blinked. "Tsuna."

"The male herbivore?"

"Uh…" He thought for a moment here and remembered Kyoya didn't know the female Tsuna and the male herbivore he was pertaining to was the same person. "Yeah."


"He's in some kind of trouble right now." Dino sighed and stared at the gorgeous view of the sea in front of them. "I hope he'll be alright…" He hung his head low and mused aloud. "I wonder what the Arcobaleno told him."

Hibari raised an eyebrow. If the herbivore met the Arcobaleno, including Reborn, then that would mean…

"He's here?"

Dino whipped his head to look at Kyoya once more.



"E-En – er – Kozato-san," Tsuna called, and Enma tensed up a bit, "Are we…Lost?"

Enma blushed once more and commenced a staring contest with the ground. "I'm sorry…"

Decimo forced herself not to let her palm meet her face. She forgot they were both no-good and putting them together in one place meant disaster. Why did Reborn suddenly took off at such unconventional time? Was he hinting to tell Enma about her condition?


Tsuna stared at the confused redhead ahead of her, who was currently whipping his head from left to right, uncertain where they should tread next.

Should she tell him now?

"K-Kozato-kun –"

"Ah, someone's here!" Enma exclaimed as he saw a black plop of hair from afar. Tsuna turned to look took as well, greatly glad that they would be finally saved. Maybe telling Enma everything on this very moment wasn't a good idea after all. "Help us!"

The head turned, and what Tsuna next sent a chill down her spine.

"We – hhhmmmf…" The brunette shoved a hand onto the redhead's mouth and dragged him to the thick bushes. Enma's eyes shot wide, his pools of crimson questioning Tsuna's actions.

"Shh, please, don't speak." Tsuna mouthed her words and kept her hand on Enma's mouth. "Please, please Enma-kun…"

"Were those people?" Was that the Shimon Boss? Dino blinked and then strained his eyes. "And –"

"That female herbivore." Hibari muttered and narrowed his eyes at the very spot the two disappeared.

"What?" Dino looked puzzled on the outside, but actually he was panicking. He had no idea how the tonfa totting student of his managed to extract a piece of truth from his well-constructed lies. To know why Hibari found it appropriate to look in the forested part of the island would probably take him a lot of time to figure out. But right now, he had to avert the prefect's attention away from his little brother-turned-sister.

"…Maybe we were just imagining things."

Kyoya shot him a look. "I don't think we have the same perception regarding imagination."

"A coincidence?"

"There's no such thing."

"Maybe it was just a bird. With a really long tail."

Hibari raised an eyebrow at him. "A bird who can call out help?"

"Parrots can talk."

The prefect rolled his eyes. "Do you honestly think a human being would teach a parrot to call out help and then release it to the wild?"

"Hey, it can happen."

"You are an idiot."

"Kyoya, come on, we're wasting time here," Dino ran a hand through his hair and sighed. "The sun's preparing itself to set and there's a lot of mosquit – Kyoya?"

All he saw next was Hibari running stealthily toward two retreating figures.

"Shit," A hand landed on the blond's face. "Fuck, Tsuna, why do you have such bad timing?"

"He's coming!"

"Just run Enma-kun!"

"That's Hibari Kyoya! That's him!"

"Run! Over there!"

"Why are we running?"

"He will end my existence! I am so sorr –"

"I will do more than that if you don't cease your irritating chat. Stop running – or I will bite you to –"

"Kyoya! Wait a moment!" Dino, who, miraculously, wasn't tripping yet, called out in distress. "I don't know what you're thinking – Tsuna's just a girl!"

The prefect swung his tonfa toward the retreating female but missed, though barely, causing Tsuna to scream in panic. The steel weapon hit a tree instead, making a few leaves fall. A vein popped on the prefect's forehead because of this and then briefly looked at Dino.

"If you mind, Bucking Bronco," he now resumed chasing the two, "Do not interrupt me when I'm hunting, or talking, for that matter."

