Starscream's secret 2

This is possibly the last chapter of this story this was a one shot but as I have a follower I say thx for the follow so this is it. I don't own anything except for some toys and merchandise.

I'm doing this in the prime verse after the episode patch. Cos it was hilarious.

After Megatron made sure Starscream wasn't going to betray him again he disconnected himself from the mind link. When he woke up he looked over at Starscream and then a very scared looking Knockout. He got off the berth and walked over to him and whispered to him

"Don't ever betray me Knockout, as I will put you back in the wall very painfully and swiftly." He then walked away to do something or other. Then Knockout looked at Starscream who was looking a bit disorientated and then said to him.

"You know herr commandant, I was wondering."

"Yes what were you wondering Knockout."

"Why were you and a bunch of vehicons dancing?"

"Um. That is none of your business. Doctor."

"I was just curious; I mean you really are a good dancer."

"Really? You think so well I did do some dancing when I was a youngling."

"Sike I was only joking you looked like an idiot. Hahahaha."

"Grrr." And with that Starscream left the med bay with Knockout still laughing behind him. As soon as the doors closed knockout stopped laughing.

"I really have to be carful around Megatron now. After what he has seen, I don't want to go back into the wall again. It was horrible, and I couldn't buff my scratch out from that annoying little Autobot. Well at least I can work on it now."

"Knockout, come to the command centre at once."

"Yes lord Megatron." 'Damn so close.'

Back to everyone's fav seeker no not Thundercracker or Skywarp but the annoying girly looking one that's it Slipstream, nah I'm joking its screamer.

'I can't believe I said that to knockout it was one of my closely guarded secrets like my teddy bear, which reminds me I must get my things if I'm staying here now. Primus I feel like an idiot I wish megatron didn't see me dancing and what's worst is that knockout saw it too and hopefully no one else did otherwise I will be the laughing stock of the Nemesis. I hope Barricade didn't blab it out.'

'Anyway, I wonder if I will get my old room back? Back to earlier seeing me dancing again brought me back to my child hood it was good not brilliant but good. It wasn't my idea to dance it was my creators idea…now that I think about it maybe I did. Oh well.'

Scream- I mean Starscream went back to his temporary quarters and wondered what can he do until he was told to do something. He then thought of an idea.

'Hmm as I have nothing to do at this moment in time I might as well practice my dancing, I wonder if I still know how to.'

So off he went and practiced for a while not realising that Soundwave was recording every movement he made and was shocked to say the least(I know we cant see his face but lets pretend ok) and trying not to laugh. He was playing a live feed all over the nemesis and every con was laughing vehicon, insectacon and even Dreadwing when he came back from his walk, Knockout started laughing again and Megatron was slightly confused as to what he was seeing.

After a while everyone settled down and went back to work, Knock out was still laughing his aft off and with a look from Megatron soon changed that.

"I must have a word with my new solider." And left the command centre on his way towards Starscream's quarters where he just finished dancing and had gotten him self some energon. Then Megatron come in and had a little chat with him.

There was a vehicon walking by and heard the 'little chat' there was girly screaming, begging and shouting. And then he saw Starscream come though the wall and land upside down on the opposite wall the vehicon looked at him and walked away like he didn't see anything.

Starscream groaned and Megatron left with a satisfied look on his face.

"How could this get any more embarrassing?" Then his teddy fell out of his subspace and Dreadwing walked by and gave a confused look to him, shook his head and asked. "Why do you have a stuffed toy? That's so unmechly like." And walked away.

"That did not just happen." Thought Starscream. He picked himself up and his teddy and walked to the med bay to get repaired. And if he asked Knockout nicely ne might get a new T-cog.'

Soundwave smirked and played Starscream dancing again and showed laser beak. They were both laughing.

The end

As I said at the top this will be the last chap unless people want another one but might need some suggestions as to write as I cant think of any more. Anyway hope this brought a smile to your face it did to mine and I was writing it let me know if it needs improving. Until next time. Transform and rise up.

Ninjabot out.