My excuse/explanation for writing this:

All right, so everyone's always writing stories about the newsies and they're always putting girls in there and the girls always have desperate backgrounds (drunk brother, rapist father, dead or abusive mother) and they always find the perfect newsie to protect them (usually Spot) and then they do all kinds of stuff, and usually people want it to keep going, so they write a sequel where the father/creepy-guy/mom/brother, etc. comes back and wants to kill them and stuff, and then the newsy they happened to fall in love with (usually Spot) takes care of that and da da da.

Or alternatively, there's a newsie (usually a girl) who's got an awful background and that's why they become a newsie, and then they fall in love with a newsie, ususally after having been dressed up in boy clothes to protect her from being found out (seriously, what's so bad about being a girl?).

Or else we have the cliche where Spot is fighting to protect his territory and then he meets this girl and then finds out the guy that he's fighting with is actually the girl's crazy rapist and then he goes and soaks the dude, (usually kills him), kisses the girl, and marries her.

And then there's always the awful old cliche where the girl comes from a horrible background (usually a crazed rapist, abusive father, and drunk mother) and she goes to Brooklyn (because of course that's the only alternative!) and then she dresses up as a boy, beats Spot up, he's amazed, she becomes a newsie, she saves his life, he finds out she's a girl, and they live happily ever after but then there's usually a sequel, because the author just loved the characters too much to leave them alone with their happily-ever-after and so the author brings back the rapist father or whatever and then Spot has to finish him off.

So I thought, "What if I wrote a story about what a REAL newsie's life would be like?"

And here you are.