"If you hurt that girl, Kyoya," The blond sputtered out, breathing heavily, "I will never –"

"You'll what, herbivore?" the teen spun around and halted immediately, the glint in his eyes screaming impatience. "'Never forgive me'? Tch, you and your pathetic ideals about being a gentleman –"

Both of them halted from doing anything at the sudden spike of power, which faded away as fast as it appeared. They looked at each other for a second and scanned the surroundings.

"They're gone." Dino mused aloud and tried to catch his breath. "That feeling –"

"That girl," Kyoya almost gritted his teeth as his hold on his tonfa tightened exponentially, "She will pay for helping my quarry."

"Oh Chrome, I couldn't thank you enough –"

"Tsu-Tsuna-san –"

Enma stood rooted on the ground while he watched Tsuna-kun's distant cousin hug Chrome Dokuro to death.

"Tsuna-san," the frail girl, now flustered, meekly began, "We must move. The cloud man has good senses –"

"Oh, right, you're right," Tsuna exhaled shortly as she released Chrome from her squeeze and glanced at the Shimon Boss. "Enma-kun?"

The redhead blushed at the sudden call. "Ah, yeah. We should ge –"

"Roll. Cambio Forma."

A gust filled with cloud flames blasted through them, and numerous large handcuffs came shooting at random directions, ensnaring trees and other miscellaneous objects.

"Kyoya, for God's sake!" Dino shouted in his mother tongue as he dodged one specifically large handcuff, "Stop this at once! You're going to destroy – destroy everything!"

Hibari shot an icy glare at the blond. "Shut up Cavallone. That girl promised me a fight. I'm going to get it or she dies."

"What do you mean she – She promised to fight you!"

Chrome and Enma heard this as well, and whipped their heads toward the quivering brunette.

"That is the most fucked up decision I ever made so can we just please run now!"

And so, they did.

"If we're going to die here, I just want to tell you guys that I'm so sorry for dragging both of you into this mess," Tsuna muttered as they tried to evade the numerous oversized handcuffs chasing after them. "I am so sorry for – Chrome!"

A small handcuff latched onto the illusionist's ankle and began dragging her back to its source.

"He-Help me!"

Without thinking, Tsuna grabbed her hand and tried to pull back, but later got dragged as well.


Enma blinked twice before realizing the predicament they were in. He lunged forward to catch Tsuna's hand, but a gleam of light made him stop in his tracks.

He had an idea.

Kyoya yanked on the chains – the resistance on them were getting greater by the passing second, and this meant his prey got caught in it successfully.

But something was odd. The manner how they pulled was too strong.

Enma was the only male in their group; though he did not possess much muscle power, obviously. The Sawada girl looked weak and the Mist girl, even weaker – maybe they got somebody to help them? Or maybe that pineapple…

He gritted his teeth at the idea and pulled harder, but the chains pulled him forward with a force so great that he had lost his grip on them.

Something is wrong.

Hibari dashed to the source of the force, determined to see the cause of the unusual power.

"That Cozzato kid…"

In front of him a little black hole continued to suck his chains in with such ferocity, that even he wouldn't dare to get an inch closer. So this was how they escaped, he mused. He didn't know how they broke the cuff off of their body, but this one move was quite clever.

The miniature black hole began to decrease in size and eventually disappeared on its own, leaving the last of the chains on the ground.

"…I will bite him to death."


"You two enjoyed yourselves, didn't you?"

Tsuna threw her tutor an icy look. "Yeah, we did. Thanks for getting our asses kicked, Reborn."

The Arcobaleno smirked at this.

"Juudaime! Are you really sure you're alright?" A very worried Gokudera asked for the umpteenth time, which Tsuna graciously replied to, for the umpteenth time as well. Escaping that hell was quite a relief, but getting back to safety (if you can call it that way) was tiring all the same.

"Ahaha, don't worry too much, Gokudera," Yamamoto chirped with a wide smile, though traces of concern were still visible on his face. "Tsuna's strong. She can handle everything!"

Enma gaped at this scene. Why is this so familiar?

"Hahi! Tsuna-chan! And Chrome-chan and Enma-kun too! You three look worn out!" exclaimed a fairly worried Haru.

