Poseidon waded through the water in his giant, god form. He glanced at an old man fishing on the docks, seeing him drop his pole in shock. Poseidon stepped out of the water onto the boardwalk, making a loud thud as his trident and appearance disappeared. He had shrunk to mortal size and now wore mortal clothing, never once faltering in his steps.

He made his way through New York, heading towards the Empire State Building. Otherwise known as the entrance to Olympus. He paused, looking at the building from a distance before continuing on swiftly.

"Zeus," he called out when he had reached the destination, walking towards the business man who was staring out the windows. "Poseidon," his brother acknowledged his presence, turning to face him.

"It's been many years," Poseidon stated with narrowed eyes, wondering why he was called from his sea kingdom. Zeus ignored his remark and turned to the window again, resting his arm against it. "What do you see?" Zeus asked suddenly.

Poseidon turned and gazed out the windows, only slightly confused. "Thunderclouds," he stated, still looking, wondering if that is what he was supposed to be seeing. "But no lightning," Zeus replied, not facing his brother.

Poseidon whipped his head around shocked, meeting his brother's stony gaze. "Stolen," Zeus explained further, turning around and walking away slowly. "What? You think I took it? Omnipotence has blinded you, brother. We are forbidden from stealing each other's powers," Poseidon states angrily, following him.

"But our children aren't," Zeus accused, glaring at him.

"Arianna wouldn't do this. She wouldn't discard your trust. You know this as well as I," Poseidon roared.

"You know that is not who I place the blame. Arianna is not at fault," Zeus replied expressionlessly. "You're accusing my son?" Poseidon asked incredulous. "I haven't seen him since he was a baby. He doesn't know me or even who he is because of you."

"If your son is the thief, I will send him to the depths of Tartarus," Zeus threatened, not even flinching when Poseidon grabbed the front of his clothes. "If you touch him, you will have the fight of your life," Poseidon hissed, shaking with rage. Zeus scowled and easily knocked the hands off his shirt.

"He must return the bolt to me in 14 days, by midnight on the summer solstice," Zeus started before covering his mouth contemplatively as he walked towards the door, turning around to finish his statement, "or there will be war."

Zeus shot power at the stone door, making it shatter and the doorway fill with light. The two brothers glared at each other before Zeus walked though the threshold, leaving Poseidon to stare after him as the door rebuilt itself.

I shot up in bed with a horrified gasp, breathing heavily as Achilles shifted in his sleep beside me. I knew I had a vision of the confrontation between my father and my uncle. I ran a hand threw my tangled black hair and sighed, falling back onto my pillow. I turned on my side and cuddled close to my lover again, willing myself to sleep for the rest of the night, but a thought kept running through my head.

That was five days ago.

A/N: Alright, alright, alright! I said would start it tomorrow, but I just couldn't wait (and my Internet was screwing up so I wrote it) THIS IS THE SEQUEL TO ETERNITY! This is a story of Percy Jackson's (MOVIE) journey, with a little extra help from Achilles and Arianna (my favorite couple)! Lol, that was biased (I guess) I hope you guys like this story!