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Well, Dozo~



That sums up Tsuna's feelings for this day. She's tired of being scared, teased, threatened, and well, of being female. And to think that the day's not over yet…

She groaned.

It's not that something good will happen if she complains further, anyway. So she stood up from that spot where she sat for the past ten minutes and dusted off the dirt from her skirt. Skirt. Damn it, she's wearing a skirt. When did his mother sew this thing anyway? Maybe Reborn's right. Maybe Nana does have some kind of super power.

"I should get back now…" she mumbled to herself and sighed. Running away like some rabid dog wasn't the wisest of ideas. It's a good thing Hibari wasn't near, well, not anymore, at least. If the prefect saw her running in the hallways, it's certain that she's going to get a black eye or some other painful bruise.

And so, with these thoughts, Tsuna began to walk back.


"What do you mean she's not here yet?" Gokudera asked impatiently.

"She didn't come back?" Yamamoto blinked and then scratched his head, making Kyoko frown.

"What do you mean by that, Yamamoto-kun? Is there something wrong with Tsuna-chan?" she asked, with genuine concern in her voice.

"Uh, well… We kinda got into trouble with Hibari and other, uh… complicated things…"

"Maybe that bastard went after her," Gokudera mused aloud, now preparing to go. "That perverted dick." The storm guardian went to their classroom's door and opened it. "I don't know about you baseball nut, but I'm gonna find the Tenth." And with this, he took off.

"Wait, class is going to start soon!" Kyoko said, but Gokudera probably didn't even hear her.

"Gokudera! Wait for me!" the rain guardian called out and soon followed his friend, leaving the younger Sasagawa in the room.


This isn't good.

"Ah, I-I'm s-sorry!" Tsuna stutters, bowing. "I didn't see you guys there…" 'Congratulations Sawada, you've just earned another problem courtesy of your clumsiness,' she mused, now planning to run away. Seriously, he's been doing this bumping-to-some-delinquent thing a lot lately.

"Hey there lil' Miss…" one senior sang in a tune that made Tsuna cringe. "New here in Nami high?"

"Ain't she a cute one, eh?" another delinquent joined in, checking her out from head to toe.

Tsuna wanted to pull her skirt lower, irritated from the stares they threw at her. It was as if… Ah yes, there it is; that right word. They were undressing her with their eyes.

"I-I have to go, uh, senpai…" she muttered and was ready to dash off if it weren't for that hand that grabbed her arm. She involuntarily shrieked as she got pulled back to the two seniors.

"Now, now," the one who pulled her said, "Don't go just yet. Let's hang out some more. What do you say?"

"I… I've got classes, so…"

"Skipping them won't be so bad," the other one said as he swung an arm on her shoulder. "Come on, it'll be fun."

Tsuna's skin began to crawl when one of them started to trace her thigh with a finger. Within a second her heart rate doubled when it climbed up her skirt.

"What are you doing to the extreme?"

"Onii-san!" Decimo almost sounded too happy when she called out to the older Sasagawa. "Wait. Why are you here? Didn't you graduate already?"

"Huh? Oh, I repeated my senior year because I failed a few subjects. They're very extreme subjects, you know?" Ryohei pointed out, looking all serious. Tsuna paled. How could he say it so casually? The sun guardian then blinked, after staring carefully at Decimo. "Wait, do I extremely know you from somewhere?"

Aw crap. I forgot. "Ah… K-Kyoko-chan is my classmate, so…uh…" Tsuna stuttered, searching for some plausible excuse. Ryohei merely nodded when he heard the words 'classmate' and 'Kyoko' in her sentence.

The other two seniors (who, apparently repeated a year too) glared at the boxing enthusiast, pulling Tsuna hardly to prevent her from running away. No one enjoys being ignored, thank you very much.

"Anyway, what are you extremely doing to her huh?" the boxer frowned, walking toward them.

"Back off, Sasagawa," one of the delinquents snapped. "This is none of your business."

"Get lost," the other butted in, dragging Tsuna away. "Get yourself some other girl."

As panic settled in Tsuna's nerves, she reached out for something to grab on, only to find that Ryohei had already taken her hand.

"She extremely doesn't wanna go with you," the sun guardian stated firmly, pulling Tsuna away from the two. The Vongola boss fell toward Ryohei, their hands still knotted together.

Wait. Isn't this some kind of scene taken from some fluffy Shoujo anime?

After some much deliberation, Tsuna decided to shake the idea off.

"Oi, Oi, Sasagawa… Are you looking for trouble?"

"I extremely do not, but if you two extremely insist…Bring it on! I'm extremely fired up!"

Cue face palm from Tsuna. 'I extremely do not want this…'

"Onii-san," She began, "Please… D-Don't fight… It's dangerous and… We might get detention… So…"

For a couple of seconds, Ryohei simply stared at Decimo, as if remembering something…. Well, okay, it wasn't just a couple of seconds. Let's just put it this way: he stared at her long enough to bore the two delinquents out of their minds, thus leaving them in that spot.

"Uh, Onii-san."






"You spaced out all of a sudden."

"O-Oh…" The boxer awkwardly scratched his head as he turned away. "You just… extremely reminded me of my sister… I'm extremely sorry about that."