"Are you both okay?" Kyoko was the next to ask. "We were worried when we couldn't find you anywhere in the island…"

"Don't mind it too much; all they need is some food," Reborn butted in as he jumped to Yamamoto's head. "I'm sure you guys are all hungry."

No one objected, for it was true, after all. Even Tsuna, who wanted to retort (since food wouldn't save her from Hibari's wrath) had no energy left to do so.

And so, they enjoyed each other's company over supper.

…Which wasn't very enjoyable at all, as it turned out, since Gokudera kept sprouting up random things about 'Juudaime's safety' and blowing things up while Ryohei and Koyo were arguing about girls in swimwear. Julie immediately snaked his way to where Chrome sat and stroke up a conversation, which made Adelheid (jealous) bothered, since Vongola's Mist looked like she has not gotten over Daemon possessing the Shimon guardian. This later produced a lot of icy spikes and damaged property and Yamamoto laughing in the background.

And of course all the blame for all the trouble done was passed on to Tsuna. As usual.

The brunette sighed as she cleaned the mess her family made just moments ago and swore she would get back at Reborn someday for all the shit he's put her through. Gokudera and Yamamoto, and also Haru and Kyoko offered to help her clean up but Reborn told them it is the Boss' responsibility to clear away every trouble the family has.

"LIES." Tsuna muttered under her breath. "All lies."


Tsuna almost jumped out of her skin. "A-Ah, E-Enma-kun…What is it?"

The redhead had his usual poker face on. "I'm here to clean up too."

"Oh." She smiled. "Reborn got you too huh?"

Enma's eyebrows came together. "…Yeah." He knelt down and proceeded to pick the broken plates on the ground.

"He's always like this," Tsuna sighed and continued wiping the spilled juices and soup on the floor. "Giving us all the trouble to clean up in the end."

That was it. He had to ask.

"Why did Reborn-san call you the 'Boss' when he was talking earlier to Gokudera-san and the others?"

Tsuna froze at this.

"I've been wondering…" Crimson eyes darted to the brunette's form as he stood, "About Tsuna-kun's whereabouts. Yamamoto-san and Gokudera-san's answers were too blunt when I asked them, and whenever I try to question Reborn-san, he just falls asleep. It's as if everyone's avoiding to talk about him…"

Decimo's stomach lurched. She felt bad for lying to her friend straight to the face – for betraying the trust they built overtime.

"I don't think Tsuna-kun would just leave so suddenly like that," Enma added as he gazed at the broken shards of ceramic in his hand, "He's not like that at all."

That was it. He had to tell him.

"Enma-kun –"



Tsuna almost jumped out of her skin as a familiar tall girl covered in different flowers appeared beside her, while holding a plate of something unrecognizable.

"Shittopi-chan." Enma blurted out, surprisingly not surprised by his guardian's unusual entrance.

"Would you like some, Enma?" She extended her arm and showed him the plate.

"No, thank you, Shittopi-chan. I'm quite full." The redhead smiled.

"And you…?" The Shimon guardian turned her heel to the brunette. "Vongola Tenth?"

Tsuna couldn't answer Shitt P.'s question after hearing those words.

Crimson eyes darted toward the two females interchangeably. "Shittopi-chan… What do you mean by that?"

"Take my word as it is, Enma-kun." Her lips curved into a smile as she retracted her hand that was holding the plate. The peculiar girl hummed to herself and then skipped away, as if the words she just uttered did not hold any weight on the Shimon boss.

Enma turned his head to the brunette, wide-eyed – very much expecting an explanation.

A sigh.

"There's no turning back, huh?..."


Silence. For a skipping second Tsuna thought Enma was going to laugh at her story, but the latter kept his mouth shut, as if digesting the words.

"So you're still waiting for Mammon-san."

The brunette almost jumped when he spoke. She slowly nodded in response.

"I see."

More silence. Maybe it must have been more of a shock to the redhead than Tsuna had anticipated it would be, since the Shimon boss limited his words to a few. A little while later she couldn't take it any longer. The fact that Enma kept his mouth shut made everything awkward.

