July 12

Its ben a long time since I rote but I've ben bisy. The strik wuz relly gud but it was bisy. Jack Kelly had mor to him then I thot. Guss wut? Spot is achilly going to mary Toughie! Evrywun is shoked. I think Toughie is shoked to. The weding wil be in Octobr. I think seventeen is to yung to git mareed, don't you?

July 13

My lif has takn a turn for the bettr. I met this dol named Sherfire - she's the leedur of a gang in Queens. Beleeve it or nt, I think I like her. She's a lot like Toughie.

July 14

Things seem to be luking up. I deecided I wuz to old to be a newsie no mor so I went to get me a job. An' now I'm going be a photographer! They say it's gittin to be a big thing. But I need to lern to rite bettr befor I start werking.