Tsuna blinked. I reminded him of Kyoko-chan? "Well, the two guys went away a couple of minutes ago."

"What?" the boxer snapped. "Those extreme cowards!"

If this was an anime Tsuna would have developed a sweat drop of some sort behind her head by now. Actually, Onii-san, you pissed the hell out of them enough to make them leave when you just stood there staring at me while you completely ignored their threats. "Anyway, I'll be going back to class now, Onii-san."


"See you around." She waved and began to run back.

After a few moments, Ryohei was left at that spot, as he mulled over one fact:

"I extremely forgot to ask her name."


Home. Finally.

Tsuna slumped on to his bed and closed his eyes. That was one tough day. In fact, he's so tired that he chose not to complain about the sudden change in his room's decoration. Probably, Mom is the culprit behind all of this girly stuff scattered around his room.

He exhaled and rose, and when he set his eyes to his full length mirror, he expected to see a boy staring back at him.

But he did not.

"I'm a girl." He said humourlessly, noting that his brown hair had now reached his back, swirling into very light curls; his normal spikey hair now barely there. His eyes became a bit rounder, more feminine; eyelashes now long enough for someone to assume that he's wearing mascara. His figure was now curvy; curvier than Haru or Kyoko or even Chrome. And of course there's a lot more changes that took place in his body that he couldn't even put into words. And all of these led him to one conclusion:

"I'm frustrated."

"You shouldn't be." Reborn spoke suddenly, now sitting on top of Tsuna's head. It still boggles his mind on how the Arcobaleno does these sudden appearances of his.

Maybe he'll never figure it out. "Because you're the Tenth Boss of the Vongola, Tsuna. You can't be moved so easily."

"If that's supposed to make me feel better, well, it's not working."

The arcobaleno shrugged. "I figured so."

Insert an exasperated sigh from Tsuna here.

"Listen," Reborn began as he jumped to Decimo's table, "Viper won't be available until next month."

"What?" Tsuna's jaw dropped a couple of centimetres. "I'm stuck like this until next month?"

"You can't just see him without a reservation, even if you're technically the new boss of Vongola. The Varia is an elite assassination squad, after all. And besides, don't get your hopes up." The hitman continued, "We don't know yet if Viper can change you back."

"Can't you call Shamal? Anyone?"

"Actually, Shamal was the one that suggested that I should call for Viper. He told me your condition isn't disease-related."

"This sucks." Tsuna fell back to his bed. "I can't survive with this body!"

"Why not? I say you have a greater chance of surviving with that kind of body. Want me to elaborate?"

"I don't even wanna hear it."

"Anyway, you should loosen up a bit. Go take a bath. Ladies shouldn't stink."

"Well, sorry for not being lady-like," Tsuna rolled her eyes and stood up and headed for the bathroom.

After a few moments of preparations and garment removing which I can't describe for the sake of our younger audience, Decimo settled in the tub and eased in the warm water….Which she may have a 100% success rate of executing if Bianchi didn't bust in the said room, naked.

"B-B-B-B-Bi-Bianchi!" Tsuna flushed red up to her ears and turned the other way. "W-W-What are you doing here!"

"I'm going to take a dip with you."

"Cant' you wait till I'm done?"

"We're both female."

"But I am still male you know!"

"Your tiny balls are gone now."

"Hey! Don't insult them so easily! You're hurting my pride!"

With this Bianchi proceeded to soak in the tub.



"How was your day?"

"I don't wanna talk about it…"



"I told the kids that you went away to some distant place to train alone, and you, the female one, are Tsuna's distant cousin. So basically they're going to call you Tsuna-nee now."


"Don't mention it."



"Do you think I'll… be able to change back?"

"I don't know. But whether or not that happens, it doesn't matter. You're still Tsuna and that is what's important to us."

She smiles shyly. "…Thanks."

"There's no need for excess gratitude."


"When will Mammon be coming?"

"Next month." She sighed, disappointment evident in her tone.

"Hmm… Why don't you ask Chrome about this, for the meantime?"

"If possible, I don't wanna involve any more of my friends into this problem…"

"But her other self is also an excellent illusionist. He must know something about this."

"He, you mean… Mu..."

"Rokudo Mukuro."

"Why do you guys say his name in that weird fashion?"

"Ask him tomorrow. You don't have classes, right?"

"I…I don't wanna see him."

"Why not?"

"He'll tease me to death, that's why! He's even worse than Hibari-san!"

"It won't hurt to try."

"It won't, physically. But I'll be mentally scarred for life if he sees me like this!"

"It's better than doing nothing. Take a gamble."

Sigh. "…Fine… I'll give it a try."


"What's wrong?"

"Maman and the others are here." She stood up and grabbed a towel, making Tsuna flush once more.

"You gotta stop doing that or I'm going to have nosebleed."

"Hurry and get dressed. I'm sure Maman brought home some dim sum." The Poison Scorpion then wore a robe and went out of the bathroom.


With this Tsuna followed soon, and reached for a towel as well.


A wave of goose bumps invaded her skin, making her wince. That, she later ruled, is just her imagination.


Maybe going to Kokuyo Land isn't a good idea, after all.


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