"I – I think we should retire for now," Tsuna suggested and stood up, and for some reason, wanted to avoid Enma's compass eyes. "Everyone must be wondering why we're taking so long, so let's go back, okay?"

But as she took a step forward, a hand had made a grab for her own.

"I'm sorry I can't do anything for you, T-Tsuna-kun!"

She whipped her head back to look at her friend, all the while suppressing the laugh that was about to surface from her lips since Enma's voice cracked earlier.

"It must be hard," He cleared his throat, "Being…A girl right now. You have to pretend to be somebody else…and act like a real girl in front of everyone. I don't know any way to change you back, but if you need anything else, j-just don't hesitate to call me!"

Heck, nobody knew Enma can be this sweet. Tsuna hoped the warmth on her cheeks didn't take on a visible form.

"It's not really that tough," She smiled and squeezed his hand in return. "Well, maybe except for some instances…" For a brief moment Tsuna remembered how she nearly died of embarrassment when it was 'that' time of the month, "I just don't like lying to everyone about this. Though, I don't want to tell them either, since…it's embarrassing. And it'll make things complicated."

Enma nodded and stared at their tightly linked hands and didn't know what to do if he should let it be or break the contact off. Tsuna noticed it and decided to do the latter.

"L-Let's go," She smiled again and started walking in a normal pace; letting Enma walk with her in sync. The redhead nodded again and followed her with a light smile also on his lips.

Binoculars-Leon turned back to its normal chameleon form and settled on Reborn's fedora. From his hiding position, the arcobaleno smirked at the two retreating bosses as he watched them walk side-by-side. "Always remember about bonds, Tsuna. The bonds you make will always be there whichever form you may take."


Tsuna felt cold in her sleep.

She never remembered anyone turning the air-conditioning to max before she and the other girls slept. The bed was toasty and nice – in fact she had fallen asleep so quickly when she hit the bed and pulled the comforters over her. So why does it feel cold all of a sudden?

She opened her eyes. Her vision was blurry at first; darkness was everywhere. A little red light surfaced in her line of sight and for some reason, it gave her a bad feeling, like a foreboding. Tsuna blinked a couple of times, and the red light transformed into a flower; a blood red spider lily. It looked so beautiful in the darkness; so beautiful that it made Tsuna want to pick it up and keep it.

Tsuna reached out and when she touched the lily, everything went dark.

She opened her eyes.


One red eye. One blue. Caramel eyes recognized them well, and fast, especially when they were just a few inches away from hers. A gloved hand was cupping her mouth so that she wouldn't be able to make any noise. The comforters that were warming her a few moments prior to this situation were tossed aside. Tsuna thought Mukuro was hovering in mid-air but she felt his leg when she tried to shift a little. The older teen was on all fours, with one leg between Tsuna's legs.

Well this position is awkward. Especially when you're just wearing a cotton shirt and panties.

"If you scream or make any unnecessary noise," Mukuro smiled and his breath touched Tsuna's face, "I won't be as kind as I was last time."

The brunette flushed when the illusionist leaned closer to her to whisper and then nodded once. The indigo haired man retracted his hand.

"M-Mukuro," The Decimo whispered back in alarm and in a bit of anger. "What are you doing?" She sat up and mist-user moved back. "W-Why did you take my comforters – my blankets –"

"I was gonna have fun." The teen answered honestly and sat properly, with his back resting on the headboard. "But you suddenly woke up and ruined my perfect chance."

With this Tsuna flung her hands to cover herself as if she was naked. "Wh-What –"

"Don't be stupid. I'm not lusting for that kind of body." The illusionist smirked and twirled the head of his trident with one hand. "I was gonna stab you in the face with this so I could possess you at last. I thought it would be a good idea to watch your reaction when you wake up from the pain of it and then realize that you've lost to me."

Tsuna had never wanted to punch anyone in the face as much as he wanted to punch Mukuro right now.

"Now now, don't glare at me like that." He said and looked at Decimo. "I won't be in the mood to tell you what may help you to change back if you keep that up."

These words completely turned Tsuna's mood to the opposite of bat-shit angry.

Mukuro chuckled silently and glanced at Haru, Kyoko, Chrome, I-pin, and Bianchi who were still fast asleep. "It's such a shame, Tsunayoshi-kun. Just as when you became my lover, things became bitter between the two of us."

The heat on her cheeks fought itself back and Tsuna found herself suddenly explaining things to the illusionist. "Wha – I didn't intend to make it look that way, I never expected Chrome to misunderstand–"

"Oya~" Mukuro smiled eerily at Decimo and cut her off and paused for a second. "Don't worry; I'm not angry at you, amore. All I wish is for you to be a little quiet for the time being and listen to me very carefully."

Tsuna particularly didn't like the word 'amore'. She didn't speak anymore, but she still half-glared at the other teen.

"Did you know that flowers help people's mood to brighten up?" He said in a matter-of-factly way. "I know these past days were tough for you, so I thought I'd bring you some flowers." Something shimmered in Mukuro's hand, and before Tsuna realized what he was gonna give her, a stunning bouquet of white flowers materialized themselves in front of her.

"These aren't my favourite ones," He said sweetly; smoothly, much like silk, but there was a glint of animosity in his eyes. "But I hope these white orchids will help you greatly."

The brunette took the bouquet and stared at them for a while, admiring their beauty since it looked like it glowed faintly in the dark. "But Mukuro –"

"I'll see you again soon, amore." A gloved hand pulled Decimo closer to the mist guardian. Mukuro kissed her on the temple and then rose from the bed. "It seems I have awakened one of your roommates." Tsuna put a hand on the area where she was kissed by the ex-Vendicare inmate, and stuttered as she called him again.

"W-Wait, Mukuro, d-don't go yet, I –"

A gust of wind. The sliding doors leading to the veranda were now open; its curtains swaying with the wind as it rushed into the room. Almost immediately the surroundings smelled like the sea as the air filled the room.

Tsuna blinked and scanned the perimeter of their room.

Mukuro had vanished.

When the sound of cloth rubbing against cloth registered in her brain, she remembered what the illusionist had told her.

I have awakened one of your roommates.

"I-I'm sorry…" a tiny voice said, and it was Chrome. She shifted and sat up, her face all red and a bit sweaty from both nervousness and from the heat since she was hiding herself in her covers. "I thought I heard Mukuro-sama…and I…I'm sorry, I didn't mean to disturb you two…I didn't mean to w-w-watch…I'm sorry. I'm sorry…"

Tsuna, for the umpteenth time, felt all of her blood rushing to her face.

"N-No, I…We weren't doing anything. Just, just talking. Nothing special." But she knew Chrome was thinking the exact opposite. The frail girl nodded and stared at the flowers Mukuro gave Tsuna. Her eye widened a bit, then she blushed as if she was the one that received the flowers.

"Did you know, Tsuna-san? White orchids symbolize loyalty." Chrome muttered, a little shy as she did so. She cleared her throat when Tsuna got what she was implying. "I'm sure…I'm sure your worries would be eased by the sight of those."

Tsuna looked back to the white orchids. "I hope so."

A few streaks of light were coloring the sky by now, signalling the sunrise. Gentle light flowed its way into the room and hit the ebony white flowers.

(All I wish is for you to be a little quiet for the time being and listen to me very carefully.)

Heart rate doubled. Breathing quickened.

(I know these past days were tough for you, so I thought I'd bring you some flowers.)

Pupils dilated within caramel orbs.

(These aren't my favourite ones,)

She remembered the hate in his dichromatic eyes, despite the sweetness of his voice. This hate; she knew Mukuro had a special kind of wrath toward one particular person. Tsuna couldn't be mistaken.

(But I hope these white orchids will help you greatly.)

Tsuna's grip on the bouquet tightened. Mukuro wasn't talking about flowers.

He was talking about Byakuran.



((Byakuran means white orchid.